The year was 2016 when Google launched responsive display ads, and the face of digital advertising changed forever. Have you ever wondered why should an advertiser consider using responsive display ads? Because these ads are considered to be greatly beneficial for most businesses and advertisers! 

So without wasting any more time, keep reading to find out more about responsive display ads, especially why advertisers should consider running the same in 2022!

About Responsive Display Ads: What Are Responsive Display Ads?

What Are Responsive Display Ads?

Before finding out why should an advertiser consider using responsive display ads, let’s talk a little about responsive display ads. So what are responsive display ads? 

Responsive display ads enable users to upload their assets, such as images, videos, descriptions, logos, and headlines. Google then generates ad combinations automatically for different apps, websites, Gmail, and even YouTube. Additionally, these ads can also be used for display campaigns. 

There are several benefits of these ads, such as,

  1. These optimize all your ads.
  2. These provide you with a wider reach.
  3. These can be utilized with videos.
  4. These are considered to be time-saving.
  5. These often appear on the feed of the target audience.

Let’s check out two related topics to responsive display ads. 

1. Uploaded Display Ads

In case you want to possess more control comparatively over your display campaign creatives, you can opt to first build, then upload your image advertisements. Uploaded image advertisements are developed outside Google Ads – for instance, these are created in Google Web Designer. Moreover, these can also be uploaded in the .zip file format inside Google Ads.

2. Measuring Performance

Conversion tracking is a procedure that can help users track and regulate actions and conversions which people take either on your app or website. These actions might include clicks for signing up, purchasing, or even requesting a quote. But finding out the complete impact of a Display campaign goes beyond clicks. 

This is exactly where the concept of Engaged-view conversions appears – these are more of a non-click conversion metric. Moreover, you can use these in a more effective manner under Display campaigns accompanied by video assets. 

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Reasons to Run Responsive Display Ads: Why Should An Advertiser Consider Using Responsive Display Ads?

Reasons to Run Responsive Display Ads

Since we have provided a comprehensive explanation of responsive display ads, it’s time to figure out why should an advertiser consider using responsive display ads! It is the benefit of responsive display ads that makes these so popular amongst businesses. So let’s find out why you must consider running responsive display ads!

1. No Requirement For A Designer From Outside

Have you considered how useful responsive ads can be for small companies lacking resources for running these display ads? All you will need are a bunch of images in several different sizes. Often, small companies lack in-house designers for creating such ads. Moreover, these companies might be unable to find designers outside.

In such cases, it’s better to opt for ads that won’t require a lot of your effort. With responsive advertisements, all you will need are images of high resolution and your business logos. This much can be done in-house, and moreover, it doesn’t even require a lot of effort when you think about it. 

2. Freedom To Utilize Video Assets

Utilize Video Assets

Video assets have proven to be very effective in terms of especially in terms of advertising traction. Since 2019, responsive display ads have provided the option of relying on video assets. Currently, you can select as many as five videos, maximum of 30 seconds long, from your brand’s YouTube channel for displaying in your display ads. 

Of course, you also need to have at least one square and one landscape image accompanied by both your descriptions and headlines. In this context, Google, in fact, commented,

“Your videos will be shown instead of images whenever Google Ads determine videos could drive better performance for you.”

This does sound a little vague – so why not monitor your performance closely?

3. Easy Evaluation Accompanied By A Scorecard


The scorecard with a great ad strength provides feedback on whether or not your display ads are set up properly before going live. It even provides a complete rating suggesting actions you can take for improving ad strength. You will easily find this exciting feature in a window called ‘Ads & Extensions.’

Of course, such a scorecard or even its recommendations are not really considered to be substituted for real-time or real-person analysis, it technically happens to be an effective tool for monitoring and double-checking your entire work. 

4. Still Better Than Not Running Any Ad At All


Choosing not to run any ads is not a really great idea in 2022, especially if your business is currently in a growing stage. So by that logic, it’s smarter to run a few display ads as compared to running no ads at all! Given a choice, what will you pick? A standard responsive display ad, well-designed to suit your needs or not to run any ads at all?

Any logical business owner would choose running these display ads over not running any ads at all! So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t been running any ads at all and display ads have been attracting you recently, then it’s time you start considering these ads!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Check out the most frequently asked questions related to responsive display ads!

Q1. What’s The Advantage Of Responsive Ads?

One of the biggest advantages of responsive ads is how it has a user-friendly, engaging design that adjusts to the actual size of your preferred device. In addition, responsive ads are beneficial because they reach your target audience directly with the help of messages that are relevant, easily consumable, and timely.

Q2. When Should You Use Responsive Display Ads Answer?

You should use responsive display ads under the following circumstances,
a. When your main focus is performance. 
b. When your advertisements are run under banner-eligible slots.
c. When your main goal is to regulate how your ad looks and feels.
d. When your primary focus is to meet branding requirements.

Q3. What’s A Key Benefit Of Responsive Display Ads Quizlet?

The key benefit of responsive display ads Quizlet is how the same enables users to decrease the overhead of managing advertisement portfolios located within advertisement campaigns and groups. Additionally, responsive ads also end up dedicating relatively more time to improving performance.

Q4. When Should You Use Display Ads?

You should use display ads under the following circumstances,
a. If your service or product is more of a visual kind. 
b. Also, if you want to build awareness amongst people with some amount of passive intent.
c. If you have a long sales cycle. 
d. If you want to reach niche markets.

And It’s A Wrap!

So you know why should an advertiser consider using responsive display ads! The benefits of responsive display ads are several. Moreover, if you haven’t given Google advertising a shot, it’s high time you start considering starting your digital advertising journey with the help of responsive display ads.

Now that you know what’s a key benefit of responsive display ads, it will be easier to understand why advertisers must consider the same in their marketing strategy! In the meantime, don’t forget to let us know what you think about running display ads in the comments below!

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