YouTube Ads just got a significant update by introducing multi-format ads. These new formats are added to Video Reach Campaigns (VRC). Moreover, they aim to increase the reach of ads to reach their target audience effectively.

VRCs were launched back in 2019. It lets advertisers upload different versions of the same ad in various formats. These formats include skippable ads, banner ads, non-skippable ads in ad streams, and lots more.

This has benefited YouTube Ads and its advertisers because it allowed the Google algorithm to determine the best combination of ads to show in videos and live streams. Google defines this using its Google Ad Intelligence.

Now, YouTube Ads is adding two new formats – in-feed ads and short ads. Therefore, YouTube advertisers now have three ad formats: bumper ads (skippable in-ad streams), in-feed ads, and YouTube Shorts ads. 

Moreover, according to Google, efficient use of these formats will allow you to get 54% more reach. In addition, it will get 42% lower cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM). 

Additionally, advertisers using YouTube Ads can also choose from three other targeting options. Efficient Reach uses bumper ads for broader reach.

However, you may opt for Non-Skippable In-Ad Streams if you want more audience views. Moreover, Target Frequency makes users see the same ads repeatedly after certain intervals for maximum exposure.

Overall, these new ad formats for YouTube Ads seem promising for more recent advertisers on the platform. Therefore, this update to Google’s Video Reach Campaigns offers brands more unique ways to increase the reach of their ads.

Moreover, they are cost-effective as well!

Let’s see how they turn out in the upcoming months. In addition, let us know what you think about these new ad formats.

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