Text mail subscribers are often people who agree to different marketers’ campaigns. These campaigns try to inform different contacts about their services and ask them to make a purchase. However, that is not always the case. Yes, “OFTEN.” There is a high chance that these text mail senders can sometimes be scammers. Let’s know about text mail subscriber scams.

The users of the text emails don’t use conventional mobile numbers or landline services. But they rely on web services that assign them numbers to disseminate text emails. Also, text mail subscribers only can receive text-based mail. 

As I said before, this is a method used for marketing. But they are also used for a scam. So, how do text mail subscribers get scammed? Here is a complete overview of the same.

What is a Text Mail Subscriber?

Text mail subscribers are usually users who have subscribed to get only text-based emails. Text-based emails only contain different characters. They don’t accept any graphics, video, or HTML code in emails. The senders of text emails are people or organizations using the internet to place calls without using landlines.

Although this type of mail subscriber is usually known for being scammed, they can often be legitimate businesses subscribed to this service. Businesses often use text emails for marketing. They use text mail subscriptions to promote their products or their services.

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How Do Text Mail Services Work?

How Do Text Mail Services Work

Now the question is, how do the text mail services work? Text mail service users can make calls without being bothered to get a call back from the prospects.

Instead of using a landline or mobile number, the text mail services use your internet IP address to make outgoing calls. The apps don’t allow the call receivers to call the subscribers back.

For example, Google voice messages are the best form of text mail subscriber available. Agencies can call customers and prospects without having to worry about a callback.

When the customers call the mail subscribers, they either get no reply or get a pre-recorded voicemail saying the text mail subscriber is unavailable.

How Does The Text Mail Subscribers Scam Work? 

How Does The Text Mail Subscribers Scam Work

These text mail service users often scam you by calling to inform you that you have won a lottery or something. These are fake calls that you should always be safe from. They use the mail services so that they can stay safe. How? Because these numbers cannot be tracked back.

Scammers use text mail subscription services so that you cannot track them back after they are done with their unlawful activities. The calls from the text mail subscription service users are hard to track back. So, they take advantage of this service to stay hidden.

How To Track A Text Mail Subscriber?

The reason why scammers use text mail subscribers is that that is not easy to track. However, that does not mean that you cannot track them. You can use Google search and see if the number is listed as a scam number.

There are different waist sizes to track the number. However, sending them a text or giving them a call would be hard. Here are some methods you can try to track these numbers:–

Run A Web Search

There is no sleek way to track the number at your disposal. However, you can run a web search and use Google to find out if the number is listed as a scam somewhere. Sometimes a business owner may use this number to promote their product.

If so, you can search the number on the internet and find out if it is listed on any of their social media or on any other website. Doing so will help you check out the person owning the number. Alternatively, you can use a web-based reverse lookup tool, like Information.com, to find all the details about the phone number.

2. Text Back The Number

Text Back The Number

If the number belongs to a scammer, they are likely not to reveal their identity. However, you can try to use the method I have addressed here. You can text back the number that supposedly seems like a scam to you and ask for their identity. If they don’t give away their identity, you can confirm it as a scam.

3. Use Caller ID Apps Like Truecaller

Use Caller ID Apps Like Truecaller

Apps like Truecaller allow you to identify the user of the number. If any known person of the owner of the phone number has their identity, they might have saved it on Truecaller. When you use the app, their name will appear on your phone as you call them.

4. Use Whatsapp

Use Whatsapp

If the number has a WhatsApp account, then you can see their name and photo on WhatsApp. You need to save the contact on your phone and see if the number has a WhatsApp account on that number.

You can also use the Google reverse image search and use the screenshot of the text message the scammer has sent to you. It might help you track back the person on the internet. It is another possible way to track back and text mail subscribers.

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Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs):

Here are some important questions and answers about the mail text subscribers. You will find them helpful.

Why Do I Get Emails As Text Messages?

Ans: If you are getting emails in the form of text messages, then it means that numbers are sending scam messages through the mail. These messages are sent from the computer using the internet IP address.

What Is A Text Message Subscriber?

Ans: A text message subscriber is a person with a mobile number that accepts calls and text messages from a business ( in the worst cases, from scammers).

Which Is Safer, Texting Or Emailing?

Ans: SMS or text messages are safer compared to the emails we are used to sending via the internet. Your text messages are secured by the government. On the other hand, emails, although having encryption, are not as reliable as text messages.

Final Words 

In most cases, the text mail subscribers subscribe to the marketing campaigns of different companies. It is a good tool for marketing and promoting different products. However, it does not mean that scammers will not take advantage of this tool.

Only by being mindful of the fake calls and scam calls can you keep yourself safe. Never share your credentials, bank account information, or ATM card PIN with someone asking you on the phone. I think this article was helpful. For further queries, you can ask questions in the comment.

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