• Meta finally unveils its new AI chatbot similar to ChatGPT and BingChat – the Meta Llama 2.
  • This will be a free, open-source tool that anyone and everyone will be able to use.
  • As an open-source tool co-developed by Microsoft, Meta expects applications to be created for all devices like smartphones and computers.

The race to create the best AI tool to help millions of people worldwide (to lose their jobs) is steadily increasing, with the space getting more and more competitive.

Big names are gearing up and entering the market with their own AI chatbot tools. And the latest one that is about to drop soon is Zuckerberg’s own creation – the Meta Llama 2.

Ever since OpenAI released ChatGPT, Meta has been working on their Llama AI chatbot. Initially, Llama 1 was released in an “early access state” earlier this year for only a handful of users selected by Meta. Now that they have made major strides in its development, they are finally ready to unveil its full version to the public – the Llama 2.

In terms of uses, expect it to work similarly to ChatGPT and Google Bard. You type in something, like a request or a question – and the tool will come up with answers. Therefore, it can be used in a wide range of situations, like language generation, building other AI-power tools, academic research, content creation, etc.

As open-source software, developers can use it to create their own AI chatbots, similar to the creation of a custom Android OS for smartphones by modifying the open-source Android OS.

As of now, there are three versions of Llama 2 based on different parameter sizes. You can download them all from the official Meta website. The available parameters for download are:

  • 7B
  • 13B
  • 70B
  • 34B (not available for download yet)

But you might be wondering – how different might Meta llama 2 be compared to other AI chatbots like CjhatGPT, Google VBrd, and Bing Chat? While it might be more of the same, its open-source nature makes it highly modifiable, allowing developers to create their own versions of it. This still remains to be the main draw for Llama 2.

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