Do you like to know how to make money online?

If yes, I would like to ask the following question.

Did you know there are hundreds of ways to make money online?

However, each method is not legit or may not have a future in the career scope. If you are serious about your online career, then you need to choose the right method you are passionate about.

Because, without any passion or hard work, you cannot make anything good.

In the past few years, the digital ecosystem has helped individuals earn significant cash flow from investing and other means. For example, some young and enterprising individuals have made enormous profits by investing in ETFs. Put simply, ETFs are funds that issue shares that are traded on a stock exchange. ETFs can give aspiring investors exposure to specific markets, sectors, or investment strategies. For example, if you wanted to invest in oil (in Öl investieren) – ETFs that take advantage of the fluctuating price of oil could be the perfect solution for your needs. In addition to investing in different sectors and asset classes, diversification also includes different investment vehicles. It can consist of stock funds, bonds, real estate, and other assets. Motley Fool review tells you all you need to know. Ultimately investing carefully can help you to secure your financial future.

10 Best Ways Of Making Money Online That You Will Love

There are a lot of easy ways of making extra online cash. For example, by watching videos or surfing the net, or gamers can even play game to earn real money – thus gaining cash whilst doing something that they enjoy. However, there are other methods to start making money online if you want something to build a career out of.

Much leading business and financial experts suggest that industries that were beyond the ambit of digital technologies have now moved within the ecosystem. This means that even if you have little or no knowledge in some fields, for example, in buying shares, you can always go ahead, get yourself educated and visit credible platforms that can help you with ease. You may wish to click for more information and to explore this more fully.

Here are the ten easy methods for making money online.

1. Start A Blog:

Start Blogging

Blogging is a great method of expressing yourself, making new friends, and a favorite way of making money online.

If you are novel to blogging, it is writing for your site, like writing articles, reviews, publishing video, info-graphic, etc.

Believe it or not, blogging has become one of the best profitable online professions, and it’s easy to get started.

How To Start A Blog?

Follow the step by step instructions to build your blog right away:

  • Purchase your domain and hosting plans
  • Choose a blogging platform (WordPress, Blogger, Wix, etc.)
  • Design your blog using simple templates
  • Install best plugins for your blog
  • Publish engaging content that adds value to readers.

How To Make Money From A Blog?

If you are getting a reasonable amount of traffic, then you can earn money from your blog in different ways. They include:

  • Affiliate Advertisements
  • Direct Advertisements
  • Paid Reviews
  • Google AdSense or other CPC ad

2. Become A Freelancer:

Become Freelancer

Be your own boss by freelancing from your home and start making money. Working as a freelancer is the best way of making money online.

Who Is A Freelancer?

A freelancer is somebody who offers their services or works for a fee on a contract basis. A good working relationship with clients can be an ongoing job.

What Kind Of Work Can You Get As A Freelancer?

Almost any kind of service can be offered to a freelancer that can be completed online or offline. Here are some typical freelance jobs:

  • Graphics design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web design and development
  • Writing and Translations
  • Video and Animation
  • Virtual Assistant and so on.

How Do You Get Freelance Work?

To start your freelance career, you will have to go to the most trustful freelance sites like:

Fiverr: It’s one of the easiest freelance marketplaces to get started. You can sign up and sell your services for $5.

Upwork: Upwork is another most popular freelance platform. You need to invest a few hours to get your profile ready. Once you are done with profile completion, then test your skills and complete other necessary activities. Then buyers can easily find you.

Here are other freelance platforms:

3. Affiliate Marketing:Affilate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the quickest ways to make money online with a little investment. If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing and how it works, you will start getting into it shortly.

Affiliate marketing is a marketing methodology to promote other’s products or services to earn a commission. The fact is that you need to drive traffic to affiliate products or services and you will get a commission if your visitors purchase through your affiliate link.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing?

You can start your affiliate marketing career in different ways. As an instance, an Amazon affiliate niche site is one of the best options to get started. You just need to pick a niche that you are passionate about and write quality content about the products.

You can also start a product review, Product Comparison sites to promote affiliate products. YouTube video another great way to promote Affiliate products.

