Starting a new website for your business to take it online is essential in 2024. With the rise of digital marketing and eCommerce post-Covid, every company must have an online presence to survive.

Therefore, you need a responsive website builder, like the intuitive Duda Website Builder, to make it possible.

Duda is a famous website builder that developers use to build websites in the shortest time possible. Most developers praise Duda for being intuitive and one of the “easiest to use” free website builders.

However, how good will it be for you? Is Duda’s website builder fit for your business needs? Read this Duda review post to find out!

Duda Website Builder Pricing Plans

Duda Website Builder has four primary pricing plans, all billed annually. They are:

1. Duda Basic

Price: $25/month ($228/year)

This plan is the most basic and cheapest Duda pricing plan. This plan is perfect for SEO consultants and SEO freelancers for their sole use. Therefore, with this plan, you get:

  • Host 1 website through AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Email support
  • 99% uptime (SLA)
  • Add extra sites for $19/site

2. Duda Team

Price: $39/month ($348/year)

This Tier-II Duda sitebuilder plan is perfect for smaller SEO teams. This is the plan that I used for a free trial period (7 days). Therefore, with this plan, you get:

  • Host 1 website through AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Email support
  • 99% uptime (SLA)
  • Add extra sites for $14.99/site
  • Collaboration between 3 team members
  • Dynamic page creation tools
  • Client management tools

3. Duda Agency

Price: $69/month ($624/year)

This Tier-III Duda builder plan is perfect for SEO agencies and startups. Therefore, with this plan, you get:

  • Host 4 websites through AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Email support with priority
  • 99.99% uptime (SLA)
  • Add extra sites for $12.99/site
  • Collaboration between 6 team members
  • Dynamic page creation tools
  • Client management tools
  • Site export tools

4. Duda White Label

Price: $199/month ($1,788/year)

This Duda website builder plan is the best for white-label SEO service providers. Therefore, with this plan, you get:

  • Host 4 websites through AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Email support with priority
  • 99.99% uptime (SLA)
  • Add extra sites for $12.99/site
  • Collaboration between 6 team members
  • Dynamic page creation tools
  • Client management tools
  • Site export tools
  • Full white label platform with white label support
  • Branded client communication and client login screen

Duda Website Builder Features

The best way to test any website builder is to create a free sample website from scratch. Therefore, during my testing phase, I came across various Duda website builder features that were helpful to me. They are:

1. Website Design Tools

Duda Website Builder has many inbuilt website design tools that simplify website creation. This is why Duda is one of the easiest and most beginner-friendly website designers in 2024.

Therefore, if you wish to use Duda, you require no technical and coding skills! Moreover, it’s simpler than creating a GoDaddy website!

For example, you have access to over 100+ fonts to choose from for each type of text on your webpage. Want something big and bold for your headings? Or would you prefer your text to be in italics and Times New Roman? All of this becomes possible with the Duda Website Builder!

2. Duda AI Content And SEO Assistant

Duda has its own content editing tool where you place all your content – text, images, or videos. However, what separates the Duda website builder from its competition is the use of its AI content assistant for written content and SEO-optimization

Therefore, if you think blogging is dead, then think again. Moreover, the introduction of AI has rekindled the flame of blogging since writing articles is now easier than before.

Therefore, using Duda’s AI Assistant is similar to using Grammarly – it lets you fix mistakes to make your content SEO-optimized.

Moreover, it lets you generate meta descriptions, optimized page titles, alt texts, and more to improve your on-page vs off-page SEO!

3. Website Templates

One of the key selling points of using the Duda Website Builder is its assortment of website templates. I was surprised by the number of templates they provide you.

Moreover, you will get various design templates depending on the theme of your website.

Therefore, if you check out the Duda Templates tab, you will find templates for various types of websites like:

  • Blank
  • Online Store
  • Business
  • Events
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Portfolio
  • Restaurant
  • Services
  • Community
  • One Pager

I found many of these templates to be suitable for professional websites and businesses. Moreover, the “Blank” template is the best since it lets me build everything from scratch.

However, while Duda templates are one of its main selling points, other website builders like WordPress and Wix provide more templates. But Duda’s templates are of high quality, so it was not much of a deal-breaker for me.

4. Personalized Widgets

Duda website builder has a lot of handy widgets in store for you. Therefore, some of the best Duda widgets are:

  • Contact Form
  • Click To Contact
  • Online Scheduling
  • Coupons
  • File Upload
  • Maps And Live Location Sharing
  • PayPal Integration
  • Share Button
  • RSS Feed
  • Social Media Integration
  • App Integrations (eg., ChatGPT API)
  • Google Reviews Link integration

…..and more!

5. SEO Tools

Regarding the inclusion of various SEO tools for content creators and publishers, Duda Mobile has quite a lot of them.

However, compared to other website builders, they could be more extensive in their scope. Therefore, using these SEO tools alongside your knowledge of on-page SEO and technical SEO is best.

The primary Duda Website Builder SEO tools are:

  • Google PageSpeed Optimization
  • Global CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Schema Support
  • IndexNow
  • Dynamic Serving
  • Robots.txt
  • 301 Redirects
  • Canonical tags
  • Free SSL certification

…..and more!

6. eCommerce Tools

Duda Website Builder has various eCommerce website Development tools to help you generate leads for your eCommerce business.

However, they are limited in terms of valuable features since other eCommerce website builders like Shopify provide better options.

Some of the main Duda eCommerce tools are:

  • Product Schema
  • Automated shipping
  • Inventory management
  • Payment gateway setups
  • Cart system
  • eCommerce API integrations

…..and more!

7. Blogging Tools

Duda Website Builder has its own set of various blogging tools to help out bloggers. As a blogger, I was interested in trying out these features.

Therefore, most of these features are great and will be helpful for bloggers. Some of the best Duda blogging tools are:

  • Post Scheduler
  • Blog Tags
  • Auto-generation of ATOM and RSS feeds
  • SmartDesign
  • Blog Stats
  • Duda Content Library and management

…..and more! Most of these blogging tools will help you manage your blog. However, WordPress is still the best for bloggers in 2024.

Final Verdict: Should You Use Duda Website Builder In 2024?

I will give the Duda Website Builder a thumbs up for being easy to use and manage. Its site builder layout is intuitive, allowing even novices to have fun developing their own websites from scratch.

Moreover, it has over 100+ high-quality templates, making website creation more effortless!

However, compared to other great website builders like WordPress, Wix, and GoDaddy – it’s expensive.

Moreover, considering that the other website builders are more feature-rich (albeit more complicated to use) – they offer better long-term value than Duda at a cheaper price.

Therefore, I recommend the Duda Website Builder to SEO freelancers and freelance web developers.

However, agencies have better and cheaper alternatives here since Duda is not meant for creating websites from scratch.

Lots of great templatesWidgets are easy to implementSimplest website builder in 2024Expensive with no free plansSEO features are lackingTemplates limit your creative control

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