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  • Meta has confirmed that P92 – a new alternative to Twitter – will be launching sometime in mid-July.
  • Meta has also confirmed that P92 is not the final name of the app. It might also be named “Barcelona” or “Threads” when launched.
  • This app will have a UI similar to Instagram and will also use your Instagram ID to log in.

While Twitter has been on the verge of a downfall ever since billionaire Elon Musk bought it and took over its reigns, Meta aims to compete with it with their own version of Twitter.

Codenamed “P92” and also often called “Barcelona” and “Threads” by various publications, this app will directly compete with Twitter. This is a real-time text posting app, similar to how Twitter functions.

While Meta has provided some screenshots showing how the app will look, everyone noticed that it looks very similar to Instagram. Meta also confirmed this, as they stated that this app would be built on the network graph of Instagram.

Its July 2023 release date was confirmed by Alex Heath, who has also stated that:

The new, text-based app, dubbed Project 92 internally, and potentially Threads externally, is currently planned to come out in mid-July, according to people familiar with the plan. The app is going to be promoted inside Instagram, giving it a massive source of distribution on day one, and people will be able to auto-fill it with their Instagram account info to quickly get started.

Most experts believe that this app will provide a significant challenge to Twitter. Right now, Twitter has 250 million active users, out of which 20% have been confirmed to be bot accounts by Elon.

However, ever since Elon has taken over Twitter, all the developments he has made to the platform – like limiting the number of posts you can view in a day – have enraged users, who are leaving this platform in the form of a mass exodus.

Now that Meta aims to launch this new app, Twitter looks worse. Since Instagram has 1.3 billion users, the day Meta takes over Twitter might not be too far from now.

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