Document translation services are seeing a surge in popularity. With better connectivity and more opportunities to get in touch with people from different countries, it is inevitable that people will come up against language barrier issues. 

Making sure that we easily understand one another is a vital part of communication, and with the huge amount of documents that people need in their day-to-day lives, document translation services, such as those provided by places like International Language Services, are a huge help – especially when these services can cover a wide range of different languages.

However, what makes document translation special compared to other types of translation services? And what skills do you need to look for?

1. Flexibility

Document translation services are one of the most widespread types of translation services available, and people who offer document translations have to be very flexible. Differ types of documentation cover every part of our lives, from medical documents, legal documents, certificates, or anything else.

This range means that a document translation expert will be able to help with almost any document you need to be translated. Therefore,  it is always advised to go with a reputed translation company or agency that has exceptional expertise in certified document translations across the broad spectrum, be it legal documents, academic papers, transcripts or immigration documents.

2. Layout

A lot of documents have to be laid out in a certain way. Forms have to be accurately answered, certificates follow a set format, and other documents may already be laid out in a certain way. A great document translation service will make sure that these documents are laid out properly once they are translated.

This does not necessarily mean that they will have the same layout as they do in your original language. Different countries and different languages will have different ways of laying out documents.

Common documents such as birth certificates may look completely different in two separate countries. A great translation service will take this into account and will make sure that your documents are properly adjusted for the new language.

3. Speed

Obviously, if you want a fast turnaround on any service, the best way is to go to the experts. If you want a document translated quickly, you should go to a specialist document translation service.

Someone with experience will almost certainly get your job done faster than someone who is unfamiliar with the work – especially if the work is a niche task, such as translating official certificates into an uncommon language.

Most importantly, finding an expert will mean you do not have to sacrifice accuracy when you try to find someone who can offer a speedy service.

4. Accuracy


One of the key factors in any translation service is accuracy. Getting a highly accurate translation is very important. Often, the best way to get a really accurate translation is to use a native tongue translator. This means that the person who is translating the document only translates into their native language.

This is beneficial because it means that they will get the tone and nuance of the language right in a way that non-native speakers struggle with. This means that it will sound right to other native speakers, which can help you make sure that your documents are well received.

If you plan on turning this into a job, then you need it to be as accurate as possible. You might think that google translate is an odd business model to generate income from, however, with the right tools in place and the know-how to get it done in an accurate and professional manner, you can turn this into something lucrative whether it be in a freelance capacity or as a full-time job.

What are the things to avoid?

It is harder to say what exactly to avoid when looking for a document translation service, but there are some things to consider. A lot of translators may over-generalize and offer too many different services.

This means that they will not be as experienced in any individual type of translation, and their work may not be as good. This can be avoided by finding someone who specialised in the type of translation you need.

Another thing you may want to avoid is over-reliance on machine translations. Machine translations are where a very smart computer algorithm does the translation instead of a human. This means that the translation may not be right. Or, the translation could be accurate, but it may not have the right cadence and flow.


There are a lot of things to look for when finding the right document translation service for you, and some of these things will help make sure that you find a great translation service. While this may be less of a concern for personal documents, any official documents should definitely be handled by the best document translation service you can find, to make sure that it is accurate and delivered quickly.

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