• The Google September 2023 Content Update rollout is finally complete.
  • This new update changes the way AI-generated content and third-party content appear on SERPs.
  • Google has also provided new guidelines for recovering lost traffic that might take place due to this update.

Google updates its search engine twice every year with major core algorithm changes that change the way contempt ranks on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 

After the first update of 2023 was rolled out in March earlier this year, the second update – the Google September 2023 Content Update – finally finished rolling out last night. Now, all the changes are in full effect.

So what does Google have in store for us webmasters with the new update? Let’s find out!

Saying Yes To AI-Generated Content

While Google has always been an advocate of human-made original content, it seems they have gone soft with this stance with the new Google September 2023 Content Update.

With more and more businesses starting to implement AI content creators like ChatGPT and Google Bard, Google faced an epiphany. 

Considering how all major businesses and even content creators and bloggers are using AI generative tools to an extent, Google has decided to give such content a shot to the top as well.

However, this does not mean 100% AI-generated content will rank at the top. The best practice is still to create content entirely on your own.

If you use AI tools, make sure it’s to a limited extent, and you should add your own changes to it to make it sound more like you. This will boost its originality – a major ranking factor. 

Saying No To Hosting Third-Party Content

It’s a common practice to host third-party content on your website. Many webmasters and content creators have been using it to boost their ranking and visibility on search engines.

However, Google has decided to shake things up a bit by downplaying hosted third-party content. 

This is because of the fact that such content is often hosted with the intent of manipulating SERP rankings and is not really helpful content.

Saying No To Unhelpful Content

One of the most tracked changes that content creators and webmasters seek out is the Google SERP ranking factor. Google always shakes up things a lot, which often causes a large shift in traffic.

While Google has always been an advocate of EEAT (Expertise Experience, Authoritativeness, Trust) factors for ranking high on SERPs, they are now targeting unhelpful content.

If the Google site crawlers find any web page that has unhelpful information for the audience, it will not rank. Therefore, if you have any old content that is no longer viable, it’s best to either remove it or update and modify it with the latest information.

That’s it for the Google September 2023 Content Update! So what do you think of these new changes? Let me know in the comments below!

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