Key Highlights:

  • Google Search Console is finally adding the Interaction to Next Paint (INP) reporting option as a part of the new Core Web Vitals report.
  • This new reporting option will replace the previously used First Input Delay (FID) reporting option.
  • This update will go live sometime next year in March 2024.

Google has slowly made progress in introducing various changes to its Google Search console. While all these changes will finally arrive in March next year, Google has made no compromises in announcing them now. One of the most anticipated changes is the introduction of INP (Interaction to Paint) issue reporting.

This reporting feature will be a part of the Google Core Web Vitals report. INP will act as a substitute for the First Input Delay (FID) report. 

The INP report will allow users to get deep insights regarding the responsiveness and performance of their websites. Webmasters need to know various key metrics regarding their websites since it reflects the satisfaction of website visitors. 

INP makes this easy since it now gives website performance reports by grading your website in three ranks – “Good,” “Needs Improvement,” and “Poor.” On the other hand, FID only measured one delay at a time regarding website responsiveness. This is where INP differs from FID by taking a more holistic approach to measuring web page responsiveness. 

Here, INP measures page responsiveness by calculating how long it takes to conduct actions on the page. This is typically measured in milliseconds (ms). 

To get a good INP score, you must make your website load under 200 ms. A “Need for Improvement” score will be between 200 ms to 500 ms, while a score above 500 ms will be marked as “Poor.”

Therefore, ensure that you reduce loading issues by optimizing loading scripts by parsing HTML/CSS.

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