• Google is now expanding the use of its Search Generative Experience (SGE) by allowing you to create AI-generated images.
  • It will be similar to BingChat, where you type your prompt to generate images.
  • It will be a serious competitor to Midjourney AI and OpenAI’s Dall-E.

The future of integrating AI with our daily lives has finally arrived, and it seems great so far. After the boom of OpenAI’s ChatGPT created a ripple in the industry, industry giants like Microsoft and Google also introduced BingChat and BardAI, respectively.

Now, Google is taking the use of Bard AI a bit further and integrating it with all apps under Google. This started with the use of AI-generated answers on your Google search results Page (SERP) – known as Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE). 

Even though it uses data from other websites, you can rely on it a bit if you don’t find the content you are looking for from other websites.

Now, Google is expanding its use of the SGE further by implementing the use of AI-image generation on your SERP. Now, you can simply type in the description of an image in your mind, and Google will instantly create four images for you!

Moreover, you have the option to keep on expanding your prompt and modify the image in any way you want. This feature might soon be available as a standalone icon near the Google Lens icon beside the search bar.

I believe that will create some serious competition with other AI-image generation tools like Midjourney AI and OpenAI’s Dall-E. Let’s go and have a look at what this feature can do when it rolls out soon!

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