• WhatsApp has started testing the new feature of sending disappearing WhatsApp Voice Messages.
  • This feature will be similar to the “View Once” mode of sending self-deleting texts and pictures.
  • WhatsApp will introduce this feature to enhance the privacy of users regarding sending information-sensitive voice messages. 

As a WhatsApp user, I always have the fear of sending information-sensitive voice messages. While the “View Once” feature for disappearing texts and pictures seemed like a godsend for me, I wished they added it to voice messages as well. Now, it seems like Meta has heard my prayers!

Recently, information has surfaced online regarding the “View Once” feature for WhatsApp voice messages is on its way. WhatsApp developers are currently testing this “Listen Once” voice message feature over at Meta.

Similar to its disappearing text and pictures feature, you will see the “1” icon with a circle around it from now on. It will appear when you click on the mic icon to record a voice message. (Source: indiatoday)

This will prevent the recipient user from sending the message to others and leaking unnecessary information (and sensitive gossip) around. After they hear it once, it’s gone. Forever.

Therefore, you may rest easy knowing that this voice message will not be shared and spread around like a viral forest fire. 

WhatsApp has slowly been adding more privacy-oriented features to make the app a safer and more secure messaging platform for all its users. 

You can already check out this feature if you have access to the WhatsApp beta version. Android users can sign up for the Google Play Beta program to install WhatsApp Beta v 2.23.78.

iPhone 14 Pro Max users must sign up for the Apple TestFlight program and install WhatsApp Beta.

So what do you think of this new disappearing WhatsApp Voice Messages feature? Let me know in the comments below!

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