When you own local businesses like shops or have people who frequently visit your office, optimize your website to ensure people are finding you in real life. But even if you do not have visitors but target a specific audience within your location, you will need optimization for these areas. And this is what is termed as Local SEO.

When it comes to the ground rule these days, the easiest way to optimizing has proper addresses in your region. You may want to have some optimization of content in an area you are not; located in physically.

When doing this, all you need is to write more about the area. It will always lead to forced pages that will be having little to do with the businesses at hand. Usually, these pages are generally added for Local SEO reasons.

Local SEO is not all about search engines:

Local SEO

There is always a lot of things you can still do online when it comes to optimizing your websites for local audiences. However, when you are running local businesses, the print brochures and word of mouth could help in the contribution of your Local SEO.

When you mention your social profile and website on your offline promotions, Twitter followers could increase, and also your Facebook likes could go up. With all these, you can draw more traffic to your website.

And in one way or another, this could be visible to Google as well indirectly. So, what is Local SEO? It is several factors that will help you in addressing the local audiences by better ranks in search engines.

It does not only mean you will be optimizing your address or your social media strategies. But it is all these combinations that we term as Local SEO.

If you work with a good and experienced SEO firm, they will be able to help you with increasing local footfalls. This is specifically great for small businesses like restaurants, bakeries and cleaning services that depend a lot on the local and community population in their regions for boosting sales. Choosing the right SEO firm can sometimes go a long way in helping with Local SEO.

Why do businesses care about Local SEO?

businesses care

When your business engages in organic search engine optimization strategies, you may wonder why you need caring about Local SEO. However, depending on the tactics and keywords that you use, the fact is that you might be implementing a local SEO plan without your knowledge.

In simple, local SEO will always increase your online visibilities by those who are interested in caring out searches. Almost 64% of the local customer will always engage in the use of directories and search engines in finding their local businesses.

In addition to improving your overall online brand awareness, local search is suitable for driving sales, traffic, and even leads to your local businesses.

Is Local SEO Not evolving – Experts Speak:

Experts Speak

The main question is whether Local SEO is dead or evolving. Just the same way the legal professionals will be around as long as laws exist in our societies so will be the Search engine optimization.

Local SEO will always be around as long as people are searching for information online. The former SEO director Moz Cyrus Sheppard has it that it is like asking is marketing dead? Or will high school pupils stop wanting to be famous? Visible, the answer is no.

We say that local SEO is not dead; however, it does not answer the question of why this idea is being hooped around so much. It is not just enough, saying that SEO is evolving. From the first day, Google Algorithm has been growing, but why the commotion? What causes this hyperbole?

If Local SEO is dead, the motto for rapid and extraordinary changes, then the question that people should be asking is what is that is changing and why? Further examination of this always leads to another question; are these changes due to external or internal influences?

Therefore this article mainly focuses on trying to figure out whether Local SEO is not evolving, why, how, when, and what is next.

Revolution not evolution:

People can argue that any arguments that are to do with SEO are down to little progressions. However, the term evolution can also be misleading when it comes to this context.

Evolution will always mean the steady and slow changes that are natural reactions when it comes to shifting the external influences. But what we see is something more close to a revolution, and that is something else entirely.

Evolution is always reactive, unlike a revolution that is still a proactive force. The forces that a result of a build-up of discontent, and also the terminating in the sudden reaction against the established status quo.

Some views will always run counter to this. Rob Dana of ITA group, had it that SEOs, twenty-year evolution was somehow unambiguous. That is SEO characterized the delight that a new website drilled through its possible for higher incremental income. Google, in its hyper-efficient drive to delivering high-quality products /services to its users, effectually killed that dream.

But according to Dana, SEO is an approach that is a natural end state. Google’s own refrain is to serve up the best results to its users with the effect of cutting out so much on competition from the other established niches. Therefore, Local SEO is not dead, but it is evolving.

More so, the idea of whether Local SEO is healthy or not will always depend on moral judgments. For those companies who are gaining the most benefits from the Local SEO, are looking at it in the best shape ever.

Therefore, small companies need to start benefiting from Local SEO as well. It needs not taking on the big corporates in their industries but just thinking that all companies need to take on the big corporates.

Some of the Local SEO myths that we hear and wish to dye:

Local SEO myths

Local SEO is never solely credited to put the big brands where they are today. But traditional marketing techniques have played a very significant role in making leads for most companies. A dominant search engine presence in the competitive industries is never the result of SEO strategies.

This was the case some years ago, and it does not mean that SEO is not evolving. The thing here is that Google is not killing the Local SEO but just making some obscuring’s and changes. It is doing so in a manner where it is forcing it through the series of fundamental behavioral shifts.

