The feature that we are so blessed to have which makes our work less difficult is the copy-paste feature. It came with computers and is designed to let people reproduce content from one platform to another. 

Almost all kinds of data can be copy-pasted from one place to another. The volume does not matter in this case. 

What do we do when we like a song and want to dedicate it to someone?

We just copy the lyrics and paste them on our social media timeline while tagging the person. Done and dusted. 

If we sit and write the entire song then I am sure we are going to lose interest in sharing and tagging. 

This copy-paste feature lets you copy images, documents, videos, texts, and so on. 

It saves a lot of time. But we don’t know what to do next if the copy-paste option does not work. Therefore this article will tell you what you can do if you are not able to copy-paste some content. 

What Is A Clipboard?

What Is A Clipboard

Many of us don’t know what a clipboard in a computer really means. Well before starting the article on sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed, we need to have a clear idea of a clipboard. 

The clipboard is the tiny part of the CPU memory that stores all kinds of information that you use to copy and paste somewhere else.

The term is the same for Operating System (OS) and User Interface (UI). Any type or size is nothing to a clipboard when it comes to storing them. But it does it for a temporary period of time until the computer is switched off or a new file is copied. 

Why Does it Notify ‘sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed’?

Why Does it Notify ‘sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed’

This notification never pops up in Windows. The only computers that allow them are Apple computers. Quite problematic aren’t they?. They have reasons to do so.

Apple is known to be very serious while offering its security to its users. Apple does not let its users copy-paste most content from most websites, as it will be judged unnecessarily. 

This is not something new, Mackeeper has whitelisted a lot of websites, so don’t be surprised to see sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed on the screen while using an Apple device. If the websites are popular enough, then it can be considered otherwise keep getting the same pop-up.

It becomes disturbing when you are working crazy and looking at the content you need but cannot copy-paste it because Mac has marked it unsafe. You will actually have to write down the link carefully if you want to send it to someone. 

Don’t get frustrated if you notice mistakes, because you will. The copy-paste option is here to help people not to make many mistakes. But you are an Apple user, may God give you patience. 

When Mac throws sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed sign at you, calm down and try these steps mentioned below.

Ways To Fix Sorry, No Manipulations With Clipboard Allowed Issue

Every problem in life can be fixed if you put enough thought and effort into it.

Similarly, this sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed can also be fixed, on your Mac.

  1. Restart your Macbook.
  2. Update the software if you have it pending.
  3. Get to the clipboard through the explorer.
  4. Use the Activity Monitor.
  5. Terminal Fix.
  6. Get help from a third party 

Fixing The Sorry, No Manipulations With Clipboard Allowed

Here are 6 methods that you can perform to fix the issue once and for all. Maybe not all of them are helpful but anyone method might surprise you.

Method 1- Restart Your Macbook

Restart Your Macbook

Be it Windows, Mac, or Linux, after the system is rebooted the device goes through a lot of changes because the faulty programs in them reset themselves to the friendly settings. Restarting can be done with any build. Sometimes it actually solves issues.

Method 2- Update The Software If You Have It Pending

Update The Software If You Have It Pending

Sometimes when you can’t use a particular feature, instead of getting desperate, you might want to check if there are any software updates pending. Because computers do use this way of letting you know that there is something you need to see first. 

Method 3- Get To The Clipboard Through The Explorer

The explorer that you have in your Mac is the file management platform that has your important files in it. There are steps you have to follow to use the explorer to get to the clipboard. 

  1. Choose the tab menu on the explorer.
  2. Choose internet.
  3. Open security option.
  4. A list will appear from which you will locate the scripting category.
  5. Then, tap on allow and then enable. You can now see the clipboard. 

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Method 4 – Use The Activity Monitor 

Use The Activity Monitor 

If the above steps did not work, try method 4. The activity monitor is like the Task Manager of Windows. Here are the steps to follow.

There are two ways to launch the Activity monitor

  1. Open finder > applications > utilities > activity monitor
  2. Make use of the Spotlight to get the Activity Monitor launched 

Now that you know two ways of launching it, here are the rest of the steps to fix the sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed.

  1. Open Activity Monitor on Mac
  2. In the search box, type board or pboard. Don’t use any quotation marks.
  3. Pboard process name will be visible as the search result.
  4. Press the X sign to clear it. 
  5. Double click on the pboard and then click on Force Quit. 

These steps might help you fix the issue.

Method 5 – Terminal Fix 

Terminal Fix

This one is the last alternative to fix the sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed, issue. 

Here are the steps to kill the process on Mac

  1. Open finder tool
  2. Reach applications 
  3. Tap on utilities 
  4. Choose Terminal in Utilities. ( spotlight software can also help to reach terminal)
  5. Type killall pboard in the search bar of the terminal.
  6. Hit enter
  7. Exit terminal and restart the system 
  8. Check if the copy-paste feature is working or not 

There are chances that this step can fix the sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed issue. 

Method 6 – Get Help From The Third Party 

Get Help From The Third Party 

When there are no options left to fix the sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed issue, there are exclusive softwares that might be able to fix it. 

To find them search them on search engines to get the best result. This will definitely help you to fix this copy-paste issue, and you can happily copy and paste anything you want. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. Why Is The Clipboard Not Working?

There can be a lot of reasons behind the clipboard not working on your Mac. the simplest explanation can be that there is an application that is stopping you from accessing the clipboard.

2. How Do I Allow Chrome To Access My Clipboard?

 Open a new chrome tab and enter chrome://flags in the Omnibox and press enter. Now search the clipboard to see the four related options given with different features each. 

3. How Do I Solve My Clipboard Error?

Open settings then check the clipboard settings are enabled or not by reaching the system. If it is disabled, you have to enable it for using the copy-paste option without any interruption. 

Wrapping It All Up 

sorry, no manipulations with clipboard allowed is a serious issue. 

Windows users won’t ever understand the problem and frustration a Mac user goes through when the copy-paste feature doesn’t work. 

In this digital era, where everything is always in motion, it is hard to stop and start from scratch.

Copy-paste feature is very useful for people who sit in front of a computer almost half of the hour a day. 

Leave a comment down below to share your experience with us.                                      

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