Instagram has emerged as one of the most prominent in recent years. But building a fan following requires consistent effort.

Maintaining it is even more challenging because users are spoiled for choice. You cannot expect to keep them hooked and waiting with mediocre content and a run-of-the-mill strategy. An out-of-the-box mindset is the only way to gain traction and maintain momentum for the long haul.

Checkout Five Simple Ideas To Fuel Your Instagram Branding Plan

Here are some quick tips to fuel your Instagram branding plan.

1. Establish Your Brand’s Look

Establish Your Brand

Establishing your brand’s look is about bringing a sense of visual consistency to your Instagram presence. Visual consistency makes your posts instantly recognizable regardless of the content it competes with.

It also improves the chances of audience engagement and stickiness. The followers will likely stop and check out your post instead of scrolling down their feed. Maintain a similar look for your images and videos, and ensure the same for the post content to create a presence that sets you apart.

2. Master A Compelling Content Mix

A compelling content mix can help you achieve more with less and fuel your brand with audience interest. Followers love brands that cater to variety in their regular posts, so be creative with your photos and videos.

For example, you can post quotes and text-based images, behind-the-scenes videos, customer stories, and employee narratives to add an element of interest. Such pieces make people want to click, share, and comment on posts.

3. Buy likes for an extra push

Buy likes

Surprisingly, buying Instagram likes is a legit measure to give your brand an extra push. You can choose a reliable platform like to empower your Instagram presence with instant likes.

The good thing about buying them is that they attract attention, pull more followers, and win the audience’s trust for your brand. Having more likes shows that your brand is genuine and worth following, so you get a promotional advantage at a fraction of the cost and time.

4. Partner with relevant influencers

Collaborating with a relevant influencer can take your Instagram plan a long way. Your brand becomes visible to the influencer’s audience, boosting your reach and presence. Moreover, you get the benefit of word-of-mouth with an endorsement by an industry leader.

Followers are more likely to trust your brand and buy your products only because an influencer endorses them. But remember that all partnerships are not created equal, so choose them wisely.

5. Leverage hashtags

leveraging hashtags

Nothing gets better than leveraging hashtags when it comes to fueling your Instagram branding plan. They serve as a potent tool because they can drive new visitors to your posts and profile. But you must choose hashtags wisely by picking relevant, specific, and concise ones.

Also, do not go over the top, even if Instagram allows the use of multiple hashtags. Remember that using irrelevant and too many hashtags can be counterproductive.

Brands can easily fuel their Instagram branding plans with these simple measures. A little extra effort can give you a big push, so implement these tactics sooner than later to gain a winning advantage.

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