Are you wondering what does highlighted comment mean on youtube? If you are, then you have arrived at the correct destination. Because we are here to tell you all about the same! Yes, we agree that comments are perhaps the biggest source of engagement, but at the same time, with the right kind of evolution, even commenting has transformed into several types and forms. 

Today, anyone can easily leave a comment under such YouTube content, and that’s great in terms of engagement and reach. So without wasting any further time, let’s find out about commenting and engagement in detail. Scroll down and find out the significance of commenting and, at the same time, the relevance of highlighted commenting. 

Please, I have Something To Say: Why Don’t You Leave Us A Comment Below?

Please, I have Something To Say Why Don’t You Leave Us A Comment Below

Everywhere you go, you will find people talking, mentioning each other in comments. Comments have become a primary means of communication today, and there is no point in denying that conversations are more comment-oriented today. Don’t we all keep in touch with most of our friends via replies to stories and comments? 

If you don’t follow each other on social media, are you even friends? If you don’t comment under each other’s posts, are you even supporting each other? Also, if you don’t post about each other, are you even together? So naturally, commenting is one of the primary communication methods for the Gen Zs and even a fair share of the Millennials. 

If Instagram is your go-to social media platform for personal use, LinkedIn is your go-to for all professional discussions. But have you ever given YouTube a thought? YouTube happens to be the second largest search engine out there, but that’s not why it is important. It is vital because everyone, irrespective of their age, happens to love YouTube. 

So when the question ‘what does highlighted comment mean on youtube’ arises, we were interested to discover the meaning of the same. Let’s not beat around the bush and explore the relevance of a highlighted comment on YouTube. Is it the same as pinned comments on Instagram? Or is it something different?

Let’s find out…

Answering What Does A Highlighted Comment On Youtube Mean?

Answering What Does A Highlighted Comment On Youtube Mean

Are you wondering what does a highlighted comment mean on youtube? Yes, let’s finally answer that one! When a highlighted comment can be seen in the comment section of YouTube, it is basically an indication that people can engage and interact accurately with the particular comment in question. 

This can easily happen when a user simply clicks on any notification for visiting any particular video. So naturally, it will only take place when there’s a comment under your videos accompanied by the concerned notification. Remember, only the user can view any highlighted comments since YouTube automatically generates the same. 

While checking out notifications for any highlighted comment, you might come across a URL that’s unique. This will be indicative of the specific comments that need to be highlighted, using the same unique URL and this, in turn, makes the URL unique to you when you think about the same. 

If you are using the desktop, you can directly reply inside the notification area, or you can also click on the video notification to check out which videos are being highlighted. However, if you do the same using your mobile phone, you will be directly transported to the YouTube video comment section, saving both your patience and time. 

Let’s check out two major issues related to the same!

Highlighted Replies: Now What Are These? 

Now that you know the answer to what highlighted comments on youtube mean let’s find out the meaning of highlighted replies. Simply put, a highlighted reply is a type of variation, very similar to the concept of highlighted comments. If some user replies to your comments, you will come across the ‘highlighted reply’ marker. 

Now, in this case, you could comment under your own YouTube videos or even other videos. As long as you comment, there can be possibilities of highlighted replies. 

Removing Highlighted Comments: Is That Even Possible? 

Once you know the meaning of ‘what does it mean when your comment is highlighted on youtube’, the next agenda is to get rid of the same. And don’t worry because we will totally help you navigate highlights and comments. For starters, it is possible and very easy to get rid of highlighted comments. 

You simply need to make sure that the URL has been adjusted. As we mentioned a little earlier, highlighted comments come with unique URLs – simply erase the portion of this URL that has the following text, “&lc=.” This will help you to observe your comment section without any comments being highlighted. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Why Do Comments Get Highlighted On Youtube?

Youtube automates the highlighting comments section simply because it’s the platform’s method of streamlining and simplifying the entire browsing experience. Moreover, YouTube also places the highlighted comments right above pinned comments, making things even easier. 

2. Can I See Who Liked My Youtube Comment?

Nope! Unfortunately, there is no way to find out who has liked your comments on YouTube as of now. Although the platform definitely notifies users when users like your comments yet the identities are never revealed. 

3. Is A Highlighted Comment Good Or Bad?

Finding out your comment has been highlighted is neither a good thing nor even a bad thing. This is because the whole purpose behind the appearance of any YouTube comment is to help users, thereby making navigation simple and easy on the platform.

Anddddd Cut!

Now that you know what highlighted comments mean on youtube, you can finally make sense of all those highlighted comments, including the same kind of replies. So what are you waiting for? Go to YouTube right now and figure out the meaning of all those highlighted comments and replies. You can always choose to keep them or remove them.

Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on the same…of course, in the comments section below.

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