Best Affiliate Market Places:

4. Online Teaching

Online Teaching

If you are looking to make money from home, online teaching can be a great way to earn money. There is always a demand for Private tutors, and with the help of the internet, anyone can learn anything from experts. If you are a great teacher and have in-depth knowledge of particular subjects, then this is the best choosy option to make money online.

Here are the Top Online Teaching platforms:

  • Udemy
  • Skillshare
  • Teachable

5. Write And Sell An eBook:

Write And Sell An Ebook

Writing and selling an eBook is much easier compared to traditional printed books. Creation and promotional efforts for eBooks are quite inexpensive. eBook is a great method of showcasing your knowledge while you are earning.

As a beginner, it is recommended to go to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. You will then have to publish your eBook yourself on the Amazon Kindle Store. The process is easy and hassles free without any cost. You will be paid seventy of the royalties from the sales. Your ebook will also be available for purchase on all Kindle devices and Kindle apps.

You can promote and sell your eBook from other sites like Free-eBooks, PayLoadz, and as well as on your site or blog.

6. Create Video On YouTube:

Create Video On YouTube

There are thousands of people out there who make a lot of money on YouTube. This is the place where you can upload almost any videos that you are passionate about and don’t violate YouTube policy. In my opinion, making a video for YouTube and start earning money is very easy and it will not cost you anything. This means you can earn money from your home without any investment.

How To Earn Online Via YouTube?

Here are the basic rules to make money on YouTube

  • Create a YouTube Channel: To create a YouTube channel, you just need to have a Google account. You can create a new or use your existing one, then log in to your YouTube account and create your Channel.
  • Create videos and upload to YouTube that you are passionate about.
  • Monetize the YouTube Channel: So as to monetize your YouTube videos and show up advertising on them, you must have an approved AdSense account. AdSense approval for YouTube is much easier than blogging or a website. Once you have approved Adsense Account, then associate it with YouTube Account and enable Monetization.

7. Work as a VA (Virtual Assistant)

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a kind of freelancer who works from their home to make money. Individuals or business organizations, hire a professional like Virtual Assistant Philippines for a short-term or a long-term contract. The main importance of hiring a Virtual Assistant to employers, they don’t have to provide any office equipment or bonuses/benefits to their employees.

You might be thinking, about what qualifications are needed to be a Virtual Assistant. You don’t need to have any professional skills. However, you should have good knowledge about the job you are applying for. For example, if you want to work as a Video editor, you need to know about various Video Editing software, creative skills, etc.

What Types Of Jobs Can You Do?

There are a lot of jobs you can do as a Virtual Assistant. Here are some:

  • Administrative Virtual Assistants
  • Digital Marketing Virtual Assistants
  • Programming Virtual Assistants
  • Design Virtual Assistants
  • Design Virtual Assistants and more

If you know the above topics, you can find your job on the following sites:

  • Upwork
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Virtual Staff Finder
  • Virtual CoWorker

8. Buy And Sell Domain Names:

Buy and sell domain names

Everybody Knows that domain name is the identity of any online business. So people are always looking for the right domains for their businesses and can pay you a remarkable amount of money for the right one. For example, was sold for $35 million in 2007. This is not true that all domains go for such huge prices. But so many people are making a huge amount of money by buying and selling domains.

The process of buying and selling a domain is called domain flipping. To buy a domain, you need to invest some penny. So the newcomer to domain flipping should understand the process well for profit.

So in a nutshell, domain flipping is an awesome process to buy a domain and sell it for a higher price to the buyer and one of the great ways to make money online from home.

How To Buy Domains?

Buying a domain is not hard. But to make money from it, you need to have good domains(Name), catchy brand domains, niche-specific domains, authority domains, and so on. Here are my best ways to buy domains:

Buy New Domains:

This is the simplest way to start your domain flipping business by buying good domain names from any reputable domain registrar sites like GoDaddy, Namecheap, name.COM, Bluehost, etc.

As stated earlier, a domain name is the identity of any online business. So the people are looking to find good domain names to start their online business. Unfortunately, almost any good domain names would have been sold already. And if you are the owner of such a great domain, people will contact you to purchase yours. Even you can showcase your domains on various Domain Auction sites like Godday Auction,,, etc.

