In the past, Instagram was an excellent platform for posting good photos and selfies. Even though you can still use it this way, you can make a business kill using the Instagram social strategy. Instagram is a fast social network that allows you to connect with your social network.

The secret is learning how to develop an achievable Instagram social strategy. You cannot succeed unless you have the right strategy in place. It is crucial to understand the benefits of this platform before we look at the ten ways to create an Instagram social strategy.

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All the below-mentioned steps have been personally tried and tested by me in terms of growing my Instagram. I can happily state that I grew my Instagram successfully from 10 followers to more than 1K within a hundred posts by following the strategies. If you are someone who is interested in doing the same, you should pay careful attention to the contents of this article.

Benefits of Using Instagram Social Strategy in Marketing:

Instagram Social Strategy

Most brands look to maintain a healthy Instagram presence. They know that the number of followers and engagement rates can become a marker to show the credibility and performance of the brand. On Instagram, the higher the number of your followers, the more trust you enjoy. This is why most brands invest in marketing strategies to get Instagram followers.

One thing you need to understand is that Instagram has very powerful images. It explains why these photos have better a better conversion rate than the generic ones.

Using these pictures in your marketing channels can benefit you a lot. The secret is learning how you can enhance your visual marketing efforts across the board. Here are some of the top benefits of developing an Instagram social strategy.

i) Connect With Your Target Audience Across Multiple Channels:

Target Audience

The Instagram social strategy will allow you to connect with your customers across several channels. It is an excellent strategy to increase your cross-channel engagement.

There is a lot that you can do to connect with your fans and followers on Instagram. Apart from the usual strategies which involve commenting, or messaging them, new tools and software can help you leverage your engagement levels across different platforms. Using an email scraping tool like ScrapeGram can help you collect active and verified emails from Instagram. You can use these emails and then make them part of your email marketing campaign. This is a classic example of using one digital platform to amplify your performance using a different digital marketing strategy.

For instance, you can display the pictures from your Instagram account on the website. When a visitor browses your website, he may not be following your Instagram page.

However, when he comes across a gallery of your Instagram photos, he can click through the view of your account. He may begin to follow you immediately or reconnect with you at a later date. Therefore, you can use a dedicated gallery of Instagram photos to lead your target audience to your Instagram account.

Alternatively, a user who is browsing on Instagram may have never come across your website. When you set up a shoppable Instagram, your followers will reach your Instagram shop version easily. From here, they will click through to your product pages.

The use of Instagram photos gives you an opportunity to connect with your target audience from where they are. You will also take advantage of the high rate of engagement on Instagram.

ii) Re-Use Marketing materials: Work Smart and Not Hard:

Work Smart

Including an Instagram social strategy in your marketing plans allows marketers to work smarter and not harder. If you need a social marketing strategy, you can repurpose your Instagram photos across all your platforms.

You can leverage them as advertisement images on your website or Instagram in ads. It will save you the trouble of having to create more content.

iii) Attract Engaged Traffic: Set up a Community That Keeps Coming Back:

The other benefit of Instagram’s social strategy is that you get super-engaged traffic. The traffic that Instagram drives is super engaged than any other platform. Try to compare the time that people spend on various social media channels.

You will discover that Instagram outshines Reddit, YouTube, Pinterest, and even Facebook. Instagram content tends to drive a more engaged audience than the other visual content from Pinterest or YouTube.

In addition, Instagram will help you to engage with your audience on the social media platform. It increases the possibility of bringing clients to repeat customers.

If a user buys your product and follows you on Instagram, they are likely to see your products regularly and re-purchase. Return customers are highly valuable and account for approximately 33.3 of the overall expenditure on ecommerce. These shoppers spend close to three times more than regular shoppers.

iv) Use User Engaged Content to Boost Your marketing:

Boost Your marketing

Photos from your clients are the best way to achieve this objective. Do you have a solid user-generated marketing strategy to increase your sales? If no, it is the right time for you to jump on board. It is one of the most effective ways of growing sales and relevant traffic.

Instagram has a high potential for inbuilt user-generated content. Instagram photos tend to be user-generated content by nature.

Customers constantly create and share images on Instagram on their own. You can include these images in your marketing as long as you get permission from the customers.

Your brand can use Instagram photos from customers in its marketing. It is a great way to promote engagement in your community. You can build up your ecommerce branding on Instagram and enhance your visual marketing on-site.

You can showcase the photos that your customers take while using your products. It speaks volumes about the benefits that users can get from your products.

Apart from getting free content, this Instagram social strategy will also feature your customers. It will help them to feel as if they are part of your brand. Having your customers submit photos on Instagram for your use will encourage future engagements.

It will help you to build your brand presence without putting in so much effort. Those people who are following your customers will see them hashtag your brand in their photos. Therefore, the Instagram social strategy will not fail unless you don’t get it right.

v) Do Not Market Blindly:

The Instagram social strategy allows you to know how your content will perform ahead of time. There is no need to invest your resources in Instagram if it is not going to convert. You want the type of content that will perform well.

With Instagram, you already have the feedback on how your audience will react to your content. It will guide you before you allocate a budget for Instagram ads or pick up valuable real estate.

