Social media management solutions are in high demand nowadays. Almost big and small brands have their social media accounts across multiple platforms. So with social media management solutions, it gets easier to upload and create content for each of the platforms at the same time. 

These social media management solutions help to gain more and more followers for each of the platforms. Today, we are comparing two of the top social media management solutions, which are Hootsuite vs. Buffer. 

Hootsuite vs Buffer: An Overview

In the current market scenario, both Hootsuite and Buffer are highly optimized social media account managers. Both these tools help to manage all the big and small businesses on a single dashboard. 

The features and factors that both of these dashboards serve are quite similar to each other, with slight differences that are unique to each. 

What Is Hootsuite?

What Is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is a highly popular social media management solution that was created by Ryan Holmes in 2008. All the possible features of social media are covered by Hootsuite in a single dashboard. Using this, you can easily optimize all your social media accounts at once. 

It has features such as team management, content curation, scheduling content, and many more as such.

If we are to talk about the features of Hootsuite, then they are as such.

  • It provides fully optimized content management and scheduling.
  • It also provides a detailed social media analytics report, along with tracking features that also improve the ROI of social media.
  • Using Hootsuite, you are able to integrate more than 100 third-party applications and boost all the feature sets.

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What Is Buffer?

What Is Buffer?

Buffer is another social media management platform that is equally easy to use and has a clean and clear user interface. It also provides a wide range of features to its users, such as helping to increase engagement and reach on social media. 

Buffer provides data analysis along with creating reports. It is optimized with the latest social media features, such as Instagram stories and reels. 

Here are some of the features that Buffer is popular for.

  • Buffer is highly dedicated to publishing great content.
  • It provides analytics for each published content.
  • If you are using Buffer, then you are able to visualize the content you are planning. 
  • It also provides more deep research on the insights to measure the engagement of each platform. 

So overall, both Hootsuite and Buffer are capable of working with most social media platforms. But the prime focus of each of the platforms is quite different. While Hootsuite focuses mainly on social media management tools and optimizes all the platforms from a single dashboard. 

Well, on the other hand, Buffer focuses more on creating great quality content to publish. It is more about scheduling content and increasing reach and engagement on your social media. 

Which Is Free Buffer Vs Hootsuite: Pricing

Buffer Vs Hootsuite: Pricing

When it comes to pricing, there is bound to be a difference. Since both the sites are in high demand and in popularity, the prices are also an important factor when you have to choose one. 

So let’s compare both and see which one is cost-effective.

Free Trial For 30 daysFree Trial For 14 days
Professional Plan ($29 per month)
1. Max 10 social media accounts.
2. Only a single user account.
3. Unlimited message scheduling.
4. Feature for real-time analytics.
5. RSS integration is unlimited.
Pro Plan ($15 per month)
1. Max 8 social media profiles.
2. 100 posts per channel.
3. Full community support.
4. LImited scheduling & planning.
Team Plan ($129 per month)
1. Max 20 profiles.
2. 3 user accounts.
3. Custom analytics.
4. 1 social media certificate & URLs custom branding.
Premium Plan ($65 per month)
1. Everything from the pro plan.
2. 2000 posts per channel.
3. Team management feature.
Business Plan ($599 per month)
1. Max 35 profiles.
2. 10 user accounts.
3. Feature of data export.
4. Publication after approval.
5. Integrates with more premium apps.
6. 24×7 customer support.
7. Special training and onboarding.
Business Plan ($99 per month)
1. Max 25 social media channels.
2. 2000 scheduled posts per channel.
3. Max 6 users access.

Enterprise Plan (as per chosen features)
1. Social media solutions are tailored.
2. Integrate with business apps like Talkwaljer and AdobeDeveloper.
3. APIs Training services are curated.

Although Buffer is more affordable of the two options if we are specifically looking at the price point. But Hootsuite offers more complete social media management features, and also its trial period is more. 

Hootsuite Vs Buffer: Pros And Cons

Hootsuite Vs Buffer: Pros And Cons

When we are distinguishing between two software, it is always better to find out the pros and cons of each.

Hootsuite1. It provides complete social media management.
2. payment models are freemium.
3. Almost all social media platforms are supported.
4. Advertising and conversation features are built-in.
1. The interface is slightly complicated.
2. Not as optimized for content creation.
Buffer1. Great for content publishing.
2. Very powerful and intuitive interface.
3. Teamwork and collaboration features are easy.
4. The platform security is fully integrated.
5. Publishing and scheduling content is great.
1. No paid advertisement.
2. The content scheduling is not as robust as Hootsuite.

Hootsuite Vs Buffer: Which Has The Best Features?

Hootsuite Vs Buffer: Which Has The Best Features?

To know the exact difference between two management solutions, the features are very important. So let’s find out the difference in their features. 

  • User Interface And Easy To Use

The user interface between these two software are distinct and noticeable. Buffer has a sleek and clean interface, while Hootsuite is not as attractive and clean. Since it has more features and capabilities are more.

Buffer is easier to learn, while Hootsuite is more customizable.

  •  Social Network Supports

Buffer is capable of supporting social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and also Pinterest. You can manage most social media platforms using Buffer. 

But using Hootesuite, you can manage YouTube, WordPress, and lesser-known platforms such as Reddit, Tumblr, etc. 

  • Publishing And Scheduling

Both Buffer and Hootsuite are capable of handling both content publishing and scheduling. Both platforms allow you to customize your posts and schedule each post ahead of time. 

While Buffer is easier to use, Hootsuite provides you with more options and flexibility in scheduling. 

  • Collaboration And Teamwork

The number of collaborations and teamwork are sure to determine which platform you eventually go with. 

While Buffer provides you with a more straightforward approach, Hootsuite is better for large organizations, as it gives better options. 

  • Advertising

For social media marketing, it is very important to have paid content. Hootsuite provides ad management, whereas Buffer doesn’t have this option. 

With Hootsuite, you can create, manage and publish all the ads from a single dashboard. 

Frequently Asked Questions!

Now that you are aware of the difference between both the social media management software, if you have any more queries, here are what others asked.

  • Hootsuite Vs Buffer Vs Sprout, Which One Is Better?

Hootesuite is a better social media management platform of all three. Not only does it provide better options and ad management, but it is also great for team collaboration and overall social media management. 

  • Loomly Vs Hootsuite Vs Buffer, Which One Is Better? 

Hootesuite is a better social media management platform out of all three. Not only does it provide better options and ad management, but it is also great for team collaboration and overall social media management. 

  • Is Buffer Good For Social Media? 

Yes, Buffer is a great platform for social media management. It is a versatile platform with easy-to-use features and low cost. For small businesses, Buffer is a perfectly good social media management platform.

Wrapping Up!

After all the deliberations and analysis, it can be concluded that Hootsuite is a better social media management platform than Buffer. The features and options of Hootsuite are way more than Buffer.

But as the price of Hootsuite is quite high, you can opt for Buffer as a reasonable option. Buffer is quite a better option if the prices of Hootsuite seem to be a bit pricey.

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