And with the shifts, the old lazy offsite and onsite optimization practices are being killed off. This is forcing Local SEO to join with the other established restraints such as Social media, PR, and content marketing.

Therefore how is Google changing the Face of SEO, and where will this end?

Colonization and complication:

 When it comes to changing the SEO landscape, there are two methods that Google is employing. One is through obfuscation and the other difficulty.

Obfuscation has seen the search engine giant embarking on policies of making the search algorithms more opaque. It has done this by withholding the keywords data. Also, it increases indirect and vague communications with the SEO community.

However, google optimists can argue that these policies that aim at increasing the imperviousness are just as the result of companies trying to stamp out the corrupt SEO practices. This will always make search better for each one trying to use.

Therefore, the idea here is that when you think of SEO, then you are not paying focus on creating some relevant and high content for real humans. But as per the pessimists, it is an intensive attempt when it comes to driving more ad revenue by making the AdWords the only show delivering reliable keywords.

Another way in which Google is causing the shifts in the Local SEO, practices is by the colonization of the SERPS. It is tough remaining optimistic about Google’s intentions. However, policies have put it on collision courses with the EU on various occasions that made it land with eye-watering.

One of the effects that came up with Google colonization policies is that it dramatically altered the search engine pages and the ways users were interacting. These changes were just aimed at improving user experiences or forcing Google products down.

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The various New SEO opportunities to seize:

SEO opportunities

Despite all the threats that Local SEO could be dying, there is some good news. When it comes to the use of SEO, this could be the ideal investment for businesses.

The search volumes are growing, and even though the number of people making the clicks is of small percentages, the searches are more.

Some of the opportunities to always take advantage of include;

  • Featured Snippets: these individual search result blocks will always lower the click-through rates. However, if you are winning the zero position, this could help you getting the most incredible opportunities to contribute to gain more traffic.

Also, you will be setting yourself up for substantial massive search opportunities.

  • People Also Ask Optimization: the question optimizations are becoming huger as most of the people are asking related questions. Thus, the results are expanding.
  • Implementing AMP helps in increasing website traffic for both news and non-news sites.

How to future-proof your SEO in an uncertain world:

For most of the digital marketers, building the Local SEO strategies in these hard times could be that challenging. The SEO paradigm is always shifting, and therefore, when it comes to determining where these pieces are going to fall is challenging.

Here are thus some of the no –brainers that will always keep you up for the future.

Stay educated:

The most crucial ant advice for all of us is always to stay informed. The strategies when it comes to the Local SEO are ever-shifting. Although some principles are not likely to change, diligent Local SEO strategies will always need to be able to adapt to changes and be agile.

 Scheme a mark-up:

When it comes to structured data, this is not something new. Though it increasingly plays a vital role in evolving the face of the SERPs. Therefore, today, implementing a scheme into your HTML is something that should be a must.

Optimizing for the rank brain:

Optimizing for the rank brain

Since the introduction of Hummingbird, sematic indexing is now becoming a buzzword in SEO. The rank brain is continuing with this trend, thus helping in making intelligent ranks by analyzing the context of languages on websites.

It helps in comparison of similar searches to assist in serving up the best results in the SERPS. Therefore, Rank Brain is more evolving through the learning machines and also optimizing or means that could create hyper-relevant content that is not fixed on keywords.

Optimize your app content:

 With the mobiles, they are huge and have an app that are cornerstones for many business start-ups nowadays. AI is now integrating how we can use the app, and also expecting the app to be part of your landscapes.

Optimize for voice search:

At least 55% of the teenagers are using voice search daily. Therefore this is a technology that is prone to changes in the way we are searching. There are a majority of tools that can aid us in analyzing these rankings and also doing the keyword researches.

However, when it comes to thinking of how people are going to use voice search will mean a change in the mind-set.


In the last decades, pundits are now claiming that Local SEO is dead. However, the reality is that only the old ways of doing SEO have died.

If there is one fact that most of the digital marketers need to know is that SEO is ever-changing and evolving. However, despite these challenges that could be brought about by the dynamic nature of Local SEO, there exist some opportunities for those seeking to become successful.

Most of the SEO basics will always remain the same, but the satisfaction should be your concern. The local SEO area will continue evolving as Google is using learning machines in gauging how much satisfaction customers can get.

Make sure to invest in SEO areas where other people are underinvesting in such as MP implementation and People Also Ask Optimization.

Changes will keep on happening, but SEO practitioners need to adapt and find the opportunities amid the challenges. Seize the opportunity at the right moment, and it can bring higher returns.

For more expert advice on local SEO, feel free to get in touch with info@viacon.in. To continue with this discussion, feel free to type any concerns of quarries in the box below.

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