Before you select content for the Instagram UGC campaigns, you can assess the results on how the Instagram users received it. You will be able to choose the photos which your users like most on this platform.

These are the photos that you will display on your website. There is no need to guess the product photos that will have the best performance.

Instagram Social Strategy Build Trust:

Instagram photos are highly effective when it comes to building trust. Customers create these photos and all brands do is to curate them. The photos that customers create have a high conversion because they build trust in potential shoppers.

It offers users a great online shopping experience. The content from past buyers has a higher influence on the purchasing decision of the shopper. However, the combined effect from the visual content will outweigh the text alone.

Even though potential buyers like to read reviews, visual content like videos and photos highly influences their purchase decisions. It is one of the best reasons that will motivate you to create an Instagram social strategy.

Why Instagram Photos Have the Highest Conversion:

Instagram Photos

Instagram pictures have a better conversion than generic advertisement photos and product photos. The reason is that these photos combine basic psychological principles.

It is good to understand the difference between an Instagram photo and a generic one. You can look at examples from an active Instagram social strategy. You will discover a great difference between an Instagram branded photo and a classic brand ad.

Instagram photos build more customer trust and drive more sales. Instagram photos have a tendency of making users happy. Most of them are inspirational and show you a peek into the kind of life you wish to lead.

People like to Instagram the great moments of their life. You can view that perfect sunset, beautifully arranged meals, awesome road trips, and perfect beach sunset, etc. In a layman’s language, Instagram pictures convert easily because they are aesthetically pleasing.

Instagram has special photos because they always communicate something. You will rarely come across a person uploading random selfies on this platform. Users have to make sure that they have well-arranged photos with a perfect filter and proper lighting.

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In summary, Instagram generally has made well-made photos. The pictures are visually aesthetic and show you those things you wish you had in this life.

The adverts on Instagram also have a perfect design to motivate you to get the item. It puts everything in the context of a desirable lifestyle. Therefore, you will not fail as long as you use the right Instagram social strategy.

One thing you need to understand is that social media is not about selling. It pays more attention to the building of networks. Once you build a network, you will not find it hard to sell to your fan base. You only have to make sure that you have a consistent presence on social media.

You should join the mobile nation because nearly everyone including our grandmas owns a smartphone. You can join the millions of individuals who are using Instagram and connect with a new community on social media.

How to Create Instagram Social Strategy in 10 Easy Steps:

1. Jack Your Profile Up:

You may not have so many characters to say who you are to make wise choices. Give users a taste of your character and let them know why they should follow you. The clickable link is in your bio and you should link it to the most critical online asset and then update it to feature the special events.

2. Begin With a Goal for Your Instagram Social Strategy:

A goal is what you expect to achieve by using Instagram’s social strategy. Maybe you want to develop a visual portfolio of your work. You may also provide clients with a scene peek of what your brand does. You could also display a more personal side. If you don’t have a clear goal, you will not be able to plan for your Instagram posts.

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3. Be Consistent:

After you commit yourself to start, you should post on a regular basis. Your fans will love it if you can post once or twice a day. It will help you to keep your fans engaged and you will not lose them. Posting regularly will help you to increase your account growth on Instagram. Stopping your posting schedule will have a negative effect on your account.

4. Remain Relevant:

Your focus should stay on target and provide your users with value. You cannot post all things and think that it will do well. The quality surpasses quantity when it comes to developing an Instagram social strategy.

5. Provide Information or Help:

It is a bonus to share encouragements or helpful tips. You can post a quick video that has tips on Instagram. It will be a great plus to your Instagram social strategy.

6. Create a Hashtag Strategy:

Each Instagram post can have up to 30 hashtags. Post a few of them in the original post and then add more in your comments. Using industry-specific hashtags will help you create your own for a fun brand.

In case you have a special hashtag, don’t forget to share it in your profile to increase visibility. You can get the most popular hashtags that can help you on load apps and websites.

However, you have to focus on your niche with hashtags if you want to achieve your goals. It is not about including anything as a hashtag in your Instagram social strategy.

7. Press for Success:

Save the hashtags to Everyone to allow you to access them on all devices. You also need to create groups of your hashtags on various topics like inspiration, travel, and creativity. It will also assist you greatly when you are at an event.

8. Do Not Hype Your Products:

Instagram is not a platform for hard selling. Share fantastic content from your fans and other Instagram users by reposting their useful content. A reposting App like Photo Repost will help you to share the photo of another person. It is not ethical to download the content of another person and share it as if it is your own.

9. Connect With the Other users on Instagram:

users on Instagram

Repost, like, and comment on the posts of other people. Look for people who are using similar hashtags and begin networking from there.

10. Batch Your Graphics:

It is easy to create a batch of graphics and share them throughout the month or week. Create all your posts at one time and trickle them out over time to set yourself ready for the week. It will help you to stay on target and on-brand.

These simple strategies will help you to succeed in your Instagram social strategy. In case you need more guidance with this strategy, feel free to call The company has a lot of experience in developing Instagram social strategies. In case you have any questions or comments on this topic, feel free to share it with us in the text box below.

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