Having a company or local business in any country of the world or city, if you are engaged in the sale of any goods or the provision of services, then displaying your office, restaurant, or establishment in Google Maps is critical.

Ranking on search engines is directly proportional to building backlinks. Every high-quality backlink you build is viewed as a positive recommendation for your website from a different platform in Google’s eyes. Building links, the old-fashioned way through guest posting is a time-consuming process. A safe alternative is to buy backlinks from credible and reputed platforms. This can help you give a substantial boost to your rankings, metrics and credibility.

This is justified by the fact that in this way, you get the opportunity to increase the flow of customers, the number of orders and calls, appointments, and any other thing that is important for your local business.

For instance, if you own a car rental in Dubai, where you provide a wide range of different classes of cars for hire, as well as provide first-class services, then any tourist or local resident will be able to quickly rent a Porsche Dubai or any other offered car model thanks to your appearance on the maps.

Moreover, if you include in the information not only the address of your car rental company but also a business website where a potential client can book a rental car, this will further increase the chances that customers will contact you.

More recently, when searching for queries, this search engine provided 7 suitable offers, and today their number has decreased to 3, which means increased competition among other companies.

All other options remain available, but to view them, the user needs to click on other options and there is a risk that they will never reach you.

Benefits of being in the top 3

Benefits of being in the top 3

  • More than 80% of users who are looking for companies or establishments nearby refer to it or visit it during the day;
  • More than 25% of search queries in a certain area lead to the fact that targeted action is performed, that is, customers make a purchase or order a service;
  • Today, users pay attention to how easy it is to find the right company, find contact details or websites, and read reviews. All such information is placed in the listing;
  • The results provided by the search engine allow users not only to find information about the location and contact details but also get directions, as well as contact a local company without leaving the browser or the app.

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What affects your ranking

What affects your ranking

1. The authority of the company and frequent mention

If users can find information about your company in different sources where it acts as an authority, and also if the number of web resources where there are organic mentions or native ads about your company’s services or products, then thanks to this, your rating increases significantly. Mentions in authoritative local sources have a special influence.

2. High service rating and positive feedback

The search engine collects data on positive reviews not only in Google Maps but also from other authoritative sources.

In this regard, every positive mention of your company and feedback from your customers who have already interacted with you affects your ranking and getting into the top 3.

It is in your interest to find ways and motivate customers to leave positive reviews because any negative mention will significantly lower your rating.

Creating relevant content or buying paid ads

Creating relevant content or buying paid ads

The three options that users see when entering a query do not always mean that a company is at this top because of organic content creation using native ads, as well as positive reviews and authority of the company.

It often happens that companies get into the top 3 thanks to paid advertising. Thus, you have two options for the development of events.

If you compare these two options, you can make the following picture:

  • Increasing your authority and frequent mentioning of your company in other sources by using backlinks requires you to spend a minimum amount of money. However, you will have to spend more marketing effort and time to make it work. You need to create useful content, establish strong connections with other authoritative sources so that they link to you, and much more.
  • Whereas buying paid ads is a quick way to rank up. However, this is a more expensive option. At the same time, you need to constantly spend money on such advertising.

Thus, by choosing the first option, you not only demonstrate your authority, attract a new audience, but also increase the reputation of your company in the eyes of users. Therefore, this option is suitable from a long-term perspective.


Being in the Google Maps rankings has a huge number of advantages for various local companies. More users will learn about your company and take the targeted action accordingly.

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