It is an easy, safe and secure method to maintain your firm’s internet presence. No matter what type of business you do, there are several essential steps necessary to start a successful operation.

And you should follow it firstly. If you want your business to succeed, these simple and effective ways can go a long way. Resulting in increasing sales and income.

These are the top 08 free directory websites below from where you can get detailed information. It is related to the business.

In case of any query, you can contact these websites too. The services are provided free of charge.

These Free Business Listing Directories will provide all information required by you for your business:


  • Google My business
  • Yahoo local search engine
  • Yelp
  • Bing
  • QRG 101
  • Insider Pages
  • Local Business Networks
  • Merchant Circle

You can easily find much valuable information for your business by using one or more of these free directories. The internet has made easier than ever things like finding jobs and reading articles.

Get info regarding various topics like industry news, looking for job opportunities, and so on. In this article, you will find the most convenient ways to get free business listings listed on different websites.

So let us now take a look at some of these popular directories. You can find a business listing for free.

1. Google My business

The biggest Google ranking in the US, Google My Business is a simple yet powerful method to boost your online marketing. By getting the info from Google through keyword searches, companies can now create awareness about their products.

And if your company is using these types of tactics. you can consider creating business listings on Google through Google My Business.

By promoting your website on such directories, people can easily identify your business. you should know that Google ranks websites according to keywords and other factors similar to those of yours.

For example, according to the latest analytics from 2018 Google showed search terms “Fitness”, “fitness center,” etc. The position of the fitness center was 1st after 5.7 million results while Fitness Center had 4.8 million results.

So, when you can generate awareness about yourself, your brand can also gain popularity.

2. Yahoo Local

Yahoo search engine is not only a good source of business listings. But it also serves as a place for buyers to find nearby businesses by searching your name, location, and description. When you are looking for business in your area, the results are more likely than those of the competition.

The majority of users click on your store’s map based on the information provided. Since it is extremely simple to get everything rolling, organizations can pick this asset also.

Most businesses pay over $100 per year to appear in Yahoo Local. But remember that since it is not free. you have to pay according to the amount of traffic the page gets; the cost is worth the reward.

3. Yelp

Yelp is your ultimate search engine for reviews of various items available in the market. It’s one of the most trustworthy directories for aiding marketers, experts say.

A ton of organizations depend on verbal publicizing to work on their deals and grow their client base. As soon as you start connecting with your target audience, Yahoo Local gives a lot of credibility to the business.

Apart from your website, this resource features lots of third-party social media channels as well. One just needs to sign up and update their profile within 12 months.

Within a few minutes on their end, businesses can avail an opportunity to increase contact info on their profile. And also get new orders. For this reason, this is considered a must-have resource for eCommerce business owners.

4. Bing

Bing is no doubt one of the largest Internet shopping websites. It is having the major advantage being the huge number of categories. B2B or Buyer-to-Buyer’s business listings can be created here.

Many business owners use Bing to obtain information about their competitors and their strengths. Bing helps entrepreneurs and small businesses to work effectively with suppliers and vendors.

5. QRG 101

QRG 101 is another great source of business listings that provide precise, accurate information. It tells how to improve your online marketing campaigns.

More importantly, QRG 101 is the best US Business listing directory that benefits the two organizations and purchasers.

QRG 101 gathers every single detail and information. It is regarding your company name, products, and services offered by you. Including testimonials, etc., all of which can help make decisions. Add your business for free.

6. Insider Pages

Insider Pages is another great tool to list your business for free. You can also search for potential leads in your niche and gather some useful insights for your startup venture.

The website links you up with individuals who have taken similar actions as you. Here are some examples of insider pages: Facebook Reviews, G2 (Gap 2) Review, Foursquare reviews, Amazon reviews, etc.

7. Merchant Circle

A merchant circle is another great way to attract attention. It collects reviews for specific products and services which are unique to your niche. Merchants can either write reviews or post pictures and descriptions about it.

They also earn thousands of dollars through reviewing such products. In return, they have to promote their products by sharing content or links on their networks.

8. Local Business Networks

Local business networks are another excellent resource of sorts as these platforms. It allows small businesses to connect and share knowledge, resources, and ideas. Business owners can use this platform to list their businesses.

It also lets them share information and grow their connections. Local business networking sites have been built into the community.

They are now gaining acceptance due to their practicality, simplicity, and effectiveness.


The above was just a handful of the top 8 free database business listing websites.

Read FAQs for more details about your queries. Now keep scrolling down. There are plenty more than you will expect.

If you are willing to spend $100 to get listed and your company earns $100,000 in the next three years. You can get approved and have them listed in our directory too.




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