Lily Ray posted worrying information on November 17th, arguing that many publishers’ pages have decreased dramatically within three months.

These changes are reported across different sources, and it is a fact that they have serious implications; as such, websites get thousands of clicks and even a million one moment and become dead the next moment. 

Traffic to a website may go down slowly and gradually. Several things may cause it without being easily noticed. Until the situation gets out of hand, it might not be detected. This is like the frog’s story in warming water: gradual change may not be observed.

 Ignored Declines:   

Such a trend might not be addressed by the business owner instantaneously, which can subsequently cause severe damage to him/her in the long term.

 Promotion Neglect:   

Content promotion is crucial, but it will not necessarily bring quick monetary rewards for the business. This leads to difficulties calculating the return on investment due to indirect effects on traffic increase and new customers.

 Evolving Standards:   

Google regularly revises its algorithm, which may involve a public change or update leading to search implications.

 Reduced Content Output:   

Surprisingly enough, many bloggers have realized that publishing fewer entries tends to mean less traffic. This does not happen as fast, so it’s hard to relate to a cause-and-effect relationship.

 Vanishing Link Sources:   

Without links, SEO becomes meaningless, just like a house built on sand. The weakened links erode this base and hurt the site’s ability to be found on the web and rank highly.

While recognizing a bug in Discover, Google underscores that its updates focus on enhancing overall performance rather than providing specific solutions for individual websites. (Source)

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