In addition to the medical industry, the legal industry is a niche, which is closely monitored by search engines. This is because the industry revolves around the interpretation of facts, evidence gathering, and punishments by authorities. 

With thousands of lawyers and legal firms in your city, the question before everyone else is, how can they stand apart. As practitioners of law, lawyers and legal firms are always looking to get more clients, improve their personal branding, and win credibility in a highly competitive industry. 

One way of increasing leads and inbounds is through creating their own Business Website. In this article, we speak to some of the leading legal business experts and ask them about how to create the best business website for a law firm or an attorney. 

Do Legal Businesses Need A Business Website In The First Place?

Before we get to the section, which enumerates the strategy or the tips for creating a legal website, let us first start with the most obvious question of them all. 

According to most digital experts, the legal industry has been one of the slowest ones to move on digital transformations, despite the fact that the internet is full of resources like this article about digital marketing ideas for divorce attorneys to help guide them into the online world. The majority of firms that are finding it hard to get newer clients are the ones who are still only engaging in old and traditional methods of marketing and outreach.

More enterprising firms, which are using search and social platforms are seeing never before results in terms of new clients and more revenues. So, the question of whether an attorney or a law firm needs a website is an emphatic Yes!

A legal website can help in the following ways- 

  • It can create a digital channel for branding and building credibility
  • It can boost incoming queries into conversions and future clients
  • The platform through its resources like the Blog Section can boost authority

Getting a business website for your law firm or personal practice is in 2020, a no-brainer. You need to read more to create a website and build a digital presence to reach your clients before your competitors do. 

List Of The Top 5 Elements A Law Firm Website Should Have

Legal websites are different from other businesses. This is why if you are looking to create a legal website, you need to have the following five elements. These elements will be able to bring you the benefits and advantages as has been mentioned in the last section. Of course, you may wish to enlist experts to help with this. For instance, the scorpion law firm marketing strategy will really boost your visibility and maximize efficiency, creating valuable website content to help your law firm reach its unique goals.

1. Resource Sections 

Legal issues are complicated and people would be hesitant at first to discuss them. If you have relevant materials in the resource section of your legal website, people will go through the same and feel comfortable reaching out to you. 

This is why legal websites should have an elaborate Resource Section, which should include your Blogs, Case Studies, and other Relevant Information, which can help them. This not only helps boost clients but also establishes your presence in the field as an authority. 

2. Success In Legal Cases 

No one wants to get surgery from a doctor, who enjoys a poor track record. The same is true for the legal profession. Here, everyone wants to give their cases to someone who has never lost a legal case. While this may not be possible, you can always give positive statistics. 

Depending on your legal niche, you can create a detailed infographic of your successes in the field. Statistics like Cases fought, won, the total amount of compensation won, etc. are some facts and figures you can use to put in the infographic. This is a very good confidence-building measure. 

3. Positive Signs Of Personal Branding 

As a legal expert, you always need to try to build your personal branding and credibility. One of the ways to do the same is by reaching out to media houses for statements, coming on popular chat shows and radio to offer legal counsel, and so on. 

Once you have been able to get yourself published in law journals, and in newspapers, you can use the screenshots on your legal website. This is a great way to ensure that you are not only able to engage in personal branding, but also pulling in leads with the same. 

4. Incentivizing The First Interaction On The Website

Most lawyers will tell you that they offer a free first consultation in the event a prospective client reaches out to them. However, they do not advertise the same. If you are able to put it in writing that the first phone call consultation or email will be free, can you imagine the number of people submitting queries? 

This is why legal websites need to use the banner image section to the maximum advantage. By using such promotional tools and strategies, you will be able to get customers to reach out to you. If your first consultation is helpful, the client will come back for sure. 

5. Start A Google My Business To Create The Best Sales Lead Funnel

Creating a GMB page for your legal website is easy and free. However, the importance of GMB in terms of supporting local SEO and your website performance cannot be stressed enough. GMB is very important when it comes to reaching out to local clients in your vicinity. 

Every time someone comes on your GMB page, they would like to know more about your capabilities. If people click on your website link from the GMB profile, it acts as something positive in the eyes of Google’s algorithms. GMB complements a website’s performance in major ways. 

The Final Word

We all know how the average screen time and online time has increased multiple times because of the pandemic. By leaving behind traditional marketing and sales channels, which do not exist anymore, legal firms and lawyers can save a lot of money. 

They can use the same in a digital strategy, which can guarantee far greater returns for their investments and efforts in a post-Coronavirus world. By taking help from all the sections and points in the article, you will be able to create the best legal website for your law firm. 

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