SEO funnel—the name itself sounds very fancy. But do you know what it is? It describes the online shopping journey of a person who started by visiting your website.

An SEO funnel can help you guide your visitors through your website. In terms of organic traffic conversions, it is critical.

I have seen many marketing experts talking about the SEO funnel and how important it is for them to increase website visitors and sales.

In this article, I will introduce you to the world of SEO funnels, help you understand the concept, and explain why it is important for your SEO planning.

What Is a SEO Funnel?

What Is a SEO Funnel?

The concept of an SEO funnel mainly describes the journey of taking someone to your website.

Just like the real-life funnel, it starts through a broader part at the top and then narrows down at the bottom.

At the very beginning, people start to notice your website. As the journey continues and the funnel begins to narrow down, you can see some of the visitors leaving, and a few have reached the bottom of the funnel.

This is where you take significant action to turn them into loyal customers, making them purchase your products or subscribe to your services.

In the world of SEO, the entire journey from discovering something to taking action becomes crucial. If you can master the SEO funnel, you can easily increase the number of visitors and sales.

The SEO funnel is more than just attracting visitors to your website. It also plays a huge role in turning your visitors into loyal customers.

The Main Components of the SEO Funnel

The Main Components of the SEO Funnel

Have you heard about TOFU, MOFU and BOFU? No, these are not some flavorless food products from soybeans or any island.

These are associated with the SEO funnel. This section will discuss these funnel components and explain each layer to help readers better understand it.

TOFU or top-of-funnel SEO

The TOFU, or top-of-funnel SEO, is the very first layer of an entire SEO funnel. For some reason, the SEO funnel is always considered a whole, delicious meal, and the TOFU is regarded as the appetizer.

Your main aim here is not to make a sale. But in this layer, you let the customer know about your existence. It’s more like, “Hey there! Just so you know, we are here, and we have something that you might like.”

TOFU is seeing someone known in a crowd, and you wave at them to let them know that you are in the same room.

The techniques and strategies which are specified for TOFU
  • Engagement through social media: Creating blog posts, funny videos, and infographics helps you develop a successful SEO strategy.
  • Educational webinars: Educational webinars allow you to easily teach them something instead of going into sales mode.
  • Creating content: Posting about the latest memes is also a part of the SEO strategy. Crazy right? Trust me, it actually works.
The friendship of TOFU and backlinking

Do you know that backlinking and TOFU share a great bond for their friendship? They are like your favorite cousin who will always make sure to support you with a full heart—mostly, famous websites with high authority link back to your site.

As a result, it improves the reputation of your website. Think of it this way! The high authority websites basically say that your website is good and authentic. Cool right?

MOFU or middle-of-funnel SEO

The second layer is MOFU, or middle-of-funnel SEO, which considers consumers’ buying decisions. When customers start to think about whether they really want a specific product or service, they might ask, “Do I really want this?”

That’s it! That’s the exact point where you have to trigger. You start persuading them and convincing them that they really need the products or services.

Things to consider in the MOFU stage
  • Case studies: You can create case studies that will help show them real-life examples of your services. You can showcase how your services or products have been useful for them to satisfy their needs and necessities.
  • Emails and newsletters: You can send newsletters through email. But avoid being a spammy one. If you start spamming them with emails, they may start losing interest.

Offer them a genuine email about the discounts and offers. This way, you can notify them about your existence.

  • Interactive tools: Start engaging them with interactive tools such as quizzes. It can help to enhance their user experience.
  • SMS: You can engage them with SMS. For example, send them a link to fill out a feedback form or send them your launch.
Make good use of the landing page!

Imagine walking into a clothing store and seeing clothes everywhere. Nothing is kept orderly. In short, it’s messy. You immediately lose interest in even buying a single piece of clothing.

Keeping a neat and clean service can help customers feel welcomed. This is where the landing page works like magic. A clean and well-organized landing page can help attract visitors.

It helps make the visitors feel welcome and helps them get a step closer.

BOFU or bottom-of-funnel SEO

This is the step where magic mainly happens. BOFU, or bottom-of-funnel SEO, is like the bottom of the SEO funnel. In this stage, you can turn your potential leads into loyal customers.

It’s more like they are almost ready to purchase or repeat their purchase, and you give them a nudge.

The techniques for a successful BOFU
  • Demo about products: You can provide them with a little demo about your products and help them understand why they should choose your products over others.
  • Various testimonials: Ask customers who have already experienced your products to share how satisfied they were. These reviews can be beneficial in encouraging new customers to buy the products and services.
  • Exclusive discounts and offers: To encourage them to buy your products, you can offer them exciting offers and discounts.
Improve your SEO game with a lead magnet.

You can consider offering e-books, product descriptions through infographics, and even a cheat sheet. Try to persuade them to say, “Yes! This is what’s missing in my life!”  

Once you succeed in guiding them properly, you can easily turn them into loyal customers.

How To Implement A SEO Funnel Strategy

How To Implement A SEO Funnel Strategy?

Here are the steps that you can follow to create an SEO funnel for an effective SEO.

  • Identify the customer segments: Always be clear about your target customers. You may have different kinds of customer segments, and how they search varies from one another.

So, keep up your SEO research based on each segment. This way, you can easily avoid the subtle differences.

  • Try to create a content roadmap: when you are doing content marketing, you are basically working on driving all kinds of traffic. Always try to do thorough research about what your customers are looking for at each level.

Then, you can categorize the queries under informational, navigational, transactional, and commercial queries and put everything out on a Google sheet.

You can also use SEO tools like SEMrush. These tools help you to understand where you need to take action. You can also create an SEO funnel for your profitability.

  • SEO blueprint-create your content: Consider doing a thorough study about top-ranking pages. Know what they are using or which topics they have selected.

Once you have the idea, create your own blueprint for the keywords you are using or the topics you are writing about.

Wrapping It Up!

In conclusion, the SEO funnel is more like a plan for your online success. You start by engaging your customers, prioritizing their interests and eventually guiding them to further conversion.

Mastering this can help you to turn your visitors into loyal customers. The process may take you a little time, but the results are rewarding. So, take your time, plan everything accordingly and in no time you will achieve higher ranking, business growth and better website visibility.

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