The best content tells a story. It has a purpose, a point, an angle, creative flair, and in travel writing especially, a touch of the enigmatic. But how does this golden touch manifest, and what makes engaging, enticing content resonate with audiences in the first place? When you are a passionate freelance travel writer.

Moreover, how do you ensure consistency at the highest possible standard? These are a few of the questions making up the plight of the freelance writer daily. 

If you need a helping hand in the intricate domain that is travel writing, here are some essential points to think about. 

3 Tips For Enhancing Quality Of Your Travel Blog Content 

When you are selecting the profession over your passion, as a freelance travel writer, you have to be more precise about your content quality. Because when you are going to lose the content quality bar, you will not get the future work assignment. To keep the workflow steady, maintain your content quality, and always try to submit better-quality write-ups for your clients.

Travel blogs and writings are where you can show your maximum creativity.

1. Embrace Your Wanderlust

1. Embrace Your WanderlustA love for travel writing is a love for travel, and what better way to ignite your passion than by embracing your sense of wanderlust. 

Despite whether or not the digital nomad life is for you (and it might well be, as a freelance travel writer), all you technically need to grow your portfolio and find writing work is a way with words and an internet connection. Of course, there may be other things you need too. For example, you’ll likely need a roof over your head, whether that’s provided by a hotel, hostel, or even one of these apartments for rent in nyc (or wherever it is that you’re hanging your hat at the moment), but if you’re always on the move, a cafe, train car, or even an airport will do. You’ll also need a decent computer, or if you’re an old-schooler, a notebook and pen, and then you’ll be ready to go.

Obviously, travel has been put on the back burner over the last couple of years, and getting back into it may seem unnerving at first, although this might add a sellable angle to your writing. 

For a freelance travel writer traveling is compulsory. Unless you do not like to explore the unknown, your writing skill will not improve.

2. Get The Right Transport

The mode of transport itself is often a huge part of the travel writer’s process; just think about Ted Simon’s accounts of his travels on a motorcycle. 

Speaking of which, motorcycle shipping is easier now than ever before thanks to great platforms like the one at, so if you did want to ride off into the sunset and record your travels, wherever that happened to be, now could be the time. 

Whether you take public transport around the world and opt for a gonzo style of journalism, or you write about your long drives under a star-pocked sky, or hit it big and can afford the cost to rent a private jet to hop you between clients – the freelance travel writer and writing will be informed as much by how you do it as to why you do it.

writing will be informed as much by how you do it as to why you do it. 

3. Edit, Edit, Edit

Edit, Edit, Edit

There is a fairly common misconception in travel writing in that the process is instantaneous, i.e., what you see on the page are the very first words that come to the writer’s head. 

They will have most likely gone through a heavy editing process, even if it doesn’t seem that way, and herein lies the magic of a talented editor. 

As a freelance travel writer, however, you may have to do all the editing yourself, and this part should not be neglected. 

Coming to writing and reading through a different lens, preferably the lens of the audience or the critic, can help you develop the best version of your writing that it can possibly be. 

One of the best pieces of advice in this area is to remember not to be so precious with your words. Everything can be deleted, changed, rewritten, repositioned, reimagined, and totally flipped upside down. 

As long as you can tell a story, capture a place in a unique way, and put the audience at the forefront of your mind, you are probably well on the way to creating better content already.


Every freelance travel writer is passionate about their work as travel and lifestyles have places to do creative experiments. And submit the contents to your audiences. Apply these three tricks and offer better quality work to your clients.

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