The remote monitoring and control system is a telemetry system. It is used to transmit data with the status indications. For control commands from a monitored or observed object to a person, who is responsible for managing and monitoring the target. Data transfer uses the Internet, GPRS, email, MMS or SMS messages, or satellite connections. A server (check out how to connect to a server via is used to process and distribute information from an object.

What Is IoT Remote Monitoring?

The term “remote monitoring (and control)” itself launched in the 1970s. In 1982, the increased use of 16-bit technology began. The speed of the first solution was 1 image in 30-60 seconds. The transmission channel is a telephone line.

More broad monitoring and control systems appeared in the 1990s. They were software-based. With this approach, images from the target could be viewed and saved using a computer. At the same time, several ready-made solutions appeared. These solutions were to order, and their production was not serial. The systems did not interact with each other.

Modern signaling stations in Europe and the US have become widespread. They use their own ISDN and PSTN lines.

The use of the Remote Control System gives the following options:

  • Up-to-date data on the state of the target. For example, a car;
  • Continuous monitoring of the target. Target status data can be retrieved at any time;
  • The ability to troubleshoot;
  • Remote control. The ability to receive information about a failure and reboot the target. If it is, for example, a coffee machine.

Remote monitoring systems work as follows:

The target object (sensor, camera, etc.) transmits a signal (via the Internet, GSM, GPRS, WAP, etc.) to the system server (depending on the specific system). After that transmits all the information to the client. In any form convenient for him.

Applications Of IoT Remote Monitoring.

Production monitoring. High-quality work of an industrial enterprise. It is made up of many factors. Among them are high-quality information, engineering, and monitoring systems. Monitoring systems guarantee timely notice of failures in the operation of production lines, units. They also optimize control over processes. Not only production systems, but also info systems fit into the structure of the enterprise. Information systems mean the following. Network equipment, software, telephony, information security systems. Engineering systems include the following processes. Power supply, fire alarm, air conditioning systems, video surveillance, access control systems. Centralized monitoring systems exclude failures in the promptness of detecting system errors.

Monitoring of IoT devices. By connecting touch sensors to the system, it became possible to monitor the state of the microclimate. And the operation of equipment, location, resource consumption. Even the quality of the soil, if needed.

Physical security device monitoring. The most common physical security systems are as follows. Video cameras, security, and fire-prevention systems. The system can monitor them. Additionally, when it comes to fire safety, companies may wish to go here for up to date information on what is required of them in terms of signage around the workplace.

Indoor leakage monitoring. Water leakage sensor. It can be included in a remote monitoring system. It is advisable to duplicate the sensors in different places in the room. In this case, there are no false alarm odds. This is helped by the system.

Business protection. Personnel control is important to the business. The system will help with this. The system can provide management of clients’ affairs. The company can ensure their safety.

Top 5 Best IoT Remote Monitoring Systems

1. WebTitan

The program is useful in business. It knows how to control various processes. For example, block malware (ransomware, phishing). Protection comes through powerful DNS filtering. Allows you to control the entire web area used by the company staff.

So the system functions:

  • Making report;
  • API Driven;
  • URL Filtering;
  • Remote and roaming users;
  • Filtering content;
  • AI Threat Intelligence.


This program is designed for business management. N -able offers expertise, tools, and resources. Management of complex networks with RMM. High-quality synch with the cloud. Competent scaling. Providing end-to-end security. Fast and secure remote access to machines. Competent reporting. This program can be useful. Of the scope of the company.

3. Acronis

The program is designed to work with clients and to upgrade security. And for backing up customer data. You can Optimize flaw management and close your IT base gaps. This system can provide monitoring and reporting. You can correct errors and shortcomings. In addition, there is a disaster recovery function.

4. Winnum

It is a platform for the Industrial Internet of Things. The system contains a complete set of tools for remote monitoring. This is necessary for the proper operation of all processes. In addition, it is necessary for diagnostics and boost work.

Winnum reduces time and risk. By including the following components:

  • Protected data warehouse;
  • Modules for connecting devices;
  • Web environment for running applications;
  • Ready solutions and libraries.

Winnum is not a set of services for human input, a true human-independent IoT platform.

5. Altaro

The system offers virtual machine backup and replication for MSPs. Here you can manage and track your Hyper-V, VMware, and physical server backups from a central console. Besides, here is the most affordable price.

The system guarantees safety, comfort, performance, and much more. This system has a lot of positive reviews.


Based on the above, some conclusions can be drawn. IoT remote monitoring systems can be helpful. Systems help in business. Some people find such systems requisite. The systems have a lot of positive reviews. Platforms provide a ton of options. Security, stability, remote access, ease of use. IoT remote monitoring systems are becoming more and more popular. More and more people are paying attention to this. Also, many users talk about increased profits. The profit has been increased by using a similar system.

The systems presented here are not the only ones on the market. There are many more platforms out there. Fresh service, Comet Backup, and many more.

If you are in business, and you need to improve your management, pay attention to IoT remote monitoring systems. These systems are available for small businesses.

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