Are you facing difficulty in navigation? Have you found yourself at a new place where the language is unknown and basic English does not get the job done?

With Bing maps directions, you can navigate your way around any town or city. With just a few simple clicks everything you need to navigate is right in your palms. 

Every direction that you may need is right there in your palms. The following sections will focus on the various features of the Bing Maps directions so that you can use it seamlessly. 

What Are The Main Features Of Bing Maps Directions?

This is how Bing Maps directions looks on desktop.

The main features of the Bing maps are: 

  • ‘Directions’ that allows you to navigate your way from point A to point B. 
  • ‘Traffic’ which lets you see the live traffic updates on your phone, making your commute easier
  • ‘My places’ that lets you add your favorite places such as your Home or Work address for easy navigation. 
  • You may even add new places to a ‘collection.’ 
  • Bing Maps route planner that offers an original route navigation and planning app. 

What Are The Benefits Of Bing Maps For Navigation?

There are a number of features that provide this service by Microsoft Bing an edge over other alternatives that will be discussed shortly. The Bing Maps driving directions are also accurate and will not lead you to a deserted place. This makes it easier for you to go on road trips without the fear of losing your way. 

A super cool feature that I love while using Bing Maps and Directions is the ‘Along The Route’ option that alerts me of the points of interest (POIs). So this is just the interesting places that Bing suggests along my route- points that would interest me. 

This is a great feature in comparison to Google Maps as it does not limit the user to a single category. The ‘Along the Route’ suggests POIs across several categories that is a step up from Google Maps. 

The ‘Search nearby’ feature of google restricts your use to one category. 

The ‘Search nearby’ feature of google restricts your use to one category.
Snapshot showing the suggested routes

In addition to these points the following features provide added benefit to the users:

  • Street view lets you actually see the places that you would be visiting, so you are familiar with the location
  • Public transit routes and schedules lets you know the timings, route that would best suit walking and driving
  • The bing maps directions is a benefit on its own. This is because it gives the best routes, timing and the amount of traffic that you could anticipate. 
  • In addition, the ‘directions’ also makes sure that you have the details of the journey ahead- for example if you are planning a trip from Chicago to New York, you can find the best route as well as if there is a toll on the route. 
  • When you click on the “Show details” for either of the suggested routes, you will receive a proper route with information on the traffic that you may find. 
  • The two best suggested routes to reach New York in this example show two different timings that would take to reach my destination. 
  • Apart from this, the bing maps direction suggests the routes considering the routes that you can take to reach your destination. 

The Following Picture Shows You Another Beneficial (Read: Favorite) Feature Of Bing Maps!

Snapshot showing the hotel suggestions by Bing maps ‘local’
Snapshot showing the hotel suggestions by Bing maps ‘local’
  • Why I love this feature is because of all the possible options it provides and how I can explore the options that would suit best to my plan. 
  • The feature also provides the option to sort the suggestions based on the price-, rating or the best match to my input in the search bar. 
  • In this case it was “hotels in New York.” 
  • Based on my filter, the Bing maps has suggested all the options I could consider. 
  • In addition, I can further specify what type of amenities I require in my hotel, the hotel class (2-star or better to 4-star or better). 
  • I can also adjust the budget I want my hotel suggestions to be within, while also specifying the dates I want to make the reservations between
  • Lastly, the detailed information that you can get about the landmarks, businesses, attractions and parks is a great addition. 

What Are The Best Bing Maps Alternatives?

Long gone are the days of physical maps that were used by the previous generations before the introduction of the internet or even virtual maps. The following list provides an overview of the alternatives to Bing Maps: 

1. Google maps

Google maps

This basic web mapping service by Google offers street maps, route planner similar to Bing maps. It offers turn-by-turn navigation, works offline, and has a ‘cycling’ option that helps you plan, discover, track and share the bike rides easily. 

2. Google Earth

Google Earth

This alternative to Bing Maps lets you roam around anywhere in the world through satellite imagery, terrain, and 3D buildings. This alternative lets you explore galaxies, craters, canyons or the ocean from the comfort of your home. This is an ad-free alternative and does not require internet connection at all times. 

3. OpenStreetMap


This makes it to the list due to the geographic data that is made available to the user, free of cost. It offers features such as privacy focused where services such as Google Maps have compromised on privacy in a few instances. The other features include Geotagging, route planning. Moreover, this is an open source alternative.

4. Qwant Maps

Qwant Maps

This is an alternative to Bing Maps, but it offers the features of OpenStreetMap. The app is still in Beta version, with available features such as POIs and No tracking. The latter ensures that data is not tracked. Personal data is also protected from being used. 

5. Waze 


The social GPS navigation app allows drivers to use live maps and real-time updates to improve the daily commute. 

Final Verdict: What Is The Use Of Bing Maps?

In conclusion, it can be said that Bing Maps is a more effective option than people know it to be. However, despite all the features that Bing maps and directions offers, it cannot compete with the popularity of Google Maps. 

Let us know which feature you picked to be the best!

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