• Google has a new weapon in its arsenal for curbing the growth of misleading ads – Limited Ads Serving.
  • This feature limits the impressions (number of times an ad will be viewed) for new advertisers to measure their trustworthiness.
  • Google believes this will slowly stop the spread of deceptive ads that are aimed at scamming people.

In order to safeguard us from misleading ads that scam you of your hard-earned money, Google has decided to introduce a new policy called Limited Ads Serving.

Under this new policy, Google has stirred the other way how their ad impression system works. This new policy targets new advertisers, especially unfamiliar brands, which can potentially turn out to be fake companies that are trying to scam innocent customers and your regular web surfers.

This is why, under the new Limited Ads Serving policy, new advertisers have to go through a “Get To Know You Period.” In other words, this is a probation period for advertisers where Google will show fewer impressions of the ads posted by advertisers under probation.

Depending on how they perform and the feedback provided by customers, their impressions will automatically be increased after the probation period is over, and they will get a vote of confidence from Google.

Google has also stated that this policy will target advertisers who run ad campaigns that target a particular brand or a particular group of brands. Since Google doesn’t know whether the advertiser is related to the brand or not, they are put on probation until Google trusts the brand enough to publish their ads.

According to this policy, its main objective is:

“While we want to allow users the opportunity to interact with relevant and helpful ads, this policy will reduce the chance that they’ll see a misleading or confusing ad from an advertiser with an unproven track record.”

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