Every defense attorney benefits from reaching out to new clients. But how do you know what strategies will work?

Before you can think of a strategy, you first need to get all the information you need about your audiences and what they are doing online.

A recent study found that –

  • 66% of solo law practitioners do their own marketing.
  • 57% of consumers look online when they need help from an attorney.
  • Only 46% of the total marketing firms in the US have a marketing budget.
  • And 13% of law firms accept that they are running without marketing strategies.

The data clearly shows how important marketing has become for law firms to get clients and get their businesses afloat. This especially stands true for DUI law firms, where people take DUI laws for granted and represent themselves.

Are they doing the right thing by representing themselves? No!

Perhaps they are getting results close to what they expected, which is why they are okay with not hiring an attorney for DUI charges.

This is where you need to step up your game and show them how they would have benefited if they had hired a DUI attorney or law firm.

In this article, we help you create an actionable plan to get more clients for your DUI law firm business.

The Current State Of Marketing For DUI Law Firms

Whether you are in solo practice or a part of a DUI law firm, you need to understand that people don’t see DUI charges in the same light as criminal charges. So when they are charged with DUI charges, they try to talk with the police to solve the case on the roads. Even if they are called into the courtroom, they pay the fine.

Consultation of businessman and male lawyer or judge counselor having team meeting

So, it is not the clients who will come to you, but it is you who need to go to them. This is where you need the help of DUI Attorney marketing strategies.

This is the reason why law firms like Experienced N.J. DWI defense attorney are successful in getting clients because they don’t wait for the clients to come to them. Instead, they go to them and offer their help.

Actionable Plan To Get DUI Clients

As a DUI attorney, you provide an invaluable service to individuals who have made mistakes and don’t deserve to get their lives ruined.

However, they can only find your DUI law firm if you promote your practice area clearly. Obviously, it is easier said than done. You need to stand out from the crowd to stay ahead of the competition.

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This is where we will help you. Follow us through –

1. Determine Your Ideal Client

Before we get into tactics or strategies, it is important to know who your audiences are and what solution they need. All your efforts will be in vain without knowing your audiences and clients.

In marketing terms, this process is called knowing your buyer’s persona. In your case, you could create one based on the surveys and the services you offer.

Magnifier glass focus to manager icon which is among staff icons for human development recruitment leadership and customer target group concept.

For instance, your audiences can be the ones that had to experience jail time for breaking traffic rules for driving under the influence. These simple mistakes can easily ruin their career.

Once you have identified your average demographics, you can start targeting the audiences.

2. Determine Value Proposition

A value proposition is important to attract the audience’s attention. In your case, a value proposition can be a promise to deliver a perfect solution.

As a DUI attorney, you will be ab;e to articulate what you offer and how your services can benefit them.

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Below are a few examples of how you can help them.

  • Legal advice.
  • Courtroom representations.
  • DUI law education.

In addition, you can also help them with additional services that make your services more appealing.

3. Rank For The Most Lucrative Keywords

The ranking is an important part of your online presence. If you are not ranking on the first page, people might not trust the credibility of your services. This is where the use of lucrative keywords matters.Blue search engine bar for search engine optimisation or seo concept to find information by internet connection by 3d render illustration

We have already said before you start a marketing campaign, you must know what your audience looks like. This is when you will find the lucrative keywords to work with.

Use the keywords and create content around them. By doing so, your content will be more SEO-friendly and hold the potential to rank higher for search queries.

4. Invest In Paid Advertisement

If this is the first time you are marketing your DUI law firm, you can’t hope for good results with SEO alone. Even if your SEO practices are top-notch, it will take at least three months to start showing results.

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If you want to get a kick start, paid advertisement is important. Paid advertisements help you place yourself in front of people looking for a DUI attorney and help you gain instant traffic.

5. Establish An Authoritative Social Presence

While you are targeting audiences to convert them into clients, it is also important to establish your online authority. People must know who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. So that when they need a DUI attorney, your name will pop into their head.

3d render of smartphone with social media icon on podium

You are an attorney, so you must be well-versed in the importance of networking. In addition, you must look for opportunities and create a network with other attorneys.

Stick With The Plan

It is important that you stay relevant to what the industry has to offer. Gone are the days when law firm businesses were running only through referrals and networking. With the digital age solidifying itself, everybody wants a solution at their fingertips.

Closeup shot of a person writing in a book with a gavel on the table

If you want to get clients for your DUI law firm business, you need to be out there on a digital platform, a single click away from your audiences and clients.

That being said, we have already helped you to create an actionable plan. Now the only thing you now need is to stick with it.




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