If you have updated Yoast SEO to the latest 19.5 version, you will likely see some errors. As soon as some of the publishers updated Yoast SEO 19.5, they reported fatal errors caused by the latest update. But the error is confined to specific situations and is not across the whole board.

The latest update of the Yoast SEO is supposed to change and improve some of the issues with the tool. It is supposed to fix the validation issue in the article’s structured data and also address some of the minor bugs.

Yoast is a front-end SEO investigator offering an overview of different SEO settings like structured data and meta tags. Most publishers use this tool to publish their content on WordPress sites. Unfortunately, although the update was for fixing some of the issues, it also caused some new fatal errors.

A popular search marketing expert, Eli Schwartz, tweeted about this fatal error. He pointed out that the error occurred due to a conflict between two plugins. As a result, the problem was recognized, while many other users also responded to the same issue.

The official support person of Yoast replied to the report saying –

“We’re sorry that you’re experiencing a fatal error. Thanks for reporting.

We’re investigating and it seems to be a problem with the latest update of Yoast SEO while the newest Premium wasn’t released yet. This shouldn’t have happened.

We’re looking at getting this resolved as soon as we can by releasing a patch for free and also by releasing Yoast SEO Premium asap.

Either should fix the fatal error.”

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