The semRush keyword magic tool is one of the powerful resources for keyboard researching. This guide of Semrush Keyword magic tools is going to show you how to search the Semrush database of 15 billion keywords through which you can discover the most valuable keywords for your sem and SEO campaigns.

In this article we will be talking about SemRush prices and its reviews. We will also be talking about how to use it.

Without any further ado let’s dive into it right now!

What Is SemRush?

SwmRush is considered as a mid level search software tool for keyword research,competitive analysis, position tracking and many more. In this tutorial we will provide an in-depth elaboration on how to use semrush for keyword research. We will also let you know the SemRush prices.

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What Is SemRush Keyword Magic Tool?

What Is SemRush Keyword Magic Tool

The keyboard magic tool is considered to be the most useful and powerful keyword research tool on Semrush. The software leverages SemRushe’s keyword database with the help of valuable information on the 15 billion keywords that saves your time while researching and identifying promising keywords for SEO campaigns.

Here is why the keyboard magic tool is valuable.

Using the database, SemRush immediately gives you back the following information for each keyword. These are the data you will be needing to identify high value and low cost keywords which will make your online marketing campaigns a successful go. Sem rush prices are given at the end of the article.

Consider the following:

  • Competitive density.
  • Cost-per-click estimates.
  • SERP features that are present on each keyword’s results.
  • Search volume.
  • Keyword difficulty.

Semrush Keyword Magic Tool – Review

Semrush Keyword Magic Tool - Review

We will now look at what makes Semrush an amazing tool and everybody’s favourite.

Semrush is known to help you find what keyword your site is ranking for, easily. In short it makes the research a piece of cake.

Once you have finished doing your keyword research then you can easily add in the keywords and track where they are positioned. You can do this in all major search engines which are based on geographical location.

It is an important SEM tool that helps out people who are serious bloggers and an internet marketer.Semrush is a product that has been made by SEOQuake, which is a popular SEO addon for firefox.

Semrush is capable of helping you find all the keywords that are existing in a web page on the Internet which is ranking. With the help of this tool you will be able to find out more statistical details with specific keywords and related keywords.

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Semrush Keyword Magic Tool – Walkthrough

Semrush Keyword Magic Tool - Walkthrough

You are always welcome to use the conventional way of researching keywords using the semRush keyword magic tool. While using it you will get the metrics like search volume, competitive density, keyword difficulty, cost-per-click data and many things.

After you have chosen the keywords you want to work with you can move these keywords to the keyword analyzer tool. The Automatic seed keyword feature will help you in grouping the cluster of keywords that you have chosen.

You must be paying attention before clicking potential columns because it will help you to understand how many clicks you need for your target keyword after ranking 1. Let’s continue with the walkthrough further. We will give the semrush prices at the end of the article.

Site Audit

For improving the technical SEO of your website a site audit can potentially reveal a plethora of SEO that will be changing, so that you can make on the target side while improving the rank significantly.

There are different options you can run an SEO site for your mobile or desktop separately. All the reports will be in PDF for Excel format so that your SEO team can take action on it.

Tracking Mobile App

Semrush happens to have a mobile app which lets you view the keyword positions from the comfort of your mobile app. This feature is another one of Semrush keyword magic tools, which is not easily found on any other SEO suite yet.

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SemRush Pricing

Same brush provides multiple plans for their customers for different uses. Anyone can pick any plan that they would like to get started with.

  • Guru plan.
  • Pro plan.
  • Enterprise plan.
  • Business plan.

The pro plan of SemRush will cost you 119.95 Dollars per month.

The Guru clan of SemRush will cost you 220 9.95 Dollars per month.

The business plan of SemRush will cost you 440 9.95 dollars per month.

Wrapping It All Up

There you go with the SemRush keyword magic tool along with its review and prices. We have also mentioned the walkthrough of using the tool according to your needs.

As this article is very technical I hope you find all the answers to your doubts.

Leave a comment in the comments section and let us know how this article has helped you understand the semrush keyword magic tool.

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