One of the biggest worries of any SEO executive globally is to see their site updates not administered on time. These updates take much time to implement – enough to warrant them pointless due to a new Google Core update.

Here comes Edge SEOSEO on the edge that makes website update implementation quick and effortless.

As an SEO freelancer, if you wish to heighten your SEO skills, learning “What is Edge SEO?” is a must.

Therefore, read this post till the end to understand this hidden technique of faster website update implementation.

What Is Edge SEO?

“Edge SEO is an effective way to get stuff done quickly when infrastructure or resource constraints hold you back. Meta-title changes, redirects, or even a/b tests can be shipped and self-served quickly.”

Kevin Indig, Shopify

A website developer will never know the pains of SEO. Whether it’s publishing new posts, creating site changes, or adding a new website feature – everything takes a lot of time.

Why? You must make all these changes to the website’s design and features with the developer’s help.

Therefore, why not break the line and make these changes yourself – without changing the site infrastructure? This is where Edge SEO comes in as a necessity for SEO programming and technical SEO in 2024.

Edge SEO is a form of technical SEO where you make site updates without the developer’s help. However, the changes you make are temporary and quickly reversible.

Therefore, the main motive of SEO Edge is to skip the line of developers and make site changes yourself. This saves a lot of time in implementing technical SEO changes and seeing SEO results faster.

So What Is Edge Computing?

Now that you have a brief description of Edge SEO, you must wonder – where did the name come from?

The term Edge SEO came from the term “Edge Computing.” But what is Edge computing, and is it similar to Edge SEO?

Edge computing is a data processing method developers often use to reduce latency on website inputs. 

Here, latency refers to the “lag” we sometimes face when using apps, especially while playing games. For websites, latency is the time the site takes to generate responses after you click on something.

However, many sites store their databases in the cloud. Therefore, these websites are said to be on the “edge” – when you try to access information from them.

Moreover, these websites are referred to as on the “edge” since they store packets of cached data in nodes. 

Therefore, when you request information on the website, your request gets parsed through these nodes first instead of getting parsed from the nearest cloud data center. This reduces lag or latency by a big margin.

Edge SEO is named after Edge computing because it uses a similar concept. Therefore, an SEO consultant may deploy website changes using serverless technologies like a CDN (Content Delivery Network). 

Here, instead of making changes to the primary website database, you may make changes on its server nodes instead. Therefore, you may revert these changes easily later on without editing the main database.

Moreover, these changes are done using tools like Cloudflare Workers (if you know JavaScript and TypeScript) or PageImprove (if you don’t).

Is Edge SEO Ideal For My Website?

Now, here comes an important question that many ask – “Should I start using Edge SEO eCommerce for my website?

Most often, developers and SEO experts recommend using Edge SEO practices. However, we recommend doing so only if:

  • Your website uses edge computing.
  • If you don’t use a user-friendly CMS (Content Management System).
  • Most of the time, you make temporary web page changes.
  • Your development and SEO team has limited developmental resources and takes a long time to implement updates.

Why Is Edge SEO Beneficial In 2024?

There are many reasons why you must consider using SEO in 2024. The primary benefits of Edge SEO are:

1. Quicker Updates

Using SEO Edge, you can make changes to web pages easily and reverse them quickly as well. Be it content changes, adding new images, or using new plugins – you don’t need the developer’s help here. Their hard coding skills are not required here.

2. Agile Development

As an SEO expert, it’s your duty to ensure that your SEO strategies work. Therefore, to see quick changes as to how smaller site changes can affect your strategy, quick but temporary changes must be made first. If it works, your website developers now know what to do next.

3. Better Developmental Efficacy

Since you can do Edge SEO, it requires no help from the developers (not until later on). Therefore, your development team can focus on other aspects of the website to develop it further rather than focusing on smaller changes.

Edge SEO Considerations To Keep In Mind

While Edge SEO has many benefits, it might not be for everyone since it has various drawbacks as well. Its primary drawbacks are:

1. Communication Gaps

Since you can “be on the edge” on your own, it doesn’t mean you won’t tell what changes you have made to the website.

More often than not, many white label SEO services (like Bright SEO) face communication gaps because the developers don’t know about certain changes being made by the SEO team.

2. Compatibility Issues

If you decide to implement new tools or features on your website, they might not be compatible. Therefore, before you create a disaster, consult with your website developers before adding new tools and features to your website, like the ChatGPT API.

3. Additional Costs

If you decide to add new tools and features to your website, you will incur additional expenses. This can increase your marketing budget significantly at the end of the year.


Now that you know what Edge SEO means, you know that it’s a great way to implement smaller website changes. However, it’s best to do so after you consult your website developers.

If you have any queries, feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading!

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