Marketing and advertising are one of the most dynamic industries in the entire economy.

While the tactics and advertorials are hugely dependent on the creative genius of content creators, the driving force lies within the receptivity of the audience.

As the consumer mindset changes along with technology, so do the advertising trends keep changing.

Over the past ten years, the popularity of display advertising trends has been increasing. Apart from display advertisements, there are many more advertisement types that every advertiser should know about.

Best Advertising Trends

1. Video Advertising Has Gotten Shorter: 

There were days when we all remember how long and colorful advertising was. Based on the receptivity of the audience, these advertisements slowly became shorter, skimming down to just 5 seconds today.

The reason behind this decline is quite interesting and related both to the world of the internet and psychology. As the internet has made things more convenient for your target audience, the collective patience and attention span have reduced significantly.

Today, viewers do not have the patience due to scrolling culture, and hence the advertising world has to keep up with it.

2. Soundless Ads Are In Vogue: 

Audio and sound effects were always considered integral aspects of immersive advertising trends. This is also how subliminal marketing tools work, but the digital landscape is quickly changing gears.

In the upcoming year, we’ll be seeing more soundless ads that can direct the viewer’s attention straight to the visuals. Not having sounds also adds an advantage to the marketer’s ball court by projecting vibrant messages that can get quickly registered with the viewers.

3. Unskippable Ads Have Meaning Too: 

Remember how YouTube and other social media platforms were experimenting with skippable ads back in 2019-2021? Today, YouTube has an extensive strategy of deploying unskippable ads in its free usage model.

Here, account members need to watch unskippable ads to watch the video of their selection. While this may be an acquired taste for users, it also has a significant impact on the customer mindset where they’re becoming used to this system and may hence pay attention to these ads subconsciously.

In 2023, these advertising trends will become a norm and help brands advertise aggressively through the platform and content creators as well.

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4. Linear TV Is Inspiring The Digital Space: 

We slowly moved away from linear television in the previous years to streaming platform culture. However, it is now seen that customers are slowly moving back to linear TV and its modality.

With Netflix fizzling out, streaming companies and advertising trends are now adopting linear TV advertising techniques to boost their revenues.

One of the biggest linear tv advertising advantages is how it captures the attention of viewers and holds their interest. Today, you’ll find brands like Cred releasing ads akin to the linear tv era, garnering a huge uproar in popularity.

5. Mobile Gaming Has Become A Good Ad Space: 

The gaming industry has gained more users and loyal customers ever since the pandemic pushed the world into a lockdown.

From becoming a way to pass the time and entertainment themselves, gaming has quickly become a way for people to socialize and form a community with like-minded people. The advertising trends and industry recognized the potential of mobile gaming apps and hence are delving into purchasing ad spaces within these apps. 

Studies have shown that users are more likely to pay attention to these advertisements in the form of banners, short videos, or unskippable ads if they show up on their gaming platform. This not only helps brands pinpoint their target audience among the gaming community but also pushes certain products and services to specific zones of users.

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6. AI And VR Are Prominent In Advertising: 

The use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has spanned across all industry verticals.

Hence, it is no surprise that the advertising and marketing industry wouldn’t be far behind in rapidly integrating with the age of digital transformation.

Apart from using data for deep analytics that help create better ad strategies, AI also contributes to creating intelligent visuals and algorithms that are likely to get your audience’s desired reaction. Virtual reality is also a trend we can see booming in 2023.

7. Increasing Authenticity: 

Today, customers understand how social media, television, and the entertainment industry are mostly made up.

The challenge for brands and companies to adhere to authentic advertising without superficial standards and imagery is predicted to become a non-negotiable advertising trend and standard by 2023.

8. Live Streaming:

The advertising trends keep changing, and now advertising is becoming much more easy work. Hence the advertisement trends keep changing, and every day some new trends come in. Live streaming is one of the best solutions for advertisements.

The advertisement is now more like a story. Through live streaming, your audiences are well aware of your authenticity. So this is the reason live streaming is the ultimate solution. If you like to incorporate any new advertisement ideas, then this is the right way for you.

The live-streaming advertisements are building up authenticity. And theses authenticity attracts multiple audiences to your business. Another solution is you can start the visual graphics style advertisements. The moving advertisement is attracting more people towards your business.

And another point is using uncommon graphics and pictures helps you to remain in the memory of the people.

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Wrapping Up:

By understanding the trends in the advertising industry, it becomes simpler for us all to level up our marketing strategies. In the long term, being alerted about the next year’s trends also gives us the space and time to make quick adaptations to thrive.

In the advertising industry, there are many more tricks that advertisers are using. All of these seven ideas belong to the list of the most popular advertising trends. If you like to experiment with any of these, you are most welcome.

So, what type of advertising trends do you prefer to use for your brand? You can share your onion through the comment sections.




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