As an entrepreneur or a manager, you have decided to present a new product or service.

You have a solid idea, positioning is perfect, and even a good budget. The only thing that is stopping you from creating the product is you don’t have a team.

After the pandemic, the global labor market has plummeted. This created a scarcity of the needed labor in the industry. The US is among the top countries that are finding it difficult to fill the open roles.

Given the current employment scenario, it has become difficult for startups and enterprises to hire professionals without overspending.

This is where the concept of outsourcing dedicated software development teams surfaced as the best option.

What Services Lead To The Rise Of Outsourcing?

According to Statista, digital transformation has played a key role in pushing the practice of outsourcing services. However, the reason why outsourcing services have become possible is because of cloud computing.

Apart from this, Blockchain and Automation are said to be the biggest trendsetters in the last couple of years. These digital transformations are the reasons why entrepreneurs need to focus on outsourcing.

What Is a Dedicated Development Team?

A dedicated software development team is a group of developers that works for a client on a long-term contract. This team is organized by picking each individual for the goal and shares a lot of similarities with your in-house team. So basically, you can say that this team is an in-house team. The only difference is that it works remotely.

While you are out there looking for a team that can help support your goals, it is difficult to create one in-house team. What’s more, it costs a lot to create such a team. Usually, mid-sized businesses and enterprises outsource a dedicated software development team to create new products or use the team for technical needs in which they lack the expertise.

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If you compare both in-house and remote teams, on the efficiency front, both are the same. The core difference you will find is the level of concentration.

In-house development teams have too many projects going on and are hardly able to focus on one project. On the other hand, a remote team is hired solely to work on a single project with a finite deadline.

Depending on the type of project, you can outsource dedicated software development teams and enhance the quality of deliverables.

How To Hire A Dedicated Development Team?

Now that you know why startups and entrepreneurs may need to hire a team of developers. Let’s know how to hire them.

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Start With Your Requirements

The process of outsourcing developers is similar to that of hiring in-house developers. You begin with a company providing a timeline, goals, the scope of the projects, and what is to be expected.

Once you have a template of what you want from the developer team, you can measure every developer based on the template.

When communicating with the candidates, ensure that your goals are communicated. This will not only help you find the right developer for your needs but also the developer will know what is expected of them.

Interview Potential Candidates

While your HR team does a great job of filtering the best candidate for an empty spot in the organization, it is the responsibility of the project manager to talk with every team member. You must know that the team who will work for you is aware of the business goals and is in sync.

Taking interviews with the team members will help you communicate effectively in the future. In case you find a candidate unsuitable for the job, you can always find a replacement.

Launch Your Team

Once your HR department is sure about the candidates and your price of their skills, you can put them together and form a team. Also, when you have already completed interviewing your team members, you can launch the project without any delay.

Set The Way How You Want To Be Updated

Once the team starts working on the project, you want to know about how things are processing and how much the team has accomplished. Since this team of developers works remotely, you need to come up with a process for project updates. Some people might like to get daily updates from the project manager, while some like to have them weekly.

Whatever might be the case, ensure that the same is communicated to every team member.

What To Consider Before Hiring?

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Before you start hiring a dedicated software development team, you should be aware of certain key aspects.

Have A Clear Understanding Of The Software Development Process

You must be well aware of what happens in a software development process. Understand the process and the remote team that will work on the project to avoid any high-level disputes.

Make Use Of Agile Technology

Per PWC’s report, projects conducted using agile technology are 28% more successful than others. Whether we are talking about Scrum or Extreme Programming, agile technology has proven itself to be the best at offering flexibility, efficiency, and agility within the team.

So, when outsourcing a team to work on a project, you must consider their different locations and integrate agile technology for better results.

Know The Latest Technological Practices

While this might not sound crucial, it is important to consider when outsourcing a software development team. Whether you’re hiring a team for the front-desk end, back-desk end, or mobile app development, always get the right technology prepared.

Create A Detailed & Transparent Contract

It is important that you create clear and transparent contracts. That said, your contract must have –

  • Credit period and limits.
  • Possible discounts.
  • Warranty and conditions.
  • Payments and invoicing protocols.

Know Your Outsourced Team’s Strength

When hiring a remote team to work on a project, you must gauge the team’s competencies. Just like your in-house team, they might be suitable for other projects. If that is the case, you will always have a team ready for different projects.




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