You have probably spent a lot of effort in setting up and scaling your eCommerce online store. But are you getting enough traffic in your store? Are you satisfied with the ecommerce conversion rate of your store? If your answer is “No”, then it makes sense to read this article on how you can definitely increase (or even double) your conversion rates by hiring a Dedicated SEO Expert.

Establish your ecommerce conversion goals

You could set the following as your goals:

  • An online sale
  • A consumer adding a product to the cart
  • A consumer adding an item to the wishlist
  • Signing up an Email
  • Sharing details on social media
  • Any other valuable KPI

Once you are done with goal-setting, plan out and implement the below-mentioned strategies:

1. Get your Analytics right:


Check your Analytics and whether they are giving you insights on how visitors are using your site. Are they entering the site through specific categories, product pages, or information pages? Usually, site Analytics is not set up properly and hence they don’t track this information correctly.

2. Create heat maps, session recordings, conversion funnels, and user polls:

conversion funnels

To carry out these activities it is advisable to hire a dedicated SEO expert as these are specialized tasks that can only be done by experienced and Google certified SEO experts.

Heatmaps display an average of where website visitors click and scroll in a static image. Session recordings record the screens of visitors on your site. You can watch a video of their actions on your site. A conversion funnel enables you to see where visitors are dropping off. User polls enable you to conduct surveys among your customers so you can ask them questions on what they feel about your site or any product.

3. Improve your customer service:

customer service

As far as possible, ensure that there is staff available 24/7 to answer customer questions. Train them, if required so that they become good listeners. Display your customer service number prominently on your website.

4. Bring out your USP:

Update the headlines in your product pages to bring out the USP of your products in order to form a positive impression in the minds of your customers of what they will gain by buying from you and not from anywhere else.

5. Make your landing page eye-catching:

Make your landing page captivating with high-quality content and quality images, GIFs and videos. This is important as you get only 3 seconds to capture the attention of your prospective customer.

6. Optimize your mobile website:

Make sure that your mobile website is optimized as, as these Cell Phone Deal statistics suggest, over half of purchases made online are made from a phone. When you hire a dedicated SEO expert, then the expert will optimize your mobile site in multiple ways:

  • Write concise titles and copy
  • Improve speed and page loading time
  • Facilitate easy navigation

7. Write detailed product descriptions:

As far as possible write detailed product descriptions keeping in mind what information will be useful to a consumer – benefits, product features, how it works, what it can and cannot do, etc.

8. Add a product video or a demo:

Encourage your website visitors to have a walkthrough of your products and provide them a demo on how to set up your product and use it.

9. Build a website structure to locate products:

If you have several products that fall into different categories, then it makes sense to build a website structure along with filters so that consumers can easily locate your products.

10. Set up rotating banners:

You might have best-selling products to offer to your consumers. It is best to highlight them in the form of rotating banners. Keep updating them every month or quarter.

11. Build a database of your customers:

Encourage your customers to share their contact information. Offer them promos and discounts in exchange. With this database, you can run exclusive campaigns.

12. Involve your customers:

Encourage your customers to share their feedback on your products and take their testimonials and publish them on your website.


The most important aspect is that you should not attempt to make these updates on your website yourself. It is best that you hire a dedicated SEO expert who can make these updates on your website professionally.

Myself Mouzzam Jafri Head of Internet Marketing at Techindiasoftware. I have 6+ years of experience in the IT Industry. My passion is in writing about Internet Marketing Currently I am writing about how to choose Best SMO Services Company In India & Reseller Seo India Company.

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