In this day and age, every website on the internet bombards you with a multitude of cookies that collect personal data about you. This includes data like personal information and your search queries so that they can provide personalized results and content for you. Therefore, you can use private search engines like Qwant that lets you browse privately, preventing websites from collecting information about you.

If you wish to learn more about this private search engine, read this post till the end.

Main Features Of Qwant Search Engine

The primary Qwant features that you should know about are:

1. Internet Anonymity

Internet Anonymity

The main feature of Qwant that draws in many users is its strive to make you as anonymous as possible on the internet. It respects your privacy while browsing the web without collecting any information about you at all.

Moreover, unlike Google and its integration of Google Ad Intelligence to gather as much information about you as you search, this search engine does the opposite – it collects no information about you as you conduct a search.

Whenever you conduct a Qwant search, all your search queries are fully encrypted. Therefore, other websites and third-party networks will never find out about who you are and what you are searching for. This works similarly to a VPN service without any IP address masking.

2. Neutral Search Results

Neutral Search Results

Many search engine experts have claimed that all search results on Google are somewhat biased. The same goes for search results on social media websites as well. All these searches make use of various cookies and Google Ads to show you the content that it wants to show you at any given time.

In this regard, Qwant shows you the best search results for what you want. There are no obtrusive ads disturbing your search experience. This is because this search engine makes use of a different algorithm compared to Google. Here, specific websites are not prioritized due to them having higher domain ratings.

In addition, since Qwant collects no information like your previous search inputs, it doesn’t personalize any search results for you.

3. Qwant Mobile App

Qwant Mobile App

To ensure that you are able to maintain your internet anonymity wherever you go, Qwant has its own smartphone app. The Qwant app is available for Android smartphones and iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. Therefore, this makes it usable on Mac computers as Android apps for Mac.

Some of the main features of this app are:

  • This app has no access to the use of cookies, never collecting it while you search the internet.
  • The search results appear pretty quickly, taking almost the same time as Google.
  • This app ensures that you are not tracked by any third-party websites, blocking trackers as long as you are online.

4. Qwant Junior

Qwant Junior

Similar to censored versions of search engines like YouTube, you can use Qwant Junior to filter out explicit search results. If you want your children to be anonymous on the internet as well, you should let them use this version of Qwant.

This version is meant to be used by kids falling in the age bracket of 6 to 13. This version is completely ad-free, and you can use it for free.

In order to provide more educational search results for children, Qwant Junior has partnered with BayaM. The latter is an app designed by Bayard Jeunesse and Milan, offering educational content on search results. 

Qwant Vs DuckDuckGo: Which Is Better For Privacy?

Qwant Vs DuckDuckGo

When it comes to comparing Qwant with other popular “private” search engines like DuckDuckGo, both are pretty similar.

However, DuckDuckGo is more popular, being used more globally. Plus, reports indicate that DuckDuckGo has more daily queries (25 million) compared to Qwant (10 million). However, Qwant has more indexed search results (20 billion) compared to DuckDuckGo (1.2 billion).

Therefore, both are equally good. However, it has been touted that DuckDuckGo provides better online security and anonymity thanks to its more advanced data encryption feature.

Other Active Services Of Qwant

Apart from its search engine – its primary function, Qwant has several other services as well. All of these services were introduced over time as its search engine got more and more popular.

Some of its other popular services are:

1. Qwant Music

Qwant Music

Unlike YouTube to MP3 converters and apps, Qwant Music simply allows you to search for music you wish to hear. Therefore, whenever you search for songs, you will get all the details about them. This includes the name of the artist, the album, and links to Spotify, YouTube, and other music streaming services.

2. Qwant Maps

Qwant Maps

Similar to Google Maps, Qwant Maps is also a fully fleshed out navigational engine. This feature entered its beta phase in December 2018, with its official release in 2021. Just like Google Maps, this also has various features like:

  • Show navigational routes to a specific location through various means (like on foot, car, bike, bus, train, etc.)
  • Places of interest around you (like restaurants, amusement parks, monuments, etc.)

3. Qwant VIPrivacy

Qwant VIPrivacy

Qwant VIPrivacy is a browser extension that is available for most browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. What this extension does is make the Qwant search engine the default search engine on browsers.

Therefore, if you search from the aforementioned browsers with this extension enabled, you will automatically get search results through Qwant.

4. Qwant@Work


Launched in January 2023, this Qwant service allows businesses to protect sharing of files and data. It encrypts the data, making it undetectable and protected online.

Final Verdict: Is The Qwant Search Engine Really Private?

If you want to know whether is Qwant safe or not, then the answer is yes – it’s a totally safe search engine. It collects no data about you using cookies and trackers. Therefore, it helps you stay totally anonymous on the internet, making you protected from other websites with obtrusive spyware and adware.

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