So, what is not considered a “source” in google analytics by default? There are Google, traffic, email, and domain. So, what is the right answer?

There are a lot of available options when it comes to direct traffic, domain, and Google. But, when it comes to sources in Google Analytics, you will not find the email. And it is not considered a source. Google Analytics helps you to get all the important information and data about your website.

Google Analytics  

What is not considered a “source” in google analytics by default?

There are a lot of capabilities and features that allow you to get data, and you will also learn a different range of functions. There are other SEO tools that you can use for getting similar data as well. Other than Google Analytics, there are SEO professionals and webmasters who have no experience in the world of digital marketing. So, about the default source in Google Analytics, emails are not considered valid sources.

There is no doubt that Google Analytics is a helpful tool, and with the increasing number of businesses and their goals, the tool has expanded in so many features. Most people think that goals are unattainable, but in reality, goals are achievable. If  you are not from a technical background, there might be some issues that you will face in understanding the language used in Google Analytics.

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Google Analytics Sources  

Google Analytics Sources

In simple words, sources are domain. And later, it directs the visitors to the particular website. So, when it comes to organic traffic, Google is the primary source. If you take an example of a domain, then referral traffic can come from any kind of domain. If we talk about social traffic, then it has to come from social platforms.

So, as you understand that there are different kinds of traffic, now, when you need to measure and analyze traffic, you need to know from where the traffic comes. The source can be Google, social media platforms, or any other domain. Traffic source is one of the most important data because it helps you to understand if your marketing campaign is working or not.

Suppose, you have run a campaign on different social media platforms. After one or two months, when you see the results, in this case, the source. You are seeing that there is no improvement in social media, and the number of traffic coming from the social media platforms is not as expected. This is why the source is an important thing when it comes to running websites and taking data from Google Analytics.

What Is Not Considered A “Source” In Google Analytics By Default?

What Is Not Considered A “Source” In Google Analytics By Default

In a word, the answer is email.

Email is not considered as a source in Google Analytics. But do you know the reason? People can come from email as well, then why is it not a source? Here is the reason.

Email is a medium or a category of sources. The category also includes organic search, web referral, and others as well. So the main reason is that it is rather a medium than a source, and sources come under medium. The main source of the email is the origin of the web traffic.

Email can be anything like a domain or a search engine like Google is a search engine in any case. Mediums are basically a category of a source. Examples of categories can be web referrals or organic searches. So, when you dive deep into Google Analytics, you will know that mediums and sources are two different things. Right now, it might be difficult, but at some stage, you will know that these two are completely different. This is the way to understand What is not considered a “source” in google analytics by default?

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Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs):

Here are some interesting questions and answers regarding Google Analytics that you might find interesting.

Q1. What Is Not Considered A Default Medium In Google Analytics?

Ans: There are mainly three types of mediums in Google Analytics, and these are all default mediums. These mediums are None, Referral, and Organic. In Google Analytics, there is no default medium, and Google doesn’t consider it. If you open Google Analytics, then you will see that there is no customization at all, and it detects these mediums automatically.

Q2. What Cannot Be Collected By Default Analytics?

Ans: There are a lot of tracking options and a broad range in Google Analytics. But, when it comes to collecting information from any specific website, then you can’t do that because Analytics doesn’t allow you. Instead of that, there is a way to know how other people are accessing your website, language, operating system, details, geography, list of different pages, and the number s pages during the visit.

Q3. Is Email A Source In Google Analytics?

Ans: Google Analytics refers to the traffic of different websites, and it is called the source in Analytics. So, what does the source display? Here are the things that you can discover with the help of the source. First of all, you will be able to know from where the visitors come, and other than this, you will also know search engines, emails, specific websites, or social media pages.

Q4. What Is Not Provided In Google Analytics?

Ans: Google Analytics is the best way to know analytics in search engine and digital marketing. But there is one thing that you can’t get with the help of Google Analytics. So, when it comes to “Not Provided,” that means Google doesn’t allow you to know about the keywords. When you see the integration listed, you will see that there is written: “Not Provided.”

Final Words  

I hope now you get the answer of What is not considered a “source” in google analytics by default? To summarize, you can track your campaign through mediums or sources. The feature that Google Analytics gives you is to observe how people are reacting while visiting your page. It can be linked as well. There are also other partners and links as well, and tracking the activity is one of them. So, start exploring your Google Analytics because there are so many things to do.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Thank You.

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