Buy Expired Domains:

Many people start their business and give up after some time for various reasons, then probably, they don’t renew the domain, and it becomes available to buy from any domain registrar sites. The game behind the expired domain, its authority, or metrics. Before finding or buying expired domains, know everything about expired domains here

The more authority a domain name has, the more chance it has to sell at a higher price. You can find expired domains from  GoDaddy Auctions,,,, etc.

You can also contact any domain owner to buy his/her domain at a reasonable price.

How To Sell A Domain For Profit?

To make a profit by selling a domain is quite harder than buying. As like as you should have good or high authority domain to sell it. It also needs you to find a potential buyer who wishes to buy your domain at a higher price. If you have a good domain and know your niche, you can contact directly those who have the same niche business.

You can also showcase your domain for sale on these sites to attract potential buyers: Flippa, Afternic, Sedo, etc.

9. Sell Photos Online

Sell Stock Photos

Are you a photographer? Do you like to take photos around you? Do you like to make some money with your photography? Then there is a great opportunity to turn their creativity into cash by selling stock photos online. Many professional photographers have started their photography careers by selling photos. The cool thing about selling photos online is you don’t need any special expertise to sell photos, and you don’t need to invest extra. Selling photos online is a great example of passive income. Once you take photos, submit them to stock sites and you are almost done to generate cash.

Make Money Selling Stock Photos

One of the most interesting and creative ways of making money online is by selling your original photos. If you are someone that has a penchant for photography or think that you are good at it, you can sell your photos on Siegmann stock. It is a fantastic new platform that is working with the best photographers and creators for stock photography.

Whether you are a newbie or a professional, you can sell your photos online to earn money using stock image sites. There are a plethora of sites where you can submit your photos to sell. But each site has a  distinct pay rate. Make sure, each site’s commission rate before submitting your photos. Here are the best stock image sites to Sell Your Photos-:

10. Take Online Paid Surveys

Take Online paid surveys

Making money by taking online surveys is the easiest job on our list. You don’t need any special experience or investment, and you can work from your home as well.

There is a huge scope in Market Research(MR), and the legit MR companies who conduct online surveys and pay to their participants. But be careful because there are scammers in the market. Before taking any survey, make sure, the site is legit.

How Paid Surveys Work?

First of all, let me quickly explain how the paid survey works for those who aren’t familiar with paid surveys.

Every company needs customer feedback about their products or services to develop a new or improve the existing one, so they turn to market research companies.

Similarly, market research companies have online as well offline panels, where a lot of panelists ( like you and me) share their thoughts and experiences about products or services that can benefits companies. And they pay for your effort.

Best Paid Online Survey Sites:

Every site has a limited number of online surveys each month for every single person. If you are serious about making money through a paid survey, make sure you a participant of the following sites:

  • Inbox Dollars
  • Swagbucks
  • Toluna
  • MySurvey
  • Valued Opinions
  • Survey Bods
  • GlobalTestMarket
  • Opinion Outpost


1.Can You Earn Money By Sitting At Home?

What are you thinking? All of these jobs you can do without going to any office or without permanent employment. These all ways can also be your second source of income.

In 2021 here are the four ways by which you can simply earn money by sitting at home.

  • Online Teaching
  • Content writing
  • Customer support through mail, chat, and phone text messages.
  • Graphics Design 

2.How To Make $50 Per Day?

As a student, when you can make $50 a day, you can easily create a good amount of money throughout the month.

Here are the five easy tips to make money at least $50 per day.

  • Becoming an eBay seller and start selling the products online.
  • Start working as a freelance writer.
  • Find a social media marketing job and be a social media influencer.
  • Take the surveys and publish the report.
  • Be a delivery guy and start your door dropper business.

3.How To  Increase Income Without Regular Office Going Job?

Increasing your income means you will get the opportunity to do some work, which can be the second source of income.

Here is the list of four types of income that increase your daily revenue, and you can explore different areas.

  • First, start selling products or photos online.
  • Sell the items which you no longer use.
  • Offer a rent agreement for extra places in your houses.
  • Enlist your name on the specific website and offer paid accommodations to a single tourist.


Making money online is not as hard that it seems to be. But earning good cash, you need to pick the right methods. Besides, consistency, hard-working, and patience will help you to reach the desired target. I’m personally, interested in Blogging, Freelancing, YouTube, Online Teaching, etc.

Make sure you choose the right method for you to be a successful money-making machine.

Comment below which method you are going to choose.

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