How to become an SEO expert? You can learn about SEO from many courses available online and by working in an SEO organization. However, finding a good SEO expert who offers you the best solutions for digital marketing is not easy. Especially if you are looking for such services – chances are that you might get ripped off.

However, if you want the best services for an affordable price without compromising on the quality, then I can offer a few names. There are some great SEO service experts and organizations in India that offer all the best SEO services, PPC, digital marketing solutions, and eCommerce solutions.

Best SEO Experts India

In this article, I have listed the ten best SEO experts you should know about.

1. Brandhype. In

Do you want to boost your sales quickly? Brandhype has been a leading SEO expert in India, offering different SEO services to meet your online visibility criteria and lead generation.

Brandhype. In

Whether you are a small organization or have a giant business, you can use the SEO services provided by Brandhype. They take a very goal-oriented approach to boosting your business website’s visibility.

2. Akshay Joshi

Another name worth mentioning if you are looking for an SEO expert is Akshay Joshi. Mr. Joshi has founded Amoolya Digital Solutions LLP and Web Designer Pad.

Akshay Joshi

When it comes to digital marketing solutions, you can expect only the best solutions from Akshay Joshi and his organization. He is a web designer who took the profession of digital marketing and SEO.

3. Mahsum Mollah – SEO Expert In India

If you are looking for an SEO expert to help you boost your small business, then you should go to only the best people in the industry. Mashum Mollah can help you with the best SEO solutions helping you appear on top of the SERP. He is the founder of Viacon, Red Hat Media, and BloggerOutreach. He has been offering SEO and content marketing services to global clients for many years.

Mahsum Mollah

Mashum Mollah has a team of professionals with more than ten years of experience in the SEO territory. Customers can avail of SEO services and content writing services and get digital marketing solutions from Mashum Mollah. 

4. SEO Discovery, Punjab

Based in Punjab, SEO Discovery is a year-old SEO expert organization. They are backed by an expert team of professionals who create the best SEO solution for your small and large-sized business. If you are looking for PPC, digital marketing, and content marketing solution for your business, then they can help you with the most professional services.

SEO Discovery

Yes, you can look for Chicago SEO experts. But, they are not as affordable as the service provided by India-based SEO experts.

5. BSolutions

If you are looking for the best SEO service that maintains the industry standards, then you should check out solutions. They are one of the best SEO experts when it comes to SEO services for small and large-sized businesses.


They offer SEM, SEO, and Digital marketing solutions in India. Also, they offer a personalized solution for Web Development as well.

6. Event Digit

Event Digit is an Indore Based SEO expert organization that offers you graphic designing, digital marketing, and web development solutions aside from SEO services.

Event Digit

They offer full-featured SEO services that fulfill all of your eCommerce business requirements. They have in-house solutions for all of your digital marketing and SEO service requirements.

7. Brain Work SEO Experts

Many SEO experts will only ensure that your website stays on top of the SERP. But there are a few that make sure that your website stays on top. Brain Work is an SEO expert organization in India that offers you expert solutions for all of your eCommerce and Online marketing solutions.

Brain Work SEO Experts

They ensure to monitor and keep track of your website’s ranking from time to time.

8. Page Traffic

If you are tired of SEO experts who barely offer what your business seeks then you can choose the services provided by Page Traffic. Their team of around 250 professionals goes through a strict procedure of research, analysis, and comparison before implementing their personalized SEO methods.

Page Traffic

The company is based in New Delhi and their professional services charge you $25/hour.

9. YNG Media

When you are looking for expert SEO services from a Delhi-based SEO expert organization, then YNG Media can provide you with solutions. This organization has been around for years, and they have been offering SEO solutions to many clients for years.

YNG Media

The expertise in several areas of SEO and Digital marketing. You can avail yourself of services like SEO, brand & identity, responsive web design, Display, Video ads, and rich media, Email marketing, Search ads, and a lot more.

10. Better Graph SEO Experts

Businesses looking for SEO experts that specialize in result-producing services can choose Better Graph SEO experts. Their SEO services are affordable and effective for businesses of all types.

Better Graph SEO Experts

A long list of satisfied clients can vouch for their professional services. They offer affordable services at a low price while also keeping the quality of their service to a top-notch level.

Frequently Asked Questions!

I think that the information above was useful. However, here are some questions and answers that might prove helpful.

Q1. Who Is The Best SEO Expert?

There is a world-renowned SEO expert who you can follow. Some names are –

  • Danny Sullivan 
  • Eric Enge
  • Jagdish Prajapat 
  • Brian Dean
  • Vanessa Fox

Q2. Who Is SEO Expert?

Experts who can optimize a website to achieve a higher ranking in the SERP. The SEO experts can offer the best digital marketing, PPC, and search engine ranking solutions to businesses and other organizations. 

Q3. Who Started SEO?

Danny Sullivan started a website in 1997. The website was called Search Engine Watch. It was about providing tips related to the search engine’s development and tips to improve ranking on the search engine. That is how search engine optimization started.

Final Words

SEO experts are available everywhere. The trend of SEO services is more prominent in the digital marketing industry now. But, only a few experts offer the best solution for your business goals. If you are looking for SEO experts that can offer the best solutions for your business, then you should take a look at the names listed above. 

Did you find this article helpful? Please share your feedback with us. You can also put your questions in the comment section.

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