With the increasing competitiveness of the digital marketing sphere, it is not uncommon to try new ventures. Especially something like corporate video production, which will solve one of the biggest audience issues.

Their depleting attention span!

It is getting impossible to retain attention on long texts…

  • First came pictures.
  • Second animation.
  • Third, moving pictures.

If you have already experimented with the first two, it is time to venture towards the third one. So, sit tight as we give you a beginner’s guide to making corporate videos.

The one that will attract your audience!

What Is Corporate Video Production?

Corporate video production & its many advantages
Corporate video production & its many advantages

Corporate videos are non-advertisement-based promotions. These videos do not showcase any product or service from the company.

Rather, it speaks about the ethos and value of the company. Overall, showing your brand personality which can humanize your company.

Different Types Of Corporate Videos

Types of corporate video production & which to choose from
Types of corporate video production & which to choose from

If you are delving into the world of corporate video in order to strengthen your digital marketing base, here are different kinds of videos you should conquer:

1. Company Profile Video Production

This showcases the company’s personality, values, and ethos.

2. Promotional Video

This type of production focuses on the product or service the company is offering.

3. Recruiting & Training Video

This showcases the employee-employer value of the company. Overall, it is a good format when you want to attract new candidates.

4. Explainer Video

This kind of video often talks about the different products and explains their usage. Often, it is an elaborate way to answer audience queries.

5. Event Video

This kind of corporate video production is not frequent. They only go up before, during, or after the company hosts an event. This could be surprise events, annual, or even hallmark events. These are more for the purpose of consumer bonding rather than to sell anything.

6. Testimonial Video

Videos that show either a customer or an employee providing a personal account on the company. These videos often come with a written case study account.

7. CSR Videos

A company cannot always dwell within the depths of profit and loss. Sometimes, they have to remove themselves to focus on the larger sphere. CSR video helps companies showcase their part towards Corporate Social Responsibilities. That is, how much they are willing to make a change.

What Are You Achieving

See your number grow up with such video production
See your number grow up with such video production

Before we venture into video production, a simple query bothers us.

Video production is an expensive investment…is it worth it?

With video production, you are conquering a trifecta of problems all at once.

  • One, we already spoke about the depleting attention span of your target audience _ especially if your target audience is within the range of 13-30.
  • Two, you now do not have to worry about people not knowing your brand. Now, you have six different types of videos which can help your audience understand your brand.
  • Third, nowadays, consumers are more interested in creating a good bond with your company. Holding a good persona with your efforts towards society (CSR video production) can also help attract a different tunnel of customers.

Tips For The Best Corporate Video Production

Turns out, you do not need expensive equipment and lighting to create a hood video. Understanding your audience’s intent and delivering just that will do wonders. Here are some tips to create a compelling visual content

1. Know Your Audience

Surveys can help make videos your audience would love
Surveys can help make videos your audience would love

All your efforts can go down the drain if your audience doesn’t like your content. This is how you can understand your audience.

  • Find the demography.
  • Trends your age demography is into.
  • Social media platforms they are currently using.
  • Conduct short surveys to understand them better.
  • Keep an eye on the comment section.

2. Clear Message

Portray the right message
Portray the right message

Pick one among all the types of visual content we discussed earlier. This will help you clarify the message. You cannot merge them all together.

This will only confuse your audience, and they won’t know which message to concentrate on.

3. Follow A Consistent Design Principle

Choose a single color for your theme.
Choose a single color for your theme.

Your video production can look all over the place if you do not choose a theme.

First, it will create a symmetrical uniformity throughout your video content.

Second, using the company theme and color scheme helps people associate your brand with the colors. Next time they see this color, it will remind them of you.

4. Master Storytelling

If you are promoting your content through video production-

Do not make it boring!

Master the art of storytelling. Keep it simple and hooked till the end. You can achieve this by producing fictional stories that also promote your brand ethos.

Check out this beautiful production by Nike https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWfX5jeF6k4, which was their featured video for women in sports.

5. Make It Engaging

Your social media will boom with engaging video content
Your social media will boom with engaging video content

At the end of the day, no matter how good your video production skills are, engagement is the key. 

  • The story should be compelling enough for the audience to leave a comment on your social media.
  • It should play an emotional heartstrings in your audience.
  • Utilize the best video marketing tools to create perfection.
  • Lastly, it should help them remember your brand.

Understanding your audience on an emotional level is a far better way than any financial meter. Always remember that when making your next production video. If you are a novice at the job, never feel hesitant to take help from a video production service.

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