Are you hitting a slump in your business and you’re worried that it might not stay afloat? Since 20% of small businesses don’t make it past the first year, it’s important to use social media to boost your business.

Before you stress and contemplate closing up shop, there’s a great solution that you probably haven’t considered. You should create social media ads to promote your business.

While you likely already use social media marketing to promote your business, creating ads is the leap that few entrepreneurs dare to take.

Here’s why you should take the leap and create social media ads for your venture:

1. It Gives Your Brand Authority

Even if a user scrolls past Instagram ads or Facebook ads, they’re unlikely to forget it.

Using a Facebook post template can help you increase the reach of the products or services you are advertising. When customers see that you are investing in ads (especially B2B brands) they take you as a serious business and do not hesitate in reaching out to you.

Internet users will notice if a brand is going the extra mile by promoting their business through paid ads. The more they see your ads, the more they’ll think about your brand.

While there’s no guarantee, you can expect that they’ll eventually try to connect with your brand.

Social media marketing also increases your brand awareness. With social media ads, your ultimate goal will be to instill your brand into the public’s minds.

We only have to see the Apple logo or Coca-Cola logo and a response gets triggered in our minds. With social media ads, you’ll be able to accomplish the same with your brand.

2. They’re Simple

One of the biggest fears of many fledgling entrepreneurs is that managing social media ads is a complex task.

However, you can use an online service for Facebook and Instagram ads management. These services will create an ad for your business and will promote it when needed.

These services also help you analyze your ads. You’ll get an idea of what types of marketing works and what doesn’t. This is a crucial service to ensure you aren’t wasting your time and money on ineffective ads.

Without social media analytics, you’re playing a guessing game of how to succeed with social media marketing. Social media advertising services rectify these issues for you.

3. Ads Increase Leads

Ads can increase leads in a way that regular social media posts can’t. If you post a picture of your eBook on Instagram, you’ll get a few likes but it’ll be difficult to direct traffic to your website.

However, with an Instagram ad you’ll get to link your post to your eBook. You’ll get to push your ad specifically to users who might be interested in it.

Compare that to a regular post that gets shared with anyone who might not care for your eBook!

Create Social Media Ads Today

Now that you know the reasons to create social media ads, you can start creating them for your brand.

They’ll increase your brand awareness and gives your company a sense of authority in your niche. Social media ads show consumers that you’re going the extra mile.

They’re also simple to create and manage if you use a promotion service. You’ll also get access to analytics so you can understand what works and what doesn’t.

Social media ads also help increase leads for selling your products and services.

You can find more tips on social media marketing on our blog.

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