There are many of these MCQ Google Analytics questions that you need answers to.  Here is another common question that we picked up and thought of providing you with the correct answer.

Question: What is not a benefit of google analytics remarketing?

  1. Displaying customized ads to customers who have visited your site previously
  2. Allow customers to quickly reorder an item that they have purchased previously.
  3. Creating remarketing lists based on custom segments and targets.
  4. Create remarketing lists without making changes to your existing Analytics snippet.

Answer: Allow customers to quickly reorder an item that they have purchased previously.

Above is the correct answer to your query. But, if you are looking for an explanation, you need to keep reading this article.

What Is Not A Benefit Of Google Analytics Remarketing?

Having a remarketing list means having some cookies and a list of mobile advertising IDs. This list of cookies and mobile advertising IDs represents a group of people who you want to re-engage with because they have shown interest in purchasing and can potentially convert in the future.

A marketing audience is created based on the behaviors of the users on a business’ website or app. Then marketers can use those audiences for remarketing. Now, understanding the concept of Google Analytics remarketing will help you learn more about what is a benefit of Google Analytics Remarketing and what is not.

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What Is Google Analytics Google Remarketing?

What Is Google Analytics Google Remarketing

When your website or app is already connected to Google Analytics, you can easily gather data on the users’ behavior. Once you use this data that you have gathered to re-engage with the people who have already shown interest in buying your products by visiting your business page.  This process of gathering data about user behavior with the use of Google Analytics is called Google Analytics Remarketing.

Google Analytics Remarketing helps businesses increase conversions through the process of reaching the right audience ( the ones interested in your product and services.). This process is done all across the web. Thanks to Google Analytics segmentation capabilities, businesses can show highly specific and targeted messages to people who have shown interest in your business products.

When you want to remarket your product/service to people who visited your page before, you must integrate Google Analytics into your website.

What Are The Benefits Of Google Analytics Remarketing?

What Are The Benefits Of Google Analytics Remarketing

Here are some of the benefits of Google Analytics Remarketing –

  • When a business has a remarketing campaign active, they have the chance to increase the conversion rate over time.
  • Using Google Analytics Remarketing might decrease the click-through rate. But it increases the conversion rate over time.
  • When people who have seen your advertisement frequently but did not make a purchase, they have a higher chance of completing a purchase.
  • Remarketing works best because – people may have seen and checked your product and left your website without purchasing, but when they see your remarketing campaign again, they might pick up on their interest in buying from you. Google Analytics remarketing helps customers initiate their purchases too quickly, which is beneficial for marketers.
  • When you are doing remarketing using the Google Display Network, it gives the audience a chance to buy your product ( especially when they visited your website and left without purchasing or remembering your brand.) the moment the ad pops up in front of them, they click through it to your website and initiate a purchase.
  • Since the Google Display Network reaches almost 90% of the people who use the internet, there is a huge chance of conversion, and Google Analytics Remarketing works really well due to the huge span of the GDN.

Now, taking all of these benefits of Google Analytics into account, we can conclude that all the other options are correct except for option B. Because Google Analytics Remarketing allows marketers to show display ads and create a remarketing list. But there is no mention of the Customers being able to reorder products they had previously ordered from the business they are seeing an ad from.

Things You Can Do With Google Analytics Account?

Things You Can Do With Google Analytics Account

It is pretty easy to get started with Google Analytics. It lets you build different sophisticated predefined and custom lists within a few seconds. Here are all the differences for getting started with a Google Analytics account.

  1. You can build a list of different visitors who have already visited your platform, and you can then show your relevant ads to them across different parts of the Google Display Network.
  2. Using Google Analytics, you can share different special promotions with people from certain locations. You can also refine your lists further based on how those visitors behave and react to the website.
  3. Google Analytics allows you to make a list of people who have put your product on their cart and did not complete a purchase. You can also make a list of people who did not convert within the last seven days.
  4. You can create a list of people who have finished conversion, and you can show them accessories to the products they have purchased.

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Bottom Line

So, the simple and straight answer to the question “What is not a benefit of google analytics remarketing?” is option B. A customer cannot reorder the same products through your remarketing campaigns. The rest of the options mentioned in this article are correct, according to Google Analytics Remarketing. But, option B is not a benefit that Google Analytics Remarketing Offers.

However, if you have any further questions that you need answers to, you can let us know through the comment section.

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