Getting the perfect pitch is crucial for bagging SEO clients. Selling SEO is hard. Because there are many people selling SEO services, but with Pitch’s templates, SEO services can be easily communicated. The intent is to get the message out lucidly and without ambiguity.

Several SEO services companies are confused about why the SEO pipeline customers initially showed interest but fizzled away once the pricing details were shared.

There are two key components to pitching SEO services – what is being said and how to say it. One way to create customer interest is to use perfectly crafted SEO sales pitch presentations.

But before that, some preliminary considerations have to be made.

Preliminary considerations before preparing an SEO services pitch presentation

SEO services

1. Prepare to speak to your slide

A presentation cannot completely enclose all the information that the customers would want to know. A presentation’s slide can contain only a limited set of information.

So, it is ideal to have only the salient points of the service in the service category. When customers request more information, be prepared to speak.

You will need to understand the company, its products and services, and other related information.

2. Know what you are going to sell

Although you would contend that this is a bare minimum, not fully understanding what you are selling can often confuse customers.

Are you selling a pure-play service, product, or a mix of both? Are you having pre-sales, post-sales, and maintenance support? Do you have an upgrade plan?

Are you having paid and unpaid technical support? Are you going to sell in specific regions – where these regions might cause conflict with any customer’s competition?

3. Research

Take time out to research all aspects of the SEO service you are selling. It also helps to know about your customer’s businesses. Spend time researching, editing, and revisiting your SEO sales pitch presentation. Ensure you have a solid SEO sales pitch ready.

4 tips to make the presentation exciting and enticing to customers

enticing to customers

1.   Talk about them too

When pitching your SEO services, it is natural for you to pitch your agency’s services, achievements, unique selling propositions, and business model.

But prospects do understand these aspects pretty fast. Either they have read about you on your website before coming to pitch, or they have a fair understanding of your company’s workings based on your initial slides. So, the hack is to shift the focus to your customers.

Start talking about them in the presentation. Talk about how your SEO services can change their business fortunes. Talk about your analysis of them.

Talk about how your services and products can fit into their business strategies. Mention their weaknesses and problem areas, and map your services as a solution point. The customers are already at the edge of their seats when you do this.

2.   Visualize more

Get to the point and drive home the message with more visuals. Bullets points, graphs, and infographics can be used for this.

Even embedded videos can do the job. Visuals help your customers build mental models of your services. Abstract concepts can be communicated better with visuals. Ensure to apply emotional aspects to visuals so that they evoke an emotional response.

This helps in better recall. Customers tend to recall such information. The visuals should be symmetrical, have a good white-space balance, be clutter-free, and have legible fonts.

3. Tell a story

Everyone loves stories. One of the effective ways to engage customers through a PowerPoint presentation is to tell them a story. Research has shown that stories invite visuals into the minds of the audience. The audience is persuaded by the sequence of events.

They then record this information because it has given them an experience. Storytelling is one of the ways to generate such types of emotional responses. And when used in an SEO sales pitch presentation can be an effective way to build rapport with the customers.

4. Show examples

SEO concepts could be abstract. SEO achievements or results from implementations can be conveyed with more than just figures and numbers.

Try to give more examples. Tell them how your SEO services helped customers or will help them, with examples. If it is a proposed activity, give the customers examples of how it can help their business. This is a far better approach than merely communicating through numbers.

Although numbers don’t lie, they must be accompanied by better forms of presentation to make them impactful.

6 ways to repurpose your presentation to optimize your SEO sales pitch

optimize your SEO sales pitch

1.   A great cover slide

Stay away from generic cover slides. If you think customers haven’t seen such a cover slide, think again. Customers can easily identify generic with non-generic cover slides.

They may have seen scores of other presentations too. So it is up to you to present them with something novel and original. The cover slide can sometimes be the deal-clincher.

On this slide, try to mention your main value propositions. It is an excellent way to get started. Clients will also remember this information all throughout your pitch and after it too. The cover sets the tone and pace for the rest of the slides. So ensure to have a good first impression.

2. Set the context

Diving in straight is fine – but at least tell them where you are diving. That’s what is called setting the context. The context slide is where to put this information.

Build momentum, tension, and trigger customer interest in this slide. If you are getting customer questions, it’s like you have already hit a home run. On the context slide, detail the pain points that the industry is facing. Mention how your solutions can provide the perfect antidote to these issues.

Set the context by mentioning how your company and its services began, what they began, and why. The information you put on this slide sets the context and prelude for the next slide – the problem areas slide.

3. The problem areas slide

You will mention the general and customer-specific problem areas in this slide. You can take up a couple of slides to convey this information.

Start with the bigger problem areas, then the interconnected ones, and then the smaller problems. Detail the problem and don’t keep it ambiguous. Use simple words and keep the information factual. A problem area can be categorized as well. It could be divided into multiple layers.

There could be the most pressing problems layer to the not-so-critical areas. Even nice-to-have features and services can be a lightweight problem area.

4. Solution slide

Now that the customers are all engrossed in the world of problems and possible solutions, it is time to present the solution slide. This is the slide where you pitch your proposed solution or suite of solutions. Try to get a direct one-to-one mapping between the problem area and your proposed solution.

The information on how the problem area will be resolved and to what extent your solution will help has to be mentioned clearly. Identify the unique needs of the problem and how your solution can fix it. By doing this, the customers are convinced that your solution is a problem-solving one.

5. The roadmap slide

The solution slide must have been convincing. Now it’s time to look into the future. Or the enviable future, one might say. The roadmap slide does this. The future course of action is laid out here. A step-by-step account of what you want to do once the customer selects your service or solution.

How you plan to grow your customer’s business. How can they create a win-win situation? What are your conditions for working with the customer?

What would be the proposed business opportunity for implementing your solution? And so on. The roadmap slide can also include business collaboration models and various options. It can also have proposed pricing details for any future activity.

6. Transition slide

This slide answers an excited customer’s questions on how to get started with your solution. Also called the bridge slide, the transition slide details the steps to take to transition to your solution. The customer is briefed on these steps.

The course of action to take by the customers and solution provider, along with any external third parties, if any, is mentioned in this slide. The transition slide can create awareness in customers’ minds on the contributors to this transition.

The customer will understand the actions to take to begin this transition. They might already start making notes on this. This discussion might come up with issues such as budget, resources, and timelines. So be prepared for such discussions.

Final thoughts

A great SEO sales pitch with a good presentation is all that is required to bag customers. The pitch is often the main area of activity for winning customers. So, it is always convenient and advisable to get novel and original ready-made pitch presentations for this. Using template pitch decks with a modernistic look and feel and an attractive layout scheme is like already winning the battle before getting onto the battlefield.




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