How much easier would things become if only we knew what the world is searching for?

Businesses and individuals who want to cater to the needs and demands of consumers or their target audience would benefit highly from a tool that could show them the queries of their target audience.

Marketing would become easier only if there was a tool that would tell you the keywords that are being entered by the target audience. How much help it would be for using SEO techniques!

If you think only magic could help you with that, you are wrong. This is the 21st century, and everything is available simply with a single click. How?

Through Google, of course!

The tech giant Google has launched many free tools. And one very interesting of these all is Google Trends.

Want to know more about this tool? You have found the right place. Keep reading to learn more…

One of the most useful search tools that could help you determine the search trends on the internet is the Google Trends tool. Google launched this platform or tool in 2006.

The most important reason for the popularity of this tool is that it helps you know about the top search queries across the whole world. What more? It is available in various languages.

Explore what the world is searching

The above quote is the website’s tagline and can be found on the homepage of Google Trends. Therefore, I can easily say that this line best describes the platform and its use.

Even though it has been available for more than 16 years, Google launched the most recent version in 2018. So naturally, this gained the site a lot of its popularity.

How Do Google Trends Work

Google Trends helps the users by showing how often a particular search term is entered into the site’s search bar. Then, with the help of comparative keyword research, the site determines the search volume of that particular keyword.

You can easily change the location of the search and the time frame, the search type, and the industry niche. This will make it possible for you to get much more refined data.

Thus, the website provides the users with data related to the keywords they want to search. In addition, it includes the demographic information of the word as well as the search volume, which is the number of times a particular word has been googled.

The google trends website uses the various data available on the world wide web in the form of charts and graphs. It then analyses them to come up with the most accurate result.

The data you derive from the google search trends can help you a lot. And especially if you are into marketing. Based on the search trends, you can easily revamp the strategies you use in your marketing techniques and streamline your business.

Google Trends And SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is how you can make your content more optimized. For example, it can make your site rank higher on the search engine results page of the users trying to look for a particular item.

SEO is all about the words that you put in your content. So when the users in the search bar type these ‘keywords,’ your content automatically gets triggered, and the user discovers it on their SERP.

Using Google Trends has major benefits for SEO-driven marketing. Some of the benefits are given below:

  • You can find related keywords that will make your reach wider.
  • It is easier for you to find the search volume and the trends of a particular keyword.
  • The ‘Breakout’ feature makes you understand the fastest-growing search words.
  • You can figure out the trends that are growing locally by adding the filter ‘subregion’.
  • You can also find the keywords that are searched on Youtube.
  • It also helps you with On-Page SEO by showing you the Latent Semantic Indexing keywords, popularly known as LSI.
Benefits Of Google Trends

The Google Hot Trends is another addition to the basic Google Trends. This tool displays all the searches that have been rising rapidly across the globe. In other words, this tool shows the keywords whose popularity has suddenly surged.

A study showed that the Google Trends Search helped the researchers predict the election result in the years 2008 and 2010.

Another study has also shown that this tool could explore the implications of the financial markets and help the economy in certain ways by providing valuable insights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What Is Google Trends?

Google trends is a tool that Google launched to provide the users with the data related to the keywords entered into the website’s search bar.

This tool analyzed how many times a certain keyword was entered into the google search engine by users across the globe. It helps us by providing all the data related to a particular keyword, like the search volume and the demographic trends.

2. How To Use Google Trends?

If you want to use google trends, all you need to do is type the words “Google Trends” in the search bar of your Chrome or Google. But, of course, you may also directly visit the website.

The search will take you to the homepage of the website. Here you can search for all the things you want to focus on.

3. What Were The Top Google Trends 2021 Searches?

According to Google, the top trend searches in the year 2021 were:
1. Australia vs. India
2. Squid Games
3. Copa America
4. T20 World Cup
5. NBA
(the list is not according to the position of the search).

Wrapping it up!

Google trends is a tool that helps users find out how many times a given keyword has been searched on the world wide web. There are many benefits of using google trends as it helps the users who want to know about the audience’s queries to run their business or site more efficiently.

The most important benefit or use of the Google trends is that it helps the people in the marketing industry to streamline their SEO. It helps the content marketers to know what is the search trend in a particular location. It also helps the marketers find out the LSI keywords that make their reach much broader.

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