Has this ever happened to you, that you are browsing through a website and checking a few items out or maybe adding a few in the cart and then leaving without buying them? Let’s elaborately discuss remarketing definition.

But in a few days, you are getting ads and messages saying that “your cart is waiting for you.” If this happens, then you are remarketed and retargeted. If you wanna know the remarketing definition, then keep on reading through this article.

Definition of Remarketing: Remarketing For Dummies

remarketing definition

Also popularly known as retargeting. Remarketing is a common phenomenon where digital marketing tactics, where visitors who have done some specific action on the website are served with ads. This way, you are targeting or remarketing your brand to those people who have shown some kind of interest towards your brand. 

This whole phenomenon is known as re-marketing because you are marketing your brand or business to visitors who have already shown interest in your brand. There are many websites and brands that remarket themselves to their existing visitors. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Remarketing?

remarketing definition

Most businesses and brands go with remarketing, whether they are offline or online. There are significant advantages or benefits of a successful remarketing campaign. Here are a few advantages of remarketing that you might get. 

  • You should only target the audience who are going to convert.
  • You can guarantee to get traffic on your website.
  • Remarketing works when you target the ones who have already shown interest in your brand and visited your website. 
  • This remarketing campaign is going to keep your brand on the top of the mind of the targeted audience. 
  • You can do an affordable marketing campaign across a range of mediums and platforms. 
  • The remarketing technique is highly suitable for all types of businesses and industries. 
  • For all the E-commerce websites, dynamic remarketing ads are provided to the audience, which is customized to each of their interests. 

5 Types Of Remarketing To Boost Conversions

There are many different types of remarketing campaigns available. These different types of remarketing campaigns depend upon the type or need of the brand or business. The definition of remarketing is that they are different and customized for each brand or business.

1. Search Remarketing 

remarketing definition

The search remarketing technique is one of the simplest and most widely used types of remarketing campaigns out of all others. This type of remarketing campaign is done through Google Ads; with this, remarketing ads of your brand will show on top of the Google search result page. 

The search remarketing through Google Ads is normally done with the help of RLSA, the remarketing lists for search ads. 

2. Display Remarketing

remarketing definition

The display remarketing of marketing is yet another common way of remarketing, and this can also be launched with the help of Google Ads. While in the case of search remarketing, the ad is shown at the top of the search result page, the ads for the display remarketing ads are shown on the margins of different third-party sites. You have no control over which third-party sites your ad pops up on. 

3. Social Media Remarketing

remarketing definition

Social media is one of the biggest remarketing platforms that is just going to be even bigger with time. And being a popular platform for marketing, it is the same for remarketing as well.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are big on displaying remarketing ads on most e-commerce websites. In the case of Facebook, the feature that was used for remarketing was Facebook Pixel. You can easily install this Facebook Pixel on any webpage you want.

4. Video Remarketing

remarketing definition

While creating remarketing ads, it doesn’t have to be a text-based or even static display ad campaign, you can create videos as well. In the case of YouTube, the remarketing campaign ads are mostly in a video format. 

Since YouTube is owned by Google, you can create the campaign using Google Ads itself. Video ad campaigns are advantageous because the text or sometimes static images are not able to attract an audience as much as a video does. 

4. Email Remarketing

remarketing definition

This is one of the oldest and most successful marketing and remarketing techniques that most businesses and brands employ. Apart from being the most effective, it is also the least expensive out of all the remarketing techniques. 

By asking your visitors to submit their email ids, then by this, you get a list of email ids to whom you can send remarketing ads or promos and discounts. 

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Wrapping Up! 

Remarketing definition is one of the most commonly used marketing strategies and campaigns that is used by most businesses and brands. So if you want to start a remarketing campaign for your business, you can surely benefit from it. 

If you think this article was helpful for you to understand the concept of remarketing, then leave us a like and comment down below.

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