In the era of blog sites, new people with topics are investing their time and money in blogs for so many reasons. But when you are starting a blog, you need to stand out. Otherwise, there is no way that you can make a profit from it. And you can do great legal blogging if you get proper guidance. 

Lawyers and Blogging

legal blogging

Whenever we want to learn something new, we search for that online. Let me tell you a small story about when I used to work for a company in the early days of my career. I resigned from the company after working for a couple of months. And the company didn’t pay my salary for the last month. And after waiting for three months, I was thinking of taking action. So, I started to search for blogs regarding employment and related legal matters.

First of all, as a lawyer, you are already aware of many situations where common people need to know about the law. And reading laws and regulations is not an easy task. So, you can elaborate on the law in simple language and then can give examples of any situation where the law is actually used. This way, normal people who have no idea about a specific law and regulation, then they will have knowledge about the laws. 

One of the most important things you must know is that most law firms have their legal blogging websites. This way, they can get more clients, do their branding, and spread awareness. When you write legal blogging, that website will increase your reputation and authority. 

So, enough knowledge about legal blogging. Now it is time to start it. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

1. Choose A Niche

legal blogging

When you are planning to start a blogging website, the first thing you need is to choose a niche. There are already existing legal blogging websites, so you need to choose something different that will get you more followers. You can write blogs on a specific law, or you can start writing on different cases.

Suppose there is a blogging website about property law. If someone is thinking of relocating with their family, in that case, they will need some blogs and articles about proper selling and buying. And if you are providing details about property lawyers, then that will be an advantage for sure.

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2. Quality And SEO

legal blogging

While writing a blog, you need to keep SEO in your mind. When it comes to reaching more audiences, you can’t do that without SEO. This is the most important thing about ranking. But there are bloggers who only think about SEO and do not give attention to the quality. While writing a blog about legal, you should remember that your audience has no idea about the law. So, the blogs should be easily readable, and you need to ensure the quality also.

3. Engage In Conversation

In the ocean of blogs, you need to take part in the ultra-niche conversation. Laws are difficult to understand as there are so many clauses in them. So, do your writing as if you are making a conversation. You can do that by asking simple questions that a regular person can ask and then giving answers to those questions in a simple way. 

4. Remember Your Clients

Other than educating people, there is another thing that you need to remember. You are not only writing for followers but there will be your loyal clients who want to know and learn more about your stories. Also, remember to answer the questions that your clients are asking. You can also ask the audience which topics you should write about. You should also know the confidentiality in legal blogging.

5. Start Legal Blogging

As you are ready to start blog writing, here are the steps to finish your blog writing.

  • You can take help from websites like WordPress. Then give a domain, law firm, and other names to your blog.
  • Always take notes and do the best that is needed.
  • One of the best things is to keep consistency.
  • As you are ready, now you can start writing and posting. 

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Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs):

Here are some interesting questions and answers that most people tend to know.

Q1. How Do Bloggers Not Get Sued?

Ans: When starting a legal blog, you must know how you can get sued.

• Using copyrighted images.
• Complying with a DMCA takedown notice.
• Do not violate others’ trademarks.
• There must be legal policies on the website.
• Tell your income to the IRS.
• If you have already applied for a business license.
• You should declare your affiliate marketing.
• Make your website accessible.
• Avoid illegal lotteries.

Q2. Can A Lawyer Be A Blogger?

Ans: Why not? Of course, a lawyer can be a blogger. Lawyers can get new clients, enhance their brand, and grow their firms with blogging. A lawyer can also share their story about a particular case or a recent study. There is a recent report from the ABA Legal Technology Survey Report that more than 37% of law firms have their blogs. Also, this is a great way to brand a law firm.

Q3. How Do I Make My Blog Legal?

Ans: When it comes to starting a legal blog and making the blog legal, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind. 

• First, you need a name for your blog. You also need to make sure that the name is innovative.
• Now you need to use legal website disclosures, disclaimers, and documents. 
• Put proper contracts with collaborators, sponsors, vendors, and contractors.
• This step is very important as you should protect the pictures and texts with copyrights.
• When you are using other people’s content, like music, videos, or images, do it in the right way.

Final Words

So, I hope you have understood almost everything that is needed to start legal blogging. So, as you are ready and start posting. Now you need to spread proper words on different media platforms. You can create pages on different social media platforms. This can create so many legal blogging jobs in the sector. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Thank You.

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