Google Moon is a browser application that happens to be a feature of Google Earth that shows pictures of Google Earth to explore the moon. When Google came up with this, they announced the invention as well as demonstrated it to a group of guests at the Newseum in Washington DC, with Buzz Aldrin.

It was July 20, 2009; the intention was to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing.

All the landing sites of Apollo missions are shown in the pictures taken by the satellite. It has information for all the missions as the user keeps zooming into the picture.

Cool as hell!

In this article, we will be talking about Google Moon. And things regarding Google.

Let’s get on with it, then.

Google Moon | All You Need To Know About It – How To Open It?

How To Open It

I know it excites the mind when we see pictures of the moon from Earth, not only Earth, from your room. It does not always give the best view, but whenever you think of getting to know the natural satellite of Earth, you can turn on this technology.

Google has two ways that you can use to explore the moon. The first way is through Google Maps, and the other way is through Google Pro. Here are the steps that will show you how to open Google Moon by using both ways.

Through Google Maps – Google Moon

  • Open Google Maps; if you do that from your phone, then you already have the Google Maps icon. It does not matter where you are; you will be centered in your location.
  • Click on ‘satellite’, which is right at the bottom left corner of the screen. When you click on it the map image turns out to be a satellite image.
  • Zoom in unless you see ‘space.’
  • At the bottom, you will find several controls, but you will have to look for ‘-’ this sign and zoom out as much as you can. You will see the Earth in the middle and all other planets on the side.
  • Click on the moon. In the menu, the fifth selection is the moon, which is beneath the international station. 
  • You can now drag the moon close and see every angle of it.

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Through Google Earth Pro, Google Moon

  • Download the Google app pro if you don’t have it. Type after installing the G google pro.
  • Open Google earth pro, if you already have it, then click on it.
  • In the top bar, there is a planet icon, therefore, click on it.
  • Again select the moon from the dropdown, straight to the bottom.
  • To see all the features, zoom in to explore. You will find articles that will inform you about certain features with pictures.

What Is Google Earth?

What Is Google Earth

If you have Google Earth with you, then know that you actually have access to the world just for free. Google can do this because they have satellite images that have the resolution of Earth’s surface. Google Earth has 37 languages now.

Taking help, Google street view cars went around every street in the world and took images of every lane. Therefore, you will be able to see builds in 3D. Anyone can see images on Google Earth, which is free, it just needs a computer, smartphone, and internet. Google also has mars, ocean, and sky, which is fun for the kids, as it not only gives them pictures but also educates them.

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How To Use Google Earth?

There are people who like traveling but cannot because of any health situation. Therefore you can now by traveling virtually. Google thought of you guys. You can download it on your laptop or desktop, or smartphone and use it whenever you want to.

Google Earth can also be used for sky-viewing mode, or you can do one thing, download their planet apps: Google Mars, Google Moon, Google Sky, Google Ocean.

What Is Google Mars?

What Is Google Mars

Look at the terrain on the planet in 3D. Google now has included stunning pictures of the Spacecraft MRO that were taken from the orbiting planet.

You will have two Mars rovers; spirit and opportunity.

What Is Google Sky?

What Is Google Sky

Google Sky is for studying planets and galaxies, they offer satellite life that orbits the Earth.

Here are the things that you can enjoy by using Google Sky:

  • You can view all the planets, constellations, galaxies, and stars, as well as asteroids, along with charting major satellites with their orbits.
  • You are allowed to take the virtual tour of Mars and the Moon, along with 13,000 satellite images around Earth. 
  • The pictures are of good quality, and you can easily take this tour whenever you feel like it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Is There A Google Moon?

Google Moon will display a list of planets and moons, from which you may choose one to visit. The business has also incorporated a Hyperspace animation into the current version to make it even more enjoyable.

Q2. How Do I Get Google Moon?

Open Google Earth on your computer. Take a look at the icons to the right of the Earth picture. Select Moon from the dropdown menu after clicking on the one that looks like Saturn. You’ll be sent to Google Moon as a result of this.

Q3. What Is Google Moon Used For?

The Google Moon Charts layer may be used for everything from researching lunar geology to designing your own lunar trip.

Wrapping It All Up

There you go with Google Moon | All You Need To Know About It. The article is not only about Google Moon but also about other Google planets and topographic map Google. Hope this article will make you try the apps.

Leave a comment in the comment section, and post your doubts, so that we can come up with relevant answers.

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