Social media (SM) has become an integral part of human life.

It is estimated that there are over four billion active users worldwide, and that number only keeps rising. Pioneer platforms, like Facebook, were specifically designed for social networking by individuals, but businesses slowly found their place in the digital social sphere.

Today, businesses predominantly use SM platforms to create brand awareness, communicate with customers, and increase leads.

The business landscape has become highly competitive, with companies trying to reach as many people as possible through social platforms.

It is, therefore, important to grow your business’s presence on these platforms to broaden your reach and increase your edge over your competitors.

Checkout Ten Lucrative Ways To Grow Your Social Media Presence

Here are the top ten ways you can grow your social media presence and ensure your company’s stability and success.

1. Engage and Interact

social media engagement

The social in SM makes it obvious that there should be some form of interaction between you and your audience. Be proactive in liking, commenting, and sharing your followers’ content mentioning you or your business. This includes inquiries, compliments, and even complaints.

Engaging with your audience will give your business a reputation for being responsive, responsible, and attentive to customer needs. This will, in turn, earn you more followers and widen your reach.

2. Be Consistent

Top businesses have mastered the art of consistency in posting.

Be consistent in the following:

  • Message: posting controversial content on your pages will confuse your audience, and they will likely seek the same services from another business whose message is consistent.
  • Schedule: come up with a schedule that serves your target audience best. Post more during specific times or days when people are likely to visit your page. Also, do not starve your audience of content, as this is a sign of apathy and unprofessionalism. Create content prior and use automation tools like Buffer to post according to your schedule.
  • Tone: Know your art and use a tone that appeals to your buyer persona. For example, if you have a business that predominantly attracts young people, consistently use casual, humorous, and creative language that will get in touch with their feelings.

3. Hire an SM Manager

If you have little experience in digital marketing, you can hire a manager to do the dirty work. An SMM will bring years of expertise in increasing followers, overseeing campaigns, creating content, and monitoring your analytics. You can use Leadar to find the best social media managers available for hire.

4. SEO

SEO is perhaps the most critical aspect of growing your presence on search engines. For example, you can boost your Instagram profile’s visibility to rank on search engines using SEO tactics. Optimize your profile; use keyword-optimized captions and relevant hashtags. SEO widens your reach and earns you more followers and prospective clients.

5. Promote Your Page

Promote social media Page

Setting up a page is one thing, but getting people to visit it is another. Take advantage of every chance to promote your handles.

For example, you can use Linktree on Twitter to direct a customer to your Instagram or YouTube page. Also, include clickable icons of the platforms in your photos, videos, and emails to make it easier for prospective clients to find and connect with your profile.

You can also run paid ads tailored to grow your SM pages. The algorithms used on these platforms have become more accurate, and you are likely to precisely reach your kind of audience and increase your follower count by running ads.

6. Track Your Analytics

Statistics don’t lie. Google, Twitter, and Facebook analytics will show you how far you are in reaching your social media networking goals and objectives. Analytics will help you identify what to adjust, stop, or improve. You can see how many followers you have gained or lost, see engagement figures, and see your total reach.

Use the statistics provided by analytics to come up with better strategies to grow your presence. Most importantly, learn from your failures and successes in this process.

7. Trendjacking

Sometimes you may need to hop on viral trends to boost brand awareness and presence, a practice dubbed trendjacking or newsjacking. For example, during the festive season, you can post a short message wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Use hot and trending memes and pass a funny but sensible message. This will increase your engagement and visibility and may earn you new followers. It is, however, important to hop onto trends that align with your business’s values, ethics, and general morals to avoid harming your brand.

8. Collaborate

Teamwork makes the dream work. By working with influencers or other brands, generating new leads, increasing engagement, and improving visibility will become effortless.

Organize giveaways and competitions for your followers and make attractive content out of them. Collaborations have proven to be cheaper than ads; even better, it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

9. Reduce Promotional Content

As discussed earlier, social media was initially meant for human interaction among friends and family. However, businesses found their way through and are sometimes accused of over-commercializing this space.

Spamming your page with promotional content makes it seem robotic and deficient in the human feel. In most cases, your followers shun such content, and you risk a massive exodus. Posting too much promotional content can also negatively portray your business as only profit-oriented and aggressive.

You should dedicate your business page to adding value to your followers, and you will generate leads naturally.

10. Be Visually Appealing

incorporation of visuals

The success of social platforms has greatly been attributed to the incorporation of visuals like videos and photos rather than just plain text. You will likely capture people’s attention by posting appealing photos and videos on a business’s page. Hence, with visuals, your followers are more likely to engage with your posts.

Visuals enhance brand recognition by imprinting the brand’s unique elements, like the color scheme, logo, and theme, to their audience’s minds.


Considering how huge social media is in this age, growing your presence in this space is critical to extending your network. You are likely to beat your competitors business-wise by outdoing them in the game.

Choose the most efficient platforms, develop a good SM plan, and work toward your key performance indicators. You may have to use multiple strategies to grow your social media presence. Most importantly, remember to keep your page engaging and interactive.

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