• Google Docs rolled out a new update, allowing you to enter directly into edit mode.
  • This new update is only for Google Docs Android.
  • This new update is also available for Google Sheets and Google Slides.

Google recently updated its Google Docs for Android application. In this new update, you will be tapping one tap less than before to edit your Google Docs. Simply put, when you click on a Google Doc to open it, you no longer need to press the Edit button to start editing the document. Instead, you will now directly enter into Edit mode.

So far, Google has been updating its smartphone apps quite a lot. Not long ago, we saw Google update Google Docs by introducing the pageless writing format. Unlike other apps like Microsoft Word, your write-up will not be segregated into multiple pages. Now, Google Docs will have such page breakups, presenting your content in one seamless page.

While many users have lauded this update, many believe that users wishing to view the doc will face more hassles. However, Google has stated that the pros of this update outweigh its cons. 

In addition, a slew of new additions were made in Google Docs, allowing you to create polls and even assign tasks to collaborators by simply mentioning their names with the @symbol (similarly to how it’s done in WhatsApp.

However, you need to be corrected if you thought Google Docs was the only app getting these updates. Apart from Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets are also getting these updates. Soon, they will also feature the option to directly enter into Edit mode simply by tapping the file icon.

You can view the formula bar, contextual formatting toolbar, and tab bar in Google Sheets – all with a single tap. Similarly, Google Slides will also feature fewer taps to edit since the slide bar now appears on the left side of the screen, along with the contextual toolbar appearing once you select an object on the slide to edit.

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