Podcasts have become more and more popular in 2023 due to their availability on various streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube. Since we are all on a quest to gain more knowledge about subjects and topics we are interested in, podcasts are pretty informative, often in a fun way. This is why new podcasters place a lot of emphasis on using a podcast name generator.

Therefore, if you want to start your podcast, then read this name-generator guide now!

The Best Podcast Name Generator In 2023

If you wish to take the help of the best podcast name generator in 2023, then here is a list of the ten best podcast name idea generators that I recommend.

1. Riverside


Riverside is a great podcast name generator free that you can download and use in 2023. It boasts about being able to produce upto a million different podcast names for you! All you need to do is type the description of your video or podcast content, especially if you wish to promote a new real estate social network!

Apart from using this to generate podcast names, you can also use its screen recording to record whatever is on your screen as well! The basic free plan allows you to record 720p videos. However, you can upgrade to a premium account to access 4k screen recording and various other features.

• Simple UI, making it easy to use.
• Amazing HD screen recorder.
• Many important tools and features are locked behind a premium paywall.

2. Getwelder


If you wish to use an AI-powered podcast name generator in 2023, then you can use Getwelder. This is an AI tool that can generate lots of interesting and innovative podcast names. It has been estimated that this AI podcast maker for names can generate over 600,000+ podcast name ideas.

All you need to do is go to the website and describe your content. In addition, if you want videos for your podcasts, then you can use its HD screen recorded option as well! This is perfect for influencers partnered with the Amazon Influencer Program!

• A huge database of podcast names
• Amazing HD screen recorder.
• All podcast videos will have a watermark on them, which you must pay to remove

3. Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

As the name suggests, this Business Name Generator can help you get name ideas for every type of business. Therefore, this is not only limited to podcasts. All you need to do is describe your content type or product and service type, and it will generate names for you for free! 

In addition, you can also get business and podcast name ideas just by typing in one word!

• Generate podcast names using a single keyword
• Generate names for all types of businesses, irrespective of the industry it belongs in
• If you want additional details like domain name availability, you have to pay for it as its a premium feature

4. Namify


If you want the perfect podcast channel and website domain name for your content, then I recommend using Namify.

Compared to the other podcast name generators mentioned on this list, Namify provides some of the unique podcast names on this list. In addition, this AI is also capable of providing a generated logo for your podcast, which might be more valuable than you think it might be!

• Generate unique and catchy podcast names
• It will also generate a logo for your podcast/website
• The domain names it often generates might be a bit too pricey

5. Ausha


Ausha is another podcast name generator that is very simple to use and can be done so for free.

All you need to do here is go to the website, enter the description of your content, and voila! This AI tool will immediately generate lots of podcast names that you can choose from. 

In addition, you can also click on the “Get More Ideas” option to generate even more names that are different from the first set. However, you can only do so if you register for a free Ausha account.

• Very easy to use
• Generates lots of catchy podcast names for you to choose from
• Compared to the other podcast name generators in this list, this one has limited features

6. Vadoo


Vadoo.to is a famous random podcast name generator that many experts will suggest using in 2023. This AI name generator can generate more than a million podcast name ideas.

In addition to this podcast naming feature, it also provides you with 1 GB of free storage. This allows you to store 10 videos that Vadoo licenses. Therefore, they will assist you with editing and sharing these videos. 

You can also integrate the use of Google Color Picker to make great videos and graphic content for your podcasts!

Plus, they also have an intuitive video player and screen recorder that you can use for free! There is no premium content hidden between paywalls!

• It has many features – all for free!• Most of the podcast name suggestion is too off the mark compared to the description or keyword you have provided

7. Cleanvoice


Cleanvoice.ai is a great AI podcast name generator that you can use in 2023. 

When you enter this website, you will have the option to describe your podcast video content in two sentences. After doing so, this AI tool will generate the names of your podcasts for you. 

In addition to its podcast name generator feature, it also allows several audio and video editing features. This includes removing background noise, mouth sounds, and speech mistakes!

• It has many features – all for free!
• It has sound correction features – essential for podcasters
• Its database of podcast names is pretty small compared to others on this list



TRUEiC is another great business name generator that also doubles down as a podcast name generator.

Here, you don’t need to type an entire paragraph description of your podcast. All you need to do here is write two words about your podcast. These two keywords will be enough to help this AI to generate the perfect podcast names for you!

• High-quality podcast names
• This website has premium features like QR codes for businesses and logo generators
• You need to subscribe to its premium features, which also allow you to generate more podcast name ideas

9. Namelix


Sometimes, I am pretty surprised by the list of podcast names that I have generated using Namelix. However, my surprise stems from the fact that it relies on “randomness” to such an extent – in a customizable way. Plus, it has a logo generator as well!

Here, you will get a “Randomness” meter. You can set it to low or high to make this AI generate random podcast names. Sometimes, cranking it up to high can actually get you an interesting podcast name!

• Allows you to control the randomness of the podcast names generated
• It has a free logo generator
• All logos generated here come with a watermark

10. Copywriting Course

Copywriting Course

Just like a professional copywriter, Copywriting Course allows you to generate great podcast names with three inputs. The three inputs you need to provide here are:

  • The topic of your podcast
  • Your name
  • The name of your city

Apart from this, you can also give three secondary (optional) inputs:

  • How do you want your business/podcast name to start?
  • How do you want your business/podcast name to end?
  • What font would you like to see your podcast name in?
• Lots of inputs to make the podcast names more focused
• Real-time results
No other features apart from generating a podcast name


No matter what type of podcast you create, you will get millions of names generated using a podcast name generator. These online tools and websites will help you get the best podcast name that you could never think of by yourself in the first place! All of these tools are free and will provide you with amazing names to choose from.

So did you find the podcast name you were looking for using these podcast name generators? If you did, let me know in the comments what you chose!

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