• Google has now integrated the use of Google Bard’s generative AI capabilities alongside all its existing Google Apps.
  • This will allow Google Bard to provide you with a more personalized experience by giving you more useful and tailored responses.
  • This update comes in the form of a new Google Chrome extension for Google Bard, which you can use alongside all other Google apps.

While the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT might have started the mighty AI race that we are witnessing now, it gave birth to Google’s new Bard AI. Now, Google has decided to take it up a step further and integrate it with all of their existing Google Apps.

This is a great move by Google since most people use Google Apps on a daily basis. Android smartphone users use Google apps all the time from their phones. Even professionals make more use of Google apps like Google Docs and Google Sheets than the Microsoft Office suite. In addition, Google Maps has become a mainstay on all smartphones.

Therefore, to increase the usage and acceptance of Google Bard, Google played an ace up their sleeves – let all Google app users (billions in the world) get access to Google Bard’s generative AI features.

While PC users might have to use the new Google Bard Chrome extension now, Smartphone users might have to wait for Chrome extensions mobile

This extension can do a multitude of new functions based on the Google app you are using. For example, you use Bard to create a travel itinerary when you use Google Travel to book tickets. This is just one example. In reality, you will be able to use the Google Bard extension for hundreds of functions across all Google apps!

In addition, Google Bard has expanded support for more than 40+ languages. This will ensure that Google’s world dominance in tech remains stronger than ever!

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