Who is interested here in boosting their Instagram account? I’m very sure all of you are desperately looking for some reliable tricks of optimizing your Insta handle, right? IGTools net is one emerging Instagram boosting platform that has brought you here today, I suppose.

Well, having a sound list of followers, likes, comments, and Instagram story views is a dream of every other person out there. But there are so many Instagram optimization tools available these days; it’s hard to determine the genuine one. IG tools net is one such platform gradually becoming one of the most top searched words on Google.

So, we are here today, with our latest review guide on IGTools Net. To know whether it’s worth using in 2022, keep reading till the end.

What Is IGTools Net?

What Is IGTools Net

Simply knowing the pros and cons of platforms like IGTools net doesn’t make any sense. Until and unless you understand what this is all about, our judgment won’t be clear to you. Thus, here is a short overview of what IG Tools Net is.

It’s a website where you can track your IGTools likes, follows, and comments. It comes in Turkish and English and has tiny pages with night and day settings which is actually a brilliant feature. What can you enjoy from IGTools Net? Free followers, free likes, free saved posts, free poll votes, free comment likes, free emoji comments, story views, and many more. However, Instagram likes is a recent addition of IGtool net.

What Instagram Optimization Features Can You Enjoy From IGTools?

What Instagram Optimization Features Can You Enjoy From IGTools

I know you are getting excited after reading the description of IGTools net. Even if I were in your place, I would have felt the same. Instagram account Boost is the best thing one could ask for, and getting a suggestion like this would naturally augment your thrill.

The points below are some of the core optimization features that IGTool net claims to offer you. Check them out:

 1. Free Followers

With IGTools.net followers, you can send free followers to your account easily.

2. Free Likes

IGTools net also allows you to send free likes to your Instagram posts and enhances their visibility on people’s feeds

3. Free Saved Posts

You can also send free saves to your Instagram posts with IGTools net. This is truly one of the most stunning features of IG net tools that makes your posts visible to your follower’s news feed.

4. Free Poll Votes

Are you a fan of the Poll vote feature of Instagram but not getting much responses? IG Net Tools can help you in this regard by sending free votes to your polls.

5. Free Comment Likes

Do you want to like the comments you receive from your followers on your posts? It’s actually a pretty good gesture but liking a bulk of comments can be very time-consuming and tedious. Here IG tools net can assist you by sending free likes to your comments.

6. Free Emoji Comments

I guess this is another unique thing about IGTools net – sending free emoji comments to your posts. You will even get options to select the emojis that you would like to send.

7. Free Video Views

It’s very disheartening to see 0 views or 5 views or even 15 views on the videos you have posted on Instagram. I truly agree that creating and posting a video requires a lot of effort. But with IGtool. Net, you can now send free video views to your video posts and get famous overnight.

8. Free Story Views

Story views is another important contributing factor in gaining popularity on Instagram. IGtool net claims to help you with free views on your stories.

9. Free Live Views

Don’t you want to be visible to your followers when you are live on Instagram? IGTools net story views website can bring free views to your live videos.

Pros And Cons Of IGTools Net – You Must Know This

Pros And Cons Of IGTools Net

I expect you are already interested to give IGTools net ashot. But hold on for a minute or two. From my research, I have gathered some facts which would change your decision right now. Let’s take a look at a more critical review of IGTools net. We have highlighted the Pros and cons of IGTools.net Instagram:

Pros Of IGTools net story views Pros Of IGTools net story views
You will get multiple services here  There is no Android or iOS version
Some customers have reviewed that Free Likes, Free story views and, free followers works truly What’s most fishy is you have to sign in using your Original Instagram Login ID and password.
There are high chances that Instagram may account for unusual login on IGTools net story views site. 
Although IGTools net upholds what services they provide, most of them remain unavailable. 

Still thinking of using IGTools.net Instagram? Think again!!!

How To Avail The Services Of IGTools Net? A Step-By-Step-Guide

How To Avail The Services Of IGTools Net

Now you have got a brief idea of the positive and negative sides of IG Tools net. Here is a step-by-step guide of how to use IGTools Net in an accurate manner. Read it fully to get the true picture of how this platform works.

Step 1: Navigate to the website – IGTools.net

Step 2: Now hit the profile picture icon on the upper right corner to sign in.

Step 3: This is a step of human verification that you have to complete.

Step 4: Now you have to put your Instagram Account Login ID And Password!!! It’s better to use a VPN at this stage.

Step 5: Enter the username of the profile that you want to boost.

Step 6: Check the credit number, enter the number of likes, followers, comments, views, etc you want to send in your account.

  • Added Information: Please note, since it involves entering your Instagram account credentials, we do not recommend you IGTools Net. It may cause data piracy, identity theft, and even Instagram may ban your account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. What Is The Date Of The Creation Of IGTools.Net?

IGTool. Net registered its domain on 12th September 2018. It’s a growing platform still now.

Q2. What Services Does IGTools Net Provide?

IG Net tools claim to provide free likes, free followers, free story views, free video views, free comments, etc to its users.

Q3. Is IGTools Net A Trustworthy Website?

From our review above and considering the existing customers’ viewpoints, we cannot label Igtool net as a trustworthy website. The main reason behind this is you have to use your Instagram account credentials here.

Q4. What Are Some Good Alternatives For IGTools.Net Followers?

Some trustworthy alternatives of IGTools.net Instagram are GetInsta, Socialshaft.com, InstaBox, InsBottle, etc.

What Do We Think About IGTools Net?

Taking into account the above findings, pros, and cons of IGTools net, we have to say that it’s not a good choice for Instagram account optimization. Most of its functions do not work properly, plus it records your Instagram account login details. These two are highly suspicious and that is why this platform must be avoided. Additionally, if you want to protect your Insta account from getting banned, STAY AWAY from IGtool. Net.

A Thumbs Down From Our End For IG Tools Net website!!!!

We would like to hear your thoughts out. Let us know your opinion about this tool or any other similar tool in the comment area